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Czech Chapter holds 5th Security Management Conference

On 8 and 9 April 2008, the Czech Chapter of ASIS International organised its annual security management conference. The event was held at the Police Academy premises in Prague, in partnership with ABL and CEZ,  as well as PUMA, SECURITAS, CESKÁ ZBROJOVKA and PHILIP MORRIS CR. the confereznce attracted over 400 attendants.

Mr. Michael Hrbata, Vice-Chairman of the Defence Committee, Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

Human Factor is the Biggest Risk
Personnel security and criminality of employees was the first topic of the day. Performances of many security professionals proved that even the best measures against attacks from outside in the sphere of physical security, modern resolutions of electronic alarm systems or perfect protection of IT systems and data are necessary without question, but when the human factor (own employees) fails, it is not possible to avert damage.

The first section called “Prevention of employees criminality in engaging process” was about security resolutions usable during the selection and engaging candidates. Speakers agreed that the engaging process is a key moment that could be used to eliminate many problems before they arise.

Miroslav Zahalka (Secretary of the Czech Rep.Chapter) & Peter French (SRVP Europe)

ASIS International attaches a big importance to this resolution. That is also the reason why it issues and regularly updates methodology, which can be downloaded from its website for free as a manual called “ASIS Pre-Employment Background Screening Guideline”. “It is an interesting publication, which is intended for use in the United States, but principles and methodology are effectively transferable into Czech conditions in the case of good knowledge of the Czech legislature. The absence of special legal regulations complicates the use of this methodology but does not exclude it,” said Mr. Michal Moroz.

Practices of Plagiarists are more & more Sophisticated, Fight against them Grows Stronger
“In a place of selling, state organs meet problems to identify sellers and other concerned responsible people. In professional discussions, there is often expressed an opinion that deducing concrete responsibilities also against owners of such market places could be a good solution. Their cooperation could help to enforce legal rules,” says Mr. Vít Bárta, General Director of a company ABL.

Ms. Karen Choe, 1st Secretary for Economic Affairs, U.S. Embassy in the Czech Republic

In Prague, also Mrs. Karen Choe from the American Embassy talked about an importance of the intellectual rights protection: “Intellectual rights protection contributes to protect working positions and state economy. It has been proved that states with higher protection achieve the biggest economical growth. The reason is that sectors, which contribute mostly to a positive development of the economy, as for example biotechnology, could not exist without a protection of intellectual property rights. It would not even be possible to share findings with other countries, which could lead to further development.”

Terrorism is not Sci-fi
“The fact that we meet here on the occasion of the 5th jubilee conference proves that security is still an current topic – not only as a theme for academic lectures but especially as a natural necessity of each of us. Threats and risks change and develop during the history, the contemporary ones could not be delimited. Maybe they are less visible and obvious, but all the more it is necessary to educate ourselves, obtain information and open new discussions,” said Mr. Michael Hrbata, Vice-Chairman of the Committee for a Defence of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, within his prologue.

By Miroslav Zahalka
Chapter Secretary
with contributions from Zuzana Fryaufová

EU: Flights and restaurants risky for payment cards

Purchasing plane tickets online is one of the least secure transactions that can be carried out with a payment card and chances are high that customers will be targeted by fraudsters, according to a report published on 28 April by the European Commission.

Gaming and gambling on the Web are also fraud-prone activities, while away from the online world, the most common crime against non-cash payments is fast becoming so-called 'skimming', the copying of card details by specific reading machines mainly used in restaurants, where waiters collect cards at the tables for the payments and can easily copy them when not seen by the owners.

The European Commission is determined to increase the use of electronic means of payment to replace the more expensive and less secure cash option. The adoption of the Payment Services Directive and the establishment of the Single Euro Payment Area (SEP) both push in this direction.

Nevertheless, the transition from cash to electronic money is not without side effects. The study published on 28 April gathers the results of a three-year EU action plan meant to increase the security of non-cash payments, and shows concerns are increasing over new techniques for abusing the weaknesses of electronic means.

Online fraud is considered easiest due to the relative simplicity of stealing an identity in the online world. The Commission has identified a number of eCommerce activities that are most likely to end up in fraud cases due to the low use of protection systems.

"The airlines, travel agencies and gaming and gambling sectors have been identified as weak areas," states the report. Also crimes related to eBanking - the use of online bank accounts - are increasing as new useful Web services continue to spread. These threats have a clear impact on eCommerce, meaning that is not yet taking off in Europe: less than one European out of five makes purchases online, according to recent EU figures.

Brussels regrets that while there are already systems in place to prevent electronic crimes, they are not regularly applied. One example is the insufficient use by merchants of the three-number code on the back of payment cards, also known as the CVX2 number.

While the card number can easily be skimmed in a restaurant or in altered ATMs, the CVX2 number cannot be copied. Nevertheless retailers do not request it regularly, allowing stolen cards to be used.

Chip and PIN technology is another example of an efficient anti-fraud system. It is applied to all payment cards that request a PIN code to execute a purchase. A thief is therefore obliged to steal not only the card but also the PIN. The method replaces signatures, which are less secure and often not even present on the card but still used as proof of ownership.

As of the end of 2007, 56% of the payment cards issued by EU-based banks used the chip and PIN technology, while 59% of the points of sale were capable of conducting secure transactions by requesting PINs. What's more 72% of the ATMs in the EU are equipped with cheap reader tools, according to the findings reported in the Commission study.

Nevertheless, the magnetic strips that make cards vulnerable to skimming are still maintained in the majority of cards, therefore reducing the positive effects of the chip and PIN technology. The strips are kept to make cards usable across the world, as the average penetration of the new system is much lower elsewhere than in the EU.

Regarding Internet payments, requesting a card PIN for any eCommerce transaction has proven to be a secure method - as is already the case for online eBanking transfers. This decreases the chances of using a stolen card on the Web. However, only a few banks across Europe apply this system to the cards they issue.


Register Now for the European Security Standards Training on 9 and 10 June

ASIS International is pleased to announce its European Security Standards Training,  which will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania on 9 and 10 June 2008, in partnership with the Lithuanian Standards Board. The training is targeted towards security managers and directors as well as professionals with an interest in management systems standards and auditing.

Standards are an industry's common language of performance and acceptability. Standards help build the 'soft infrastructure' of modern, innovative economies. They provide certainty, references, best practices and benchmarks for designers, engineers and service providers. Standardisation diminishes trade barriers, promotes safety, allows interoperability of products, systems and services, and promotes common technical understanding. Core principles of standardisation include openness, due process, transparency, and consensus. The development of standards needs active participation to make them work.

Participants are expected to take away the following:

- Understanding of the concepts of management systems standards and the underlying concepts
- Understanding of management systems standards specific for security
- Insights into how security professionals and organisations can successfully add this tool to the services they provide to enhance preparedness and resilience
- Understanding of what standards are, how they are made and how you and your company can help develop them
- Practical hands-on experience of benchmarking and certification
- How to pass auditing and how to become an auditor

The training will be conducted by following speakers:

Dr. Marc Siegel is Adjunct Professor at San Diego State University and the security management systems consultant heading the ASIS International Global Standards Initiative. He represents ASIS at the ISO and other international forums. He is a highly experienced trainer on the implementation of standards.

Roger D. Warwick CPP is a qualified Lead Auditor ISO27001, and sits on ISO, CEN and UNI committees. He is Regional Secretary of the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy and Managing Director of PYRAMID International. Roger is licensed as an investigator by the Italian Government for both civil and penal matters. He currently serves as Regional Vice President for ASIS International Region 27A and is a regular speaker at conferences.

For more information, see

UK ASIS member Dan Hooton will be undertaking the Big Battle Field Bike Ride, Help for Heroes.

Dan writes: "Being an ex-serviceman, this charity has really struck a chord with me. Although not normally one for fund raising events, this was really something I couldn't miss out on. Help for Heroes is trying to fill the gap between the other more established charities and I think now more than ever, there is a need for funds and support to get to those still serving.
Please dig deep and sponsor me to do the Big Battlefield Bike Ride, 26 May to 1 Jun."

Please support Dan raise money for this, by clicking here and donate.

For more on Help for Heroes, visit

Profile: Fire & Life Safety Council -
Making Sure Everyone Goes Home at the End of the Day

By E. Floyd Phelps, CPP
Fire & Life Safety Council

Within two years of the original Charter of ASIS International in 1955, the concept of Councils (initially called Committees) was implemented. The concept was and still is to act as a resource to security managers in specialized areas. Initially there were four and Fire Protection was one of these. In addition, there were Physical Security, Emergency Planning and Government Liaison (later called Safeguarding Classified Information).

As the security field expanded in complexity the number of Councils grew to 33 and Fire Safety was expanded to include all of the safety issues. In 2002, the name was changed to the Fire & Life Safety Council (F&LS).

This year over 12,000 members of ASIS International indicated Fire Safety as a component of their duties or as an interest. That is one-third of the current membership.

Safety in its many forms impacts all nations and companies. Over the years there has been a movement to distance security from safety but to the end user, the employee, it is all one package that protects them. The average person on the street, use the term safety to mean security.

The F&LS Council is continually redesigning its approach to serving the members to insure that security professionals have the information they need in time to prevent problems instead of dealing with them.

As of the end of February the Council has a full slate of 15 members. Usually, each New Year brings a few vacancies. The council itself is divided into various committees that serve as a team to provide service.

Council members try to keep an active relationship with their local chapters. Currently, one F&LS member is serving as a Regional Vice President in Michigan and another is Chairman of the North Texas Chapter in addition to their council duties. When reviewing candidates for council membership we usually look at the person’s service in their local chapter as an indicator of their ability to get the job done.

This year we started a quarterly newsletter and each member is expected to submit articles. The members also chair and serve on the various council sub-committees. We encourage members to write articles and book reviews for Security Management Magazine and submit session proposals for the ASIS Annual Seminar & Exhibits and the Security Trends & Solutions educational programs.

The most important thing is that the prospective member has the commitment of his employer.

Additional goals of our council involve giving formal talks at each council member’s local ASIS Chapter meeting to promote the Councils, in general, and, specifically, the Fire & Life Safety, to volunteer to serve as a Moderators for educational sessions at the ASIS Annual Seminar & Exhibits, to volunteer to review proposed sessions for both the Annual Seminar & Exhibits and the Security Trends & Solutions Workshop to help insure sound programming, to compile a list of Fire Safety Organizations in the United States and Internationally, and to recruit members both domestically and internationally.

Each of our members is dedicated to the council’s mission and work as a team to insure that we meet the needs of the society’s membership. At the ASIS Annual Seminar & Exhibits in Atlanta our council will have a booth. We hope you will come by and visit, ask questions and get to know us.

ASIS  Supports TranSec World Expo - Special Offer to ASIS Members

TranSec World Expo enters its sixth year as the only international conference and exhibition dedicated to the aviation, maritime, rail and supply chain security sectors. The 2008 event will run over two days; 25 – 26 June at the PTA – Amsterdam.

The exhibition features over 100 companies supply dedicated security solutions for the transportation industry including: Access Control, Biometrics, Baggage, Cargo and Passenger Screening Equipment, CCTV, RFID Tracking, Security Seals, Perimeter & Intrusion Detection, Blast Containment, Training & Consultancy Services.

Exhibitors include: L-3 Security & Detection, ARINC, Rapiscan Systems, Smiths Detection, Brijiot, Brooks Markitwise, Genetec, Flir Systems, Astra, iOmniscient, BQT Solutions, Mercian Labels and Appian Technology to name a few.

Register for the exhibition in advance and save 30 EUROS at  

At the centre of TranSec World Expo 2008 are a series of conferences and 30 free-to-attend workshops sessions offering a wide range of educational content. The workshops will focus on CCTV & Intrusion Detection, Biometrics & Access Control, and Passenger Screening & Baggage & Cargo Screening.

The conferences for 2008 will be focused on maritime & supply chain security in conjunction with the (IMO) International Maritime Organisation and a 1-day Aviation security conference.

Full programmes for the conference and workshops can be reviewed at   

Prices start from EUR 395 and all ASIS International members are entitled to a 10% discount on the advertised prices, to claim your discount please enter DISC10 at time of booking at  

For 2008 themes and speakers include:

• The Security of Air Cargo - Mr. John Edwards - Head of Cargo Security – IATA
• Illegal Maritime Activities: Piracy & Stowaways – Mr Giles Noakes – BIMCO
• Secure Freight – Mr Mike Weeding – Senior Adviser – Supply Chain Security – HM Revenue & Customs
• Transportation Success in Europe: Facing New Challenges – Mr. Jan Busstra – Head of Civil Aviation Safety & Security Department – Ministry of Transport – The Netherlands
• The Future of Secure Air Transport - Mr. Robert Missen - Deputy Head of Aviation Security - European Commission
• The Nature of the Threat & Logical Threat Migration - Mr. Mike Woodall - Head of Threats - Intelligence & Contingencies Branch - TRANSEC - Department for Transport UK
• Global Maritime Security Issues - Mr. Kim E Petersen – Maritime Security Council
• Inter-agency Co-operation at a National Level – Mr John Mairs – Maritime & Ports Security (Policy) – TRANSEC, UK Department for Transport

If you require any further details on the TranSec World Expo please contact Nicola Greenaway on + 44 (0) 208 542 9090 or email  

Northern UK Breakfast Briefing held at Greater Manchester Police - The Sedgley Park Centre

On 24 April, the Northern UK Breakfast Briefing took place in Manchester. The meeting started at 08.30 after the usual substantial bacon and sausage sandwiches and finished at 10.45. Feedback from the 25 attendees indicated that the venue and time were agreeable and a further Northern briefing is therefore to be considered for October 2008.   

Security by Design with a Twist – Relevance to Corporate Activity
Mark Antrobus – Cheshire Police – Force architectural liaison officer provided illustrations of buildings suffering criminal activity. Many of the problems could have been avoided by considering design aspects at an early design stage.

John Dwyer, a former Assistant Chief Constable of Cheshire Police, compared many businesses to a sieve where criminal activity reduced profit due to leakage from inside and also from leakage outside and emphasised the importance of designing crime out as part of the process.

Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007 – Strategies for Effective Compliance
David Maddock explained the responsibilities of duty holders and how to effectively assess risks as well as the implications for safety and security. He recommended getting safety and security right first time by looking at established and proven practices – not by making it up.

Handling IT Security Breaches in the Workplace
Anna Cutts reviewed the motivation of people who tried to compromise IT systems and emphasised the need to have a security policy in place that was appropriate to the organisation. Multiple policies covering management, and general employees involved training, internal and external audits, physical security and regular policy reviews.

Welcome to the Future of Security Qualifications
Janet Ward asked:
Are you a Security Expert?
What have you got to show for it?
Andrew Ralston of Norwich Union reinforced the importance ASIS certification by explaining that he had been promoted on achieving the PSP certification and further promotion occurred when he recently became a CPP.

An explanation of the CPP and PSP certifications followed and the recent quotation below from Baroness Henig, Chairman Security Industry Association summed up:  “Without a benchmark for excellence, it becomes more difficult for the industry to professionalise itself. It’s in setting these benchmarks that ASIS is such an important body – and we at the SIA greatly value the fact that ASIS exists to define achievement at these higher levels of management.”

Richard Bailey, Managing Director of Advance Security UK Ltd, who kindly sponsored the meeting, explained their forward thinking policy of corporate social responsibility. Core parts of the policy included environmental issues, links with the community, and involvement of the workforce, communicating with the customer base and interacting with the security industry.

By Tim Hodges
ASIS UK Northern Event Organiser

Global Agenda

9-10 June 2008 - Security Standards Training - Vilnius, Lithuania. Click here for more information

25-26 June 2008 - TranSec World Expo - Amsterdam, Netherlands. Click here for more information. 10% discount for ASIS members. To claim your discount please enter DISC10 at time of booking at The ASIS European Bureau and the Benelux Chapter will be present with a booth. 

15-18 September 2008 - ASIS 2008, 54th Annual Seminar and Exhibits - Atlanta GA, USA. Click here for more information.

30 September - 3 October 2008 - SKYDD 08 - Stockholm, Sweden

4-7 October 2008 - 4th Annual Retail Loss Prevention Europe - Central London, UK. Click here for more information

Chapter and Certification Events

For the latest details visit the European agenda

2 June 2008 in Vienna (2 ½ hours meeting)
17 November in Vienna (a full day event)

13 June 2008 - Coaching CPP & PSP, Corsendonk (Belgium)
11 & 12 September 2008 - Review CPP/PSP/PCI, Corsendonk (Belgium)
9 September 2008 - Business meeting (afternoon) at MacTwin, Heteren, NL
12 September 2008 - Coaching CPP & PSP, Corsendonk (Belgium)
31 October 2008 - Exam training CPP & PSP, Corsendonk (Belgium)
31 October 2008 - Coaching CPP & PSP, Corsendonk (Belgium)
1 November 2008 - Exam CPP/PSP/ PCI, Corsendonk (Belgium)
20/21 November 2008 - Fall meeting (full day) at Corsendonk, B

All ASIS Benelux certification events take place at the Priory of Corsendonk, Oud Turnhout, Belgium. Training sessions are organised by the Security College, contact: Mr Joop Verdonk CPP.


12 June 2008 - Members meeting, location tbd - contact  
26 August 2008 - Members meeting, location tbd - contact  
9 October 2008 - Members meeting, location tbd - contact  
26 November 2008 - Members meeting, location tbd - contact


5 February 2009 - General assembly and members meeting, location tbd - contact


4 July 2008 - chapter meeting
5 September 2008 - chapter meeting
31 October 2008 - chapter meeting
1 November 2008 - CPP, PSP exams - Paris (unique site in front of the Eiffel Tower! Contact Sylvan Ravinet, PSP, certifications VP:
19 December 2008 - chapter meeting

To attend a chapter meeting and meet us when visiting Paris: contact:  (both French and English presentations are given) All meetings take place in the Paris region

July 2008 - Chapter meeting, location tbd - contact  
November 2008 - Chaptermeeting, location tbd - contact

28 May 2008 - ASIS Action, Location TBD -  
1 September 2008 - ASIS dagene, location TBD -  
2 September 2008 - ASIS dagene, Location TBD -  
27 November 2008 - Christmas meeting with Lutefisk, Location TBD -

12 June 2008 - Club evening networking, Stockholm - contact 1 and 2 September 2008 - ASIS days Norway
2 October 2008 - Recruiting security, Stockholm - contact  
23 October 2008 - Transport security, Gothenburg
1 November 2008 - CPP,PSP,PCI Exam, Stockholm - contact  
22 November 2008 - Investigation, skills and tools, Stockholm - contact
4 December 2008 - Pub evening networking, Stockholm - contact

Exams will take place at the Företagsuniversitetet, Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please contact Mr Klas Nilsson CPP PSP PCI  

4 June 2008 - Fachmeeting III/08, Zurich - Hotel Widder, Salon Erzberg - 
7 June 2008 - Workshop, The Web as Source for Investigations, Gloria Reyes, Reyes Consulting -  
3 September 2008 - Celebrating 25 years of chapter 160 with Pius Segmüller, Zürich - Hotel Widder, Salon Erzberg  
5 November 2008 - Fachmeeting V/08, Zürich - Hotel Sofitel -

United Kingdom
26 June 2008 - Summer Seminar, Barings Bank, London - Contact  
24 September 2008 - Autumn Seminar, Linklater, Silk St, London - Contact  
1 November 2008 - CPP and PSP Certification Exams, Streatley, Berks - Contact  
20 November 2008 - Winter Seminar and AGM, BAT HQ, London - contact

2007 UK certification events take place at The Swan at Streatley Hotel, Streatley on Thames, Berkshire. Training sessions are organised by ARC Training International Ltd. For more information contact Mr David Cresswell CPP or Ms Janet Ward  


Be a sponsor of the 8th European Security Conference

Contact the European Bureau for more information.


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