October 2007
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Welcome to the 39th edition of Eurodynamics! The ASIS International European Bureau would like to encourage you to submit any updates or articles you wish to share with the ASIS International members in Europe!

Copy deadlines for the next issues have been fixed at the third Monday of every month. The deadline for the next issue is 19 November2007.


 Roger Warwick CPP Honoured with Presidential Award of Merit

Steve Chupa and Roger Warwick

During the ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits in Las Vegas this year, the President of ASIS International, Steve Chupa CPP honoured RVP (Region 27) Roger Warwick CPP with a Presidential Award of Merit for  “ your meritorious service to the Society by providing valuable information to its leadership regarding the importance of creating globally accepted standards in the security profession and your encouragement of member involvement in their development.”

Eurowatch: Brussels May Extend Anti-terror Rules to Internal EU Flights  

The EU is considering checking the private data of air passengers in a security scheme similar to the controversial US model, the Brussels based website EUobserver.com reports.

While the scheme is initially to be applied to travellers from third countries heading to Europe, Brussels could at a later stage extend the data controls to intra-EU flights, as well.

The plan is to be part of a new list of anti-terror measures to be unveiled by the European Commission in November.

"In the package I will propose to the ministers on 6 November, there will be a proposal to collect passenger data for extra EU flights," Commissioner Franco Frattini, in charge of security issues told a press conference in Slovenia on Thursday (4 October).

But he added that his proposal will "for the moment" not include checking travellers flying within the EU's borders, adding that due to some privacy and Schengen passport-free zone rules, it is "premature" to say if such controls will be introduced later.

"We are evaluating the impact of collection of personal data of passengers for intra-EU flights given also the problem of compatibility with Schengen rules, which guarantee full freedom of movement within the territory of the EU," Mr Frattini said, according to Reuters.

The Schengen passport-free zone consists of 13 "old" EU member states (excluding Britain and Ireland), plus Norway, Switzerland and Iceland. Later this year, it is set to be enlarged by nine countries of the ten 2004 newcomers (except for Cyprus).

The idea of gathering private information on air passengers is based on the system set up by the US after terrorist attacks on New York and Washington in September 2001.

The American database on European air passengers currently collects 34 types of data such as names, addresses and credit card numbers, with the possibility of storing data for three and a half years.

The data inflow from airlines to the US authorities was enabled by a deal between Washington and EU member states - strongly criticised by the European Parliament particularly on personal privacy grounds.

Under the European scheme, airlines flying passengers to the 27-nation bloc would submit certain data to national security agencies.

"We have been dealing with the security of our international partners, first of all the United States. But now it is time to deal with the security of our citizens," the Italian commissioner told journalists on 4 October.

 Source: EUobserver.com

Benelux Chapter Members Dinner Las Vegas September 2007 


 Traditionally during the Annual Seminar and Exhibitis, the members of the Benelux Chapter that are there meet on Tuesday evening to have dinner. The dinners are an excellent opportunity to meet old and new friends in an informal setting and the amount of people attending is growing every year. There were almost 30 members attending this year in Las Vegas at the dinner in The Mirage and all are looking forward to meeting again in Atlanta in 2008.

Godfried Hendriks CPP
RVP Region 25

 SRVP Report 

Peter French CPP
SRVP for Europe

The quality of ASIS meetings around the world distinguishes our membership in the high regard they hold their profession. ASIS Europe’s growth is now spawning new Chapters in Israel and Croatia with local members now getting ready to petition in Romania, Russia and Hungary for the establishment of Chapters.

We ALSO have in prospect established countries beginning to spawn Chapters outside their country capitals, as membership grows throughout the professional levels. In the UK we have the beginnings of a successful regional breakfast programme which might enthuse our UK regions to establish their own Chapters.

Peter French "Volunteers are a most valuable asset..."

A first in Europe will be the UK Chapter's plans to hold two examination dates in 2008 due to the number of persons enquiring about the CPP and PSP. This is in no small way due to the continued high profile endorsement 208 has for both qualifications.

By 2008 full ISO recognition for ASIS will be obtained and further developments are expected to lead a major expansion of our ASIS education programmes. Plans are well advanced for the ASIS Barcelona meeting 13th – 16th April 2008. The synopsis of presentations registered to date cover a broad depth of topics that are highly rated by their referees.

Sponsorship is well advanced and is comfortably ahead of our most successful European show held last year in Berlin but opportunities are still available.

Volunteers are a most valuable asset and I think it is timely to recognise the efforts of the European Standards Sub-Committee who have been instrumental in gaining ASIS recognition as the premier security association to which worldwide bodies can technically consult with.

We can feel justly proud that we are assisting the Standards and Guidelines Commission in identifying areas where security professionals should be represented.

As an increasingly global association we continue to lead in the areas of professional development which continues to be at the heart of our Society’s growth. The election of Kaj Moller on to the ASIS Board of Directors reflects the global scope of our organisation.

Many thanks for all your efforts in developing the ASIS International brand.

 EU Network Security Agency: Call for Articles  

ENISA, the EU's network security agency invites you to consider submitting an article to the next edition of the ENISA Quarterly (EQ) Magazine covering the 4th quarter of 2007.

The call is open to contributions in all NIS-related areas. In particular in the coming issue will focus on:

* Secure Software
* Resilient Networked Infrastructures

For more information and guidelines for contributions please visit the EQ web pages (www.enisa.europa.eu/eq/).

The deadlines are as follows:

20 November: Submission of an article
30 November: Selection of articles and notification to authors
06 December: Submission of final version of articles
18 December: approximate publication date

The latest edition of the ENISA Quarterly can be accessed here: http://www.enisa.europa.eu/doc/pdf/publications/enisa_quarterly_09_07.pdf 

ASIS Responds to European Commission Consultation on Biopreparedness

On 11 July 2007, the European Commission published a Green Paper on Bio-Preparedness. The aim of the paper was to stimulate debate and launch a process of consultation at the European level on how to reduce biological risks, particularly in relation to deliberate terrorist and criminal activities, and to enhance preparedness and response in a policy area where cross-border, multi-agency and cross-sector cooperation is critical.

The paper presents concrete policy options and deliverables, seeks views of stakeholders on implementation of existing mechanisms and frameworks, and asks for identification of possible shortcomings.

The omission of security professionals from the list of stakeholders identified by the Commission on page 2 of the Green Paper illustrates the need for professional societies representing the security profession, such as ASIS International, to become involved in European policy making.

Following consultations of the European membership, the ASIS International on 8 October sumitted its comments on the Green Paper to the European Commission. Please click here to download the document.

Security Management Course Launched in Spain, Supported by Chapter  

 On 8 October the the official opening of the course "Security Management in Companies" offered by the Postgraduate Institute of the University Pontificia Comillas (IP/UPCO) in collabolation with ASIS Spain took place.

The ceremony was presided by the Principal of the Institute, Pilar Melara San Roman and by the President of ASIS Spain Fernando Marinas García, CPP.

Likewise, members of the ASIS Spain Chapter Committee, Juan Muñoz, CPP- Vicepresidente - and Miracles Coira CPP - Secretariat-, were present at this presentation to report to the students the activities and advantages of belonging to ASIS International.

Subsequent vto the inaugural ceremony, the first class of the course twas tought by ARVP Eduardo Gonzalez CPP.

Juan Amoros CPP
Spanish Chapter Committee

Global Agenda

29 October 2007 - ASIS European Advisory Council meeting, Barcelona

30 October 2007 - ASIS Programme Committee Meeting, Barcelona

28-30 November 2007 - Chief Security Officer Summit, Park Hotel, Amsterdam - 10% discount for ASIS members. Download the brochure here or click here for more information

5-7 February 2008 - ASIS International Security Conference - Risks and Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific Region - Singapore. Click here for more information

13-16 April 2008 - 7th European Security Conference - Security: The Essential Corporate Asset - Barcelona, Spain. Click here for more information on how to submit a presentation. Deadline 28 September

Chapter and Certification Events

For the latest details visit the European agenda

26 November 2007 - Chapter meeting



31 October 2007 - Coaching CPP 13/ PSP 4, Corsendonk (Belgium)
2 November 2007: Exam training CPP-1, Coaching CPP-11 and PSP-2 and PSP, Corsendonk (Belgium)
3 November 2007: CPP and PSP Exam in Corsendonk (Belgium)
16 November 2007 - Autumn conference in Belgium (entire day)


15 February 2008 - CPP-11 and PSP-2 coaching, Corsendonk (Belgium)
10-11 April 2008 -CPP-12 and PSP-3 review course, Corsendonk (Belgium)
2 May 2008 - CPP-11 and PSP-2 Exam Training, Corsendonk (Belgium)
3 May 2008 - CPP and PSP Exam, Corsendonk (Belgium)
13 June 2008 - CPP-12 and PSP-3 Coaching, Corsendonk (Belgium)

All ASIS Benelux certification events take place at the Priory of Corsendonk, Oud Turnhout, Belgium. Training sessions are organised by the Security College, contact: Mr Joop Verdonk CPP.

Czech Republic

31 October 2007
28 November 2007-Meeting, elections


29 November 2007 - Whole day meeting - no subject yet
December 2007 Half day meeting - networking - Christmas Lunch


7 December 2007


7 November 2007 - Human Resources / Security, Update from the Private Security Authority (PSA), Dublin City University (DCU) – CCTV developments
7 December 2007 - AGM

29 October to 1 November 2007 - International Workshop on Water Security, The Standards Institution of Israel, Tel Aviv, Israel. Click here and here for more information



3 November 2007 - CPP and PSP Exam (Stockholm)
13 November 2007 - Standards (BS 25999 among others)
29 November 2007 - Chapter club evening with networking


13 February 2008 - ASIS Chapter 197 Sweden Annual Meeting and Chapter Dinner
3 May 2008 (TBC) - CPP and PSP Exam (Stockholm)
1 november 2008 (TBC) - CPP and PSP Exam (Stockholm)
Exams will take place at the Företagsuniversitetet, Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please contact Mr Klas Nilsson CPP PSP PCI



29 October 2007 - European Advisory Council meeting, Barcelona
30 October 2007 - Programme Committee Meeting, Barcelona
November 2007 - CPP exam.
November 2007 - Chapter meeting, elections Board of Directors of ASIS, Spanish Chapter


26-29 February 2008 - SICUR International Security, Safety & Fire Exhibition, Madrid
13-16 April 2008 - 7th European Security Conference, Barcelona


7 November 2007


2 November 2007 - Conference: Secuirty in the Meeting Industry, Istanbul. For more information, click here.
3 November 2007 - CPP Exam, Istanbul 

United Kingdom


29 October to 2 November 2007 - PSP 5-day residential course
1st November - Taking 208 to the Regions: Breakfast Briefing in Bristol
31 October – 2 November 2007 - CPP Study Session.
3 November 2007 - Examination
15 November 2007 - Pre-Seminar Dinner
16 November 2007 - AGM and Seminar, Reuters, London
29th November - The CCTV and Electronics Workshop (change of date) - A day for NON TECHIES @ Tavcom Training, Hampshire: This will be a very useful development day for gaining a better understanding of how electronic systems work and what you can get out of them. Come a see how they work, play with the kit, ask the questions you never liked to ask. Numbers will be very limited so once the invitations go out move fast, put it in your diary NOW


17th March - Pre Seminar Dinner
18th March - Spring Seminar - British Library
28 April - 2 May – CPP Residential Review Programme (Sign-up in January)
3 May – CPP Examination
27-31 October - PSP Residential Review Programme (Sign-up in June)
27-31 October - CPP Residential Review Programme (Sign-up in June)
1 November – CPP and PSP Certification Examinations

2007 UK certification events take place at The Swan at Streatley Hotel, Streatley on Thames, Berkshire. Training sessions are organised by ARC Training International Ltd. For more information contact Mr David Cresswell CPP or Ms Janet Ward  



Be a Sponsor or Exhibitor in Barcelona!

The ASIS International 7th European Security Conference offers a unique opportunity to increase the visibility of your company. Please click here to download the sponsorship and exhibition package and contact the ASIS International European Bureau at Barcelona@asisonline.org


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