June 2008
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Welcome to the 46th edition of Eurodynamics! The ASIS International European Bureau would like to encourage members to submit updates or articles you wish to share with the ASIS International members in Europe!

Copy deadlines for the next issues have been fixed at the third Monday of every month. The deadline for the next issue is 21 July 2008.

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SRVP Report

If you were in Barcelona I hope you enjoyed the programmes, both educational and social. Attendee feedback has highly rated the speaker experience. Now we are planning the next events in Asia and Europe in 2009 from this enhanced feedback from members. We are also attracting greater political interaction across Europe.

Our standards and education sub-committees in Europe remain very active. Both committees have supported our training day held in Villinus held on the 9th & 10th June. This is part of our outreach programme to security professionals in Central Europe who, in many cases, are unable to take part in training programmes in the west due to cost restraints in travel and accommodation. With an increasing number of corporations off-shoring or relocating to Central and Eastern Europe, we, as security professionals need to engage with those interested in security , sharing our knowledge and most importantly our experiences.

Peter French   " ...we, as a group of professionals, should be at the forefront of sector changes. "

It should never be understated that ASIS as a cross cultural group have much to learn
on how that sharing can take place. The recent ASIS acquisition of the Web-eminar
format is another demonstration of the importance the Association places on education. This format should enable greater access for all role levels and differing industry types with a greater variety of knowledge to assist self development.

The ASIS Chief Security Officers Round Table is attracting great attention with increasing membership from European corporations. For an additional membership fee, the CSO can access a dedicated communications platform. At future seminars, the CSO Round Table programme will prove to be a working asset for sharing information, ideas or professional networking within this dedicated group. Region 28 RVP, Thomas Tidiks, is ensuring that the European Advisory Council is kept abreast on developments and allows us to contribute to the success of this initiative.

The new RVP for Region 27B is Andrew Williams of Marriott Hotels who, with a significant country constituency , will be responsible for growing significantly ASIS representation. In Israel we have fast growing membership of the new Chapter due to the high profile that it enjoys.

In Region 29 we are confident that we have now located an excellent applicant for the RVP vacancy and will be working with them over the coming weeks.The Czech Republic Chapter is planning on holding a September Conference on ‘Security within Football Stadia’. If you have experiences to share please let me know and I will pass your details to the seminar organiser.

Regularly we seek opinions from our membership on a wide range of matters. We all appreciate that the security profession is a constant changing sector from which business demands more deliverables, sometimes with a decreasing resource. Hence we, as a group of professionals, should be at the forefront of sector changes. Part of this process is a continuing investment in ourselves through attending seminars, keeping up to date through our sector networking groups, instituting forums and membership of relevant groups.

Across Europe our membership gives increasing activity to joint projects such as private public partnership, convergence and knowledge forums. ASIS members have a vast amount of experience that should be shared. During 2009 we would like to see if we can contribute members to the 30 Global sectoral Councils that are established. Access to their Chairmen is available through www.asisonline.org.  If we can join these groups we can share our European experiences and equally learn from membership around the world. Ideally we could form European sub Councils that report to the global entities .

If you are in Atlanta in September at the annual Exhibits why not stop off at one of the
Council booths to discuss how you might contribute and participate. A date for your diary will be the 8th European Conference to be held in Montreux 26th – 29th April 2009. Perhaps as a speaker you could share your experiences. Speaker’s extracts can be registered online now.

Hope to meet up with you soon.

Peter French
SRVP Europe

Firms launch programme to create security blueprint

A grand master-plan to develop frameworks for improving security management in organisations has been announced by a consortium of firms and led by a University of Leicester consultancy Perpetuity.

The industry-wide research initiative aims to develop best practice in managing security. It was launched on Friday 30 May and will provide a security blueprint for industry.

The Security Research Initiative (SRI) is being managed by Professor Martin Gill of Perpetuity, a spin-out company from the University of Leicester. The first year (of three) will focus on the development of a security strategy, identifying good practices and will result in the production of a model document.

Professor Martin Gill commented:
"From previous work we have conducted we know that all too often security is not guided by a strategy and this is one reason why some security professionals felt it had failed to achieve proper recognition within organisations, indeed some felt it was a marginalised function. By conducting studies and generating new insights we aim to help fill a major knowledge gap that will help improve understanding and perceptions of security."

The SRI is sponsored by leading security companies and organisations committed to developing good security practice: Advance, Barclays, Carlisle Security, Case, CMP Information, Corps, Gratte Brothers, KPMG, MITIE, Nexen Petroleum, National Security Inspectorate, OCS Resolution, Reliance, Royal Mail, Perfectus, VSG, Wilson James.

The SRI has come together with the support of the ASIS International, British Security Industry Association and The Security Institute. David Dickinson Chief Executive of the BSIA has noted: "This is a very important initiative that aims to add new insights and it has the support of some leading companies. The results have the potential to be very influential in guiding good practice."

For further information please contact Professor Martin Gill on Tel: +44 774 028 4286; +44 116 222 5555, m.gill@perpetuitygroup.com.

Profile: the ASIS International Physical Security Council

The Physical Security Council is one of the largest and most active of the 32 subject matter specialist councils of ASIS International. The members of the Physical Security Council (PSC) are physical security specialists from a diverse range of work environments and bring in-depth experience and skill sets to their volunteer leadership role while serving as council and committee members.

The Physical Security Council was established to serve the ASIS International membership through identification of information regarding security issues in their specific security concentration. In addition, the council provides support to, and enhancement of, ASIS educational programs and materials designed to meet the needs of professionals with specific security concerns and issues inherent to their industry.

The Physical Security Council comprises a core member group supported by three committees (International, Education, and Guidelines & Standards) that focus on specific activities such as physical security education, security guidelines, sessions, workshops, white paper development, and other activities that support ASIS International at the Annual Conference and Exhibits and regional conferences around the globe.

The Physical Security Council acts as a center of excellence for physical security questions or points of discussion from the global ASIS membership. The membership of ASIS International may contact the council directly to supplement their professional knowledge as well as gain information with respect to the identification of security technology applications and implementation as well as policy and procedural protections.

Applicants to the Physical Security Council submit an application form that details their professional security experience, knowledge and subject matter expertise. Serving on the council requires commitment and participation in council activities such as development of physical security related guidelines, workshop presentations, security research and participation in regional and international conferences or other ASIS sponsored events. ASIS has provided distance learning and teleconferencing to create greater access to council activities and participation for security professionals around the globe.

ASIS members can apply for membership to the Physical Security Council by contacting the PSC Membership Secretary, Mr. Mark Berger at mberger@securitech.com. Applicants must have the financial and time commitment of their employers to participate in the primary Council activities and events. Council members must participate in periodic meetings (participation may be through an ASIS arranged conference call) as well as make every attempt to attend the annual council meeting which takes place during the ASIS International Annual Conference and Exhibits during the fall of each year. Ongoing participation in the Council’s activities is a fundamental requirement for membership. Individual contributions to the Council’s goals are measured and determine a member’s continued participation with the Physical Security Council.

For further information please do not hesitate to visit www.asisonline.org.

The Council’s primary areas of activity are detailed here. Please review the list and identify those activities in which you could best contribute if your application to the Council is approved.

Phillip Banks, P. Eng., CPP
Vice Chair, Physical Security Council
Chair, Physical Security Council, International Member’s Committee

New European Commissioner for Justice and Security quizzed by MEPs

European Commission Vice-president Jacques Barrot faced a hearing at the European Parliament on Monday 16 June. It was held because Mr Barrot, previously responsible for transport, has been allocated the portfolio for justice, freedom and security after the resignation of Franco Frattini, who resigned to become Foreign Minister of Italy.

The Commissioner set out his priorities, which include fighting discrimination and the protection of data. He also stressed his commitment to “persuading the United States to allow all citizens of the Union to travel to that country without a visa”.

Barrot ( European Community)

Mr Barrot also proposed the creation of a rapid response system for child abductions and an initiative to protect minors in divorce cases.

As regards security, Jacques Barrot said he wished to work towards the mutual recognition of decisions taken by courts of Member States and towards the creation of a European system of information on criminal records.

Lastly, on immigration, the Commissioner was in favour of integrating legal immigrants while tightening up measures against illegal immigration and external border controls, following on from action taken by his predecessor.

Manfred Weber (Conservative, Germany) quizzed the Commissioner about the future of the Lisbon Treaty following the Irish “no”. Mr Barrot believed that “we must allow our Irish compatriots time to reflect and await the European Council”. He sought to “learn lessons from this new ‘no’ and place more emphasis on a practical Europe, one that appeals to the citizen”. On the possible use of a “passerelle” clause [allowing some policy areas to come under co-decision, following a vote by the European Council], he said “the Commission could take an initiative, although the European Council must agree unanimously. That cannot be ruled out but it is hard to achieve”.

On behalf of the Socialist group, Claudio Fava (Italy) asked “can enhanced cooperation be envisaged in JHA matters following the Irish ‘no’?” “We have thought of that” in connection with harmonising matrimonial law, was Mr Barrot’s reply. This solution “would enable a way out to be found if the delays (caused by the ‘no’ vote) prove too long”, he said, adding “don’t assume the progress made at Lisbon will be forgotten.”

Sophie In ‘t Veld (Liberals, Netherland), raised the issue of Passenger Name Record (PNR) agreement with the United States, saying she was disappointed that the EU-US high level working group had “snubbed” the EP. Mr Barrot stressed his willingness to work with the EP Civil Liberties Committee on this issue, where a number of disagreements remain with the US, “whose processing of the data provides no guarantee of independence”. By contrast, unless care is taken the risk in Europe is fragmentation, with Member States adopting “separate PNR agreements” with all the consequences that would entail for air traffic.

Carlos Coelho (Conservative, Portugal) opened the third topic, by speaking of the transition from the Shengen Information System I (SIS-I) to SIS-II. “The EP must be involved in the negotiations on the transitional period” regarding data protection and other matters, he said.

Javier Moreno Sanchez (Socialist, Spain) asked whether the Frontex agency (external border security) might soon have regional offices and its own material resources. Mr Barrot said he hoped to “deploy the necessary resources” to achieve that and to do something about the legal base of Frontex so it could “intervene in operations that third countries would like to carry out”.

Jeannine Hennis-Plasschaert (Liberal, Netherlands) asked “When will we have a Commission proposal on crossing frontiers?” Mr Barrot revealed that the Commission is looking into the matter, with feasibility studies on electronic travel permits. The Commission vice-president saw in this “the beginnings of a complete system” but he thought that it was “rather soon to say that visas are obsolete!”

Regarding another consequence of the Irish “no”, in reply to Ioannis Varvitsiotis (Conservative, Greece), who called for a European criminal law, Mr Barrot said “Lisbon would have helped us! We’ll need time to get there now”.

Stavros Lambrinidis (Socialist, Greece) was concerned about the lack of sanctions when private enterprises misused personal data. The Commissioner said he would like to expand the existing directive in this field. Turning to police cooperation, Agustín Díaz de Mera (Conservative, Spain) asked when the Union might have “a Community police agency without immunity for its staff” so as to “build trust” between Member States. Mr Barrot replied that “we are going to turn Europol into a real agency, financed from Community funds, and Parliament will exercise its full powers of scrutiny” over its activities.

Source: European Parliament

ASIS  Supports TranSec World Expo - Special Offer to ASIS Members

TranSec World Expo enters its sixth year as the only international conference and exhibition dedicated to the aviation, maritime, rail and supply chain security sectors. The 2008 event will run over two days; 25 – 26 June at the PTA – Amsterdam.

The exhibition features over 100 companies supply dedicated security solutions for the transportation industry including: Access Control, Biometrics, Baggage, Cargo and Passenger Screening Equipment, CCTV, RFID Tracking, Security Seals, Perimeter & Intrusion Detection, Blast Containment, Training & Consultancy Services.

Exhibitors include: L-3 Security & Detection, ARINC, Rapiscan Systems, Smiths Detection, Brijiot, Brooks Markitwise, Genetec, Flir Systems, Astra, iOmniscient, BQT Solutions, Mercian Labels and Appian Technology to name a few.

Register for the exhibition in advance and save 30 EUROS at www.blaxx.net/2008/trans08/reg/  

At the centre of TranSec World Expo 2008 are a series of conferences and 30 free-to-attend workshops sessions offering a wide range of educational content. The workshops will focus on CCTV & Intrusion Detection, Biometrics & Access Control, and Passenger Screening & Baggage & Cargo Screening.

The conferences for 2008 will be focused on maritime & supply chain security in conjunction with the (IMO) International Maritime Organisation and a 1-day Aviation security conference.

Full programmes for the conference and workshops can be reviewed at www.transec.com/files/twe08_conf_prog_lores.pdf   

Prices start from EUR 395 and all ASIS International members are entitled to a 10% discount on the advertised prices, to claim your discount please enter DISC10 at time of booking at www.blaxx.net/2008/trans08/reg/  

For 2008 themes and speakers include:

• The Security of Air Cargo - Mr. John Edwards - Head of Cargo Security – IATA
• Illegal Maritime Activities: Piracy & Stowaways – Mr Giles Noakes – BIMCO
• Secure Freight – Mr Mike Weeding – Senior Adviser – Supply Chain Security – HM Revenue & Customs
• Transportation Success in Europe: Facing New Challenges – Mr. Jan Busstra – Head of Civil Aviation Safety & Security Department – Ministry of Transport – The Netherlands
• The Future of Secure Air Transport - Mr. Robert Missen - Deputy Head of Aviation Security - European Commission
• The Nature of the Threat & Logical Threat Migration - Mr. Mike Woodall - Head of Threats - Intelligence & Contingencies Branch - TRANSEC - Department for Transport UK
• Global Maritime Security Issues - Mr. Kim E Petersen – Maritime Security Council
• Inter-agency Co-operation at a National Level – Mr John Mairs – Maritime & Ports Security (Policy) – TRANSEC, UK Department for Transport

If you require any further details on the TranSec World Expo please contact Nicola Greenaway on + 44 (0) 208 542 9090 or email ngreenaway@niche-events.com  
October 2008.   

Be a Speaker in Montreux 2009!

You are invited to submit an abstract to be considered for presentation at the ASIS International 8th European Security Conference in Montreux. This is your opportunity to shape the programme by sharing your knowledge and expertise with other security professionals from around the globe. The Cconference will cover the entire spectrum of security topics ranging from supply chain security, loss prevention, and piracy to terrorism, executive protection, intellectual property rights, and more. To submit an abstract, please visit: http://asis.confex.com/asis/2009/cfp.cgi.

The deadline for abstract submission is 15 October 2008.

Chateau de Chillon, Montreux

On the shore of Lake Geneva only one hour from the airport, Montreux is the ideal resort location for leisure and business travelers. The region is called the "Swiss Riviera" thanks to its mild microclimate and tropical vegetation. The outstanding Belle Epoque architecture includes deluxe and first-class hotels situated in a breathtaking environment enhanced by the lake, palm trees, vineyards, mountains, and glacier. The famous Casino Barrière de Montreux, fun theme parks, international festivals, wellness centers, and worldwide reputation make Montreux the perfect location for the ASIS European Security Conference.

For further information, please contact:

ASIS International European Bureau
Tel: +32 2 645 26 74
Fax: +32 2 645 26 71
Email: montreux@asisonline.org  

Global Agenda

25-26 June 2008 - TranSec World Expo - Amsterdam, Netherlands. Click here for more information. 10% discount for ASIS members. To claim your discount please enter DISC10 at time of booking at www.blaxx.net/2008/trans08/reg/. The ASIS European Bureau and the Benelux Chapter will be present with a booth. 

15-18 September 2008 - ASIS 2008, 54th Annual Seminar and Exhibits - Atlanta GA, USA. Click here for more information.

30 September - 3 October 2008 - SKYDD 08 - Stockholm, Sweden

4-7 October 2008 - 4th Annual Retail Loss Prevention Europe - Central London, UK. Click here for more information

Chapter and Certification Events

For the latest details visit the European agenda

24 June 2008 - Vienna
17 November 2008 - Vienna (a full day event)

11 & 12 September 2008 - Review CPP/PSP/PCI, Corsendonk (Belgium)
9 September 2008 - Business meeting (afternoon) at MacTwin, Heteren, NL
12 September 2008 - Coaching CPP & PSP, Corsendonk (Belgium)
31 October 2008 - Exam training CPP & PSP, Corsendonk (Belgium)
31 October 2008 - Coaching CPP & PSP, Corsendonk (Belgium)
1 November 2008 - Exam CPP/PSP/ PCI, Corsendonk (Belgium)
20/21 November 2008 - Fall meeting (full day) at Corsendonk, B

All ASIS Benelux certification events take place at the Priory of Corsendonk, Oud Turnhout, Belgium. Training sessions are organised by the Security College, contact: Mr Joop Verdonk CPP.


26 August 2008 - Members meeting, location tbd - contact asis@postkasse.org  
9 October 2008 - Members meeting, location tbd - contact asis@postkasse.org  
26 November 2008 - Members meeting, location tbd - contact asis@postkasse.org


5 February 2009 - General assembly and members meeting, location tbd - contact asis@postkasse.org


5 September 2008 - chapter meeting
31 October 2008 - chapter meeting
1 November 2008 - CPP, PSP exams - Paris (unique site in front of the Eiffel Tower! Contact Sylvan Ravinet, PSP, certifications VP: sylvan.ravinet@gmail.com)
19 December 2008 - chapter meeting

To attend a chapter meeting and meet us when visiting Paris: contact:  asis_france@yahoo.fr  (both French and English presentations are given) All meetings take place in the Paris region

July 2008 - Chapter meeting, location tbd - contact ewaldfrank@johndeere.com  
November 2008 - Chaptermeeting, location tbd - contact ewaldfrank@johndeere.com

24 September 2008 - Education Day, three education sessions followed by lunch and a afternoon event (location TBA as we awaiting confirmation)
30 October 2008 - Chapter meeting / educational sessions
1 November 2008 - we intend to facilitate CPP and PCI Examinations. We also intend to hold two study days to assist candidates with examination preparation - candidates are welcome please contact John Mulligan CPP
28 November 2008 - AGM followed by lunch

1 September 2008 - ASIS dagene, location TBD - www.asis.no  
2 September 2008 - ASIS dagene, Location TBD - www.asis.no  
27 November 2008 - Christmas meeting with Lutefisk, Location TBD - www.asis.no

1 and 2 September 2008 - ASIS days Norway
2 October 2008 - Recruiting security, Stockholm - contact per.lundkvist@asis.se  
23 October 2008 - Transport security, Gothenburg
1 November 2008 - CPP,PSP,PCI Exam, Stockholm - contact klas.nilsson@asis.se  
22 November 2008 - Investigation, skills and tools, Stockholm - contact klas.nilsson@asis.se
4 December 2008 - Pub evening networking, Stockholm - contact lars.zetterstrom@asis.se

Exams will take place at the Företagsuniversitetet, Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please contact Mr Klas Nilsson CPP PSP PCI klas.nilsson@asis.se  

3 September 2008 - Celebrating 25 years of chapter 160 with Pius Segmüller, Head of Security at FIFA - FIFA Convention Centre, Restaurant Sonnenberg, Zurich www.asisonline.ch  
5 November 2008 - Fachmeeting V/08, Zug- www.asisonline.ch
3 December 2008 - European Advisory Council Meeting - Montreux (by invitation only)
4 Decemner 2008 - Montreux Programme Committee meeting - Montreux (by invitation only)

United Kingdom
26 June 2008 - Summer Seminar, Barings Bank, London - Contact asis@awdry.demon.co.uk  
24 September 2008 - Autumn Seminar, Linklater, Silk St, London - Contact asis@awdry.demon.co.uk  
1 November 2008 - CPP and PSP Certification Exams, Streatley, Berks - Contact davidcresswell@arc-tc.com  
20 November 2008 - Winter Seminar and AGM, BAT HQ, London - contact asis@awdry.demon.co.uk

2007 UK certification events take place at The Swan at Streatley Hotel, Streatley on Thames, Berkshire. Training sessions are organised by ARC Training International Ltd. For more information contact Mr David Cresswell CPP or Ms Janet Ward  


Be a sponsor of the 8th European Security Conference in Montreux

Download the sponsorship prospectus or contact the European Bureau for more information.


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