97th Edition - January 2013

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Professor of Security and Risk to Keynote at ASIS Middle East 2013


ASIS Middle-East 2013 - CPP Review Course


Be a Speaker at ASIS Asia-Pacific 2013 in Macau


ASIS Middle-East 2013 - Post-Conference Workshops (Organised by EuroMaTech)


Islamic Scholar to Keynote at ASIS Europe 2013


ASIS 2013 - Call for Presentations


Chapter News: ASIS France Chapter 1st Annual Day


Be a Sponsor or Exhibitor at ASIS Middle East 2013, ASIS Europe 2013, ASIS 2013 and ASIS Asia-Pacific 2013!


Commission Welcomes European Parliament Rapporteurs' Support for Strong EU Data Protection Rules


Chapter News: ASIS Sweden Chapter Visited the 48th Annual CNOA Training Institute


New EU Cyber Centre Greeted as 'Welcome Step' in Tackling Online Crime


Chapter News: ASIS Aegean Chapter


Security is Key for "Bring Your Own Device" BYOD


EU to Propose Mandatory Reporting of Cyber Incidents


New Report on Smart Grids Cyber Security Measures; a Risk-Based Approach is Key to Secure Implementation, According to EU Agency ENISA


Frontex Chief Looks Beyond EU Borders


ENISA's Report: Top Trends in the First Cyber Threat Landscape


Get Engaged in ASIS Women in Security and Young Professionals Groups


Global Agenda


Professional Development


Chapter and Certification Events

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ASIS 4th Middle East Security Conference & Exhibition - Dubai, UAE - 17-19 February 2013

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a1Professor of Security and Risk to Keynote at ASIS Middle East 2013

Prof. Narayanan Srinivasan, Professor of Security and Risk at Edith Cowan University (Australia) and Director of Emirates-ECU Centre (Dubai) will be a keynote speaker at ASIS Middle East 2013.Prof. Srinivasan will speak about professionalising security professionals in the current environment.


The ASIS 4th Middle East Security Conference & Exhibition will be held on 17-19 February 2013in Dubai, UAE at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City. 

Prof. Srinivasan completed his studies at the University of Malaya (Malaysia) and Cambridge University (UK) in areas of Criminology and Public Administration. He also completed programmes at Cornell and Harvard Universities in the areas of security management, international security and current trends in security profiling. Prof. Srinivasan is engaged in many research projects in the area of aviation and maritime security in Australia, UK, Asia Pacific and the Middle East and works as a consultant to airlines and governments in these regions. He is credited with professionalising the security industry through education programmes globally.


Prof. Srinivasan is also part of the UN Expert Group on Civilian Private Security and a member of several professional groups looking at the professionalization of security including the Australasian Council of Security Professionals.


Prof. Srinivasan said: "Professionalising civilian private security is a long term goal and has started to evolve through steps taken by the UAE towards formalising standards for private security. The United Nations through UNODC has accepted UAE's leadership in this arena." .

6 Reasons why you should be at ASIS Middle East:


  1. Industry leaders from important companies and organisations such as Saudi Aramco, Zurich Insurance Group, McAfee, Johnson & Johnson, TDIC, and TNO will speak about the latest developments, trends and innovations in security.
  2. Apply lessons learnt from other industries to your own sector. Original content will be shared on stage, including discussion on oil and gas security, maritime security, soft targets security, and security engineering and management.
  3. Connect with high-level security professionals from all over the Middle East and beyond.
  4. Get motivated by new ideas and information.
  5. Form new partnerships and reconnect with familiar faces in the industry.
  6. Get social and join discussions on the event on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

In addition to the educational sessions delegates will get access to networking events and to the exhibition. Exhibition-only tickets can be purchased.

Click here to see the conference programme. 




Regular Rate

Onsite Rate

ASIS Member

1,295 USD

1,395 USD

Non Member

1,550 USD

1,650 USD

Govt Official

1,050 USD

1,150 USD

Partner Organisations

1,325 USD

1,425 USD

Single Day Member

675 USD

800 USD

Single Day Non Member

775 USD

900 USD

President's Reception Only

(included in full delegate rate)

115 USD

115 USD

Exhibition Only (one day)

30 USD

30 USD


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a2ASIS Middle-East 2013 - CPP Review Course



Professional certification is increasingly required in today's security industry. Employers are seeking experienced practitioners who can provide confirmation that they have mastered an essential body of knowledge. Registering now will give you access to courses provided by certified security professionals that will offer the most insight into preparing for and successfully passing the comprehensive CPP Exam.


Following ASIS Middle East 2013, ASIS is organising 2-day CPP review course. The course will be held on 20-21 February 2013 in Dubai, UAE at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City. To register please send an email to middleeast@asisonline.org.



  • 800 USD for members
  • 1,000 USD for non-members

a3Be a Speaker at ASIS Asia-Pacific 2013 in Macau

You have spent years honing your skills as a security professional. Now share your experience and knowledge by submitting a proposal for presentation at ASIS Asia-Pacific 2013 before 19 April 2013.


The ASIS Asia-Pacific Security Forum & Exhibition, will be held in Macau, China on 3-5 December 2013.


Abstracts on all security related topics are welcome. Particular topics of interest are: critical infrastructure protection, supply chain security, loss prevention, hotel security and soft targets protection, intellectual property, maritime piracy, terrorism, executive protection, internal theft and fraud, competitive intelligence, brand protection, physical security, cyber security and convergence, investigations, due diligence and global business issues.

Commercial presentations will not be selected. Presentation slots are 50 minutes and should include time for Q&A. Only English-language presentations will be accepted.
Please click here to submit your abstract or contact the ASIS International APAC Bureau at: asiapacific@asisonline.org if you have any question.

a4ASIS Middle-East 2013 - Post-Conference Workshops (Organised by EuroMaTech)

Immediately following ASIS 2013, delegates will have the opportunity to follow 4 in-depth post-conference workshops organised by training provider EuroMaTech. All courses will be taught by renowned experts in their field over the course of two full days on 20 and 21 February.

  • Emotional Intelligence 
     Tutor: Prof. Dr. Leonard Yong
  • International Ship and Port Security (ISPC) Within Oil and Gas
     Tutor: Mr. Chris Maylor
  • Crisis Management and Technological Security for Oil and Gas
     Tutor: Mr. Edward Clark
  • Security Investigation Techniques
     Tutor: Mr. Ken Corett

Price per workshop: 2,000 USD


Full course descriptions can be found here.


To register for the workshops, please send an email to middleeast@asisonline.org.

a5Islamic Scholar to Keynote at ASIS Europe 2013

Fadel Soliman, Director of the Bridges Foundation will be a keynote speaker at ASIS Europe 2013. As a keynote speaker Mr. Soliman will attempt to demystify the concept of Jihad and explain how it is not synonymous to terrorism.

The ASIS 12th European Security Conference & Exhibition will take place on 14-16 April 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Fadel Soliman is a member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars who received his master's degree in Shariah in 2008. Besides being an electronics engineer Fadel is an international speaker, orator, and presenter of Islam. He has presented to more than 60,000 people all over the world in churches, universities, and governmental departments, including the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as at international events, such as the Frankfurt International Book Fair in 2004.


Fadel trained over 13,000 Muslim youths on how to present and refute misconceptions about Islam through the Bridges Foundation's workshops in more than 17 countries.


Fadel founded the Bridges Foundation in 2005, an international organisation specialising in introducing the reality about Islam to non-Muslims, and training Muslim public speakers and presenters. Bridges videos - in which Soliman debates the arguments of extremists in English and Arabic - helped in the de-radicalisation of many Muslim youths. Over 200,000 DVDs of his films were distributed around the world by Muslim organisations in an attempt to combat Islamophobia.


Register now and get access to 33 high-level educational sessions provided by industry leaders.


6 Reasons why you should be at ASIS Europe:

  1. Industry leaders from important companies and organisations will speak about the latest developments, trends and innovations in security.
  2. Apply lessons learnt from other industries to your own sector.
  3. Connect with high-level security professionals from all over Europe and beyond.
  4. Get motivated by new ideas and information.
  5. Form new partnerships and reconnect with familiar faces in the industry.
  6. Get social and join discussions on the event on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

In addition to the educational sessions delegates will get access to networking events and to the exhibition. Early bird discounts end on 15 March 2013!


Click here to see the Conference Programme.  




Early Rate
15 Mar. 2013

Regular Rate after 15 Mar. 2013

ASIS Member

€ 850

€ 970

Non Member

€ 1,050

€ 1,170

Single Day



Partner Organisations



Group Rate



President's Reception

(included in full delegate rate)



Exhibition Only (one day)




*Rates do not include Swedish VAT.


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ASIS Europe 2013 Platinum Sponsor



a6ASIS 2013 - Call for Presentations

Today's smart, strategic solutions mesh together all aspects of physical and logical security. The ASIS International 59th Annual Seminar and Exhibits, 24-27 September 2013 will bring together 20,000+ professionals looking for the timely security solutions and up-to-date intelligence needed to face tough challenges, mitigate risk, and stay at the top of their game.


If you are a subject matter expert on a current or emerging issue of importance to the security profession, ASIS invites you to submit a proposal for a presentation.


Share your expertise. Build your reputation. Gain valuable recognition.Help shape the high-quality education program at ASIS 2013- submit your proposal today! Deadline: 11 February 2013

a7Chapter News: ASIS France Chapter 1st Annual Day

From left to right: Brigadier Général Professor Pierre Laroche, Mireille Ballestrazzi, Interpol Chair, Préfet Jean-Louis Blanchou in charge of Private Security for the French Government, Nicolas Le Saux, ASIS RVP, Region 09, Lieutenant Général Professor Maurice Vergos, Director of the French Medical Corps Training School

On 4 December, ASIS France Chapter launched its first Annual Day. The event was set up with Expoprotection the leading French security exhibition in Paris.


During the four-day exhibition, four conferences and two key launches took place. More than 150 participants attended the conferences and the evening reception. The day was closed by a reception hosted in the Chapelle Royale du Val de Grace, the historic landmark crowning the military hospital in Paris. The keynote speaker was the Inspector General Mireille Ballestrazzi, the highest ranking French police officer. Ms Ballestrazzi has just been elected Chair of Interpol and became the first woman ever to take up this prestigious position.


Brigadier General Professor Pierre Laroche

Speakers in the afternoon included Eric Chalumeau, Chair of the French security consultants professional organisation, SCS, on "Architecture and Security", Brigadier General and Professor Pierre Laroche from the French medical corps with a very graphic presentation on "CBRN myths and realities". Charlie Martin, EMEA Security Manager of Rio Tinto talked about his company approach to Global Security compared to the French approach.


In addition, ASIS presented in partnership with Lincoln Associates for the second year its Annual Barometer on French Security Managers Compensation. This survey compares French security managers and consultants with their US counterparts.


Two new groups "Young Professionals" and "Women in Security" were also launched. They are led respectively by Henri Emery and Stéphanie Bergouignan. During her opening speech at the evening reception Mireille Ballestrazzi commented that "in the security world, there are few women in position of high responsibility. In many countries, women do not necessarily have the same freedom to act as men. One says that there is no liberty without security, but a society is not free if women have not the same freedom than men".


In addition, ASIS France Chapter held its annual general assembly where Eric Davoine was elected Chair of the France Chapter as from 1 January 2013. Nicolas Le Saux, past Chapter Chair, taking up the position of Regional Vice President for Region 09.


By Nicolas Le Saux

ASIS International, Regional Vice President, Region 09


a8Be a Sponsor or Exhibitor at ASIS Middle East 2013, ASIS Europe 2013, ASIS 2013 and ASIS Asia-Pacific 2013!






Does your organisation's strategic plan call for growth in theMiddle East, Europe, the USA and Asia-Pacific? If so, sponsorship of the ASIS Middle East Security Forum & Exhibition, of the ASIS European Security Conference & Exhibition of the ASIS Annual Seminar & Exhibits and of the ASIS Asia-Pacific Security Forum & Exhibition offers you a great opportunity to gain exposure and to raise the visibility of your brand, products, and services among key decision makers in these regions. 

Review and select from an extensive list of sponsorship and exhibit opportunities:

Identify the one that is most in line with your marketing strategy and budget, or contact us to shape a tailored package that best suits your company's needs.

For further information on the Middle East Security Conference & Exhibition and on the European Security Conference & Exhibition, please contact: ASIS International EMEA Bureau - Tel: +32 2 645 26 74 - Fax: +32 2 645 26 71 -


For further information on the Annual Seminar & Exhibits, please click here to contact ASIS International Headquarters.

For further information on the Asia-Pacific Conference & Exhibition, please contact: ASIS International Asia-Pacific Bureau - Tel: +32 2 645 26 74 - Fax: +32 2 645 26 71 -asiapacific@asisonline.org

a9Commission Welcomes European Parliament Rapporteurs' Support for Strong EU Data Protection Rules

European Parliament rapporteurs presented on 10 January two draft reports on the reform of the EU's data protection rules proposed by the European Commission just a year ago. In their reports, Jan-Philipp Albrecht, rapporteur for the proposed Data Protection Regulation for the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee (LIBE) of the European Parliament, and, Dimitrios Droutsas, rapporteur for the proposed Data Protection Directive for the law enforcement sector, express their full support for a coherent and robust data protection framework with strong end enforceable rights for individuals. They also stress the need for a high level of protection for all data processing activities in the European Union to ensure more legal certainty, clarity and consistency.


"The protection of personal data is a fundamental right for all Europeans. Opinion polls show that individuals do not always feel in full control of their data. Policy makers and companies must therefore do better," said Vice-President Viviane Reding, the EU's Justice Commissioner. "I am glad to see that the European Parliament rapporteurs are supporting the Commission's aim to strengthen Europe's data protection rules which currently date back to 1995 - pre-Internet age. A strong, clear and uniform legal framework will help unleashing the potential of the Digital Single Market and foster economic growth, innovation and job creation in Europe."


The European Parliament rapporteurs, building on previous reports by the European Parliament support the objectives of the reform, which are: to establish a comprehensive approach to data protection, to strengthen online privacy rights and to do away with the current fragmentation of 27 different national data protection laws which are costly and burdensome for businesses operating on Europe's single market.

Source: European Commission - Directorate-General for Home Affairs


Please click here for more.


a10Chapter News: ASIS Sweden Chapter Visited the 48th Annual CNOA Training Institute


Thomas Cederquist, CPP, together with the 2012 CNOA President Rick Serrato, Santa Ana P.D


In November 2012, Thomas Cederquist, CPP from the ASIS Sweden Chapter visited Anaheim, California for the California Narcotic Officers Associations (CNOA) Annual Training Institute.


Thomas Cederquist became a member of CNOA already in 1981 as a young Narcotic Officer from Gothenburg, Sweden. He has since then participated in 12 annual conferences and is a well known foreign member of the association. In 1990, he became Life time member of CNOA.


In 1987, after having participating in several conferences in California, Thomas Cederquist founded the Swedish Narcotic Officers Association (SNOA) and became its first President. He held that position until 1992, when he was posted in Athens, Greece and Sofia, Bulgaria as a Nordic Drug Liaison Officer. Thomas Cederquist retired from the National Swedish Police Department in 2005 holding the rank of Detective Superintendent after 30 years of service. He is now Security Director for Saab Group (Defence industry) in Gothenburg Sweden and is an active member of ASIS international and of the CSO Roundtable of ASIS.


The purpose of the SNOA is to promote and support drug enforcement research that is of service to the judicial system. SNOA endeavours to bridge and eliminate obstacles between different spheres of activities within the judicial system, enhance the public consciousness of the danger of narcotic drugs and intensify the fight against drug-related crime.


SNOA is co-operating with other associations, including the California Narcotic Officers Association, the Texas Narcotic Officers Association, A-One Oklahoma, Norwegian Narcotic Officers Association and the Swedish Carnegie Institute.


The Swedish Narcotic Officers Association has approximately 3.500 members (2012) and is the second largest narcotic officers association in the world. Most members represent the police force but there are also many custom officers and prosecutors in the association. Each year the annual training conference of the SNOA are attended by some 800 members. The Honorary Chairman and Patron is the former National Police Commissioner and County Governor Carl G. Persson.


In 2012, SNOA celebrated its 25th anniversary and Thomas Cederquist, CCP took the opportunity to participate in the CNOA Training Institute to express his personal and the Swedish members gratitude to their "Mother Chapter" for a fantastic support during the past years.

a11New EU Cyber Centre Greeted as 'Welcome Step' in Tackling Online Crime

A new EU Cybercrime Centre, opened on 11 January in The Hague, has been greeted as a "welcome step" in the fight to prevent fraud and piracy, combat child abuse online and protect against terrorism.

The new facility - called EC3 - formally launched on 11 January, will become the EU's focal point for its fight against cybercrime, working with national police forces to increase operational and investigative capacity.

EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström, who participated in the official opening, said, "The centre will give a strong boost to the EU's capacity to fight cybercrime and defend an internet that is free, open and secure. Cybercriminals are smart and quick in using new technologies for criminal purposes; the EC3 will help us become even smarter and quicker to help prevent and fight their crimes."

Troels Oerting, Head of the Centre, said, "In combating cybercrime, with its borderless nature and huge ability for the criminals to hide, we need a flexible and adequate response. The centre is designed to deliver this expertise as a fusion centre, as a centre for operational investigative and forensic support, but also through its ability to mobilise all relevant resources in EU Member States to mitigate and reduce the threat from cybercriminals wherever they operate from."

Source: theparliament.com

Please click here for more.

a12Chapter News: ASIS Aegean Chapter

A Constructions' Security Manager Seminar has been organised for the first time in Greece. The 3-day event gathered 15 delegates and took place on 20-22 November. It has been organised by A&K Risk Management Consulting at the Athenaum Intercontinental Hotel.


On the occasion of the seminar, Athanasios Balafas, Operational Officer-Fireman of the State's Fire-Brigade Service, introduced the evacuation emergency plan in case of natural disasters. Alexandros Varnavas, Law Firm Partner of Varnavas & Co, presented the employee's law, the security 2518/97 law, the union's law and the imigrations' law. Athanasios Alampeis, Electronic Engineer of Automatic Alarm Systems S.A., gave a presentation focused on perimeter security electronic systems, CCTV analytics and Biometric systems. Finally, Angelos Agrafiotis, Chairman of the ASIS Aegean Chapter, introduced the Intell networks and the operation security way.


The ASIS Aegean Chapter was the media sponsor of the event. The seminar was attended by private security consultants as well as executives from the most important Greek construction companies, and from banking institutions.


By Angelos Agrafiotis

ASIS Aegean Chapter, Chapter Chairman.

a13Security is Key for "Bring Your Own Device" BYOD

Whether it's a laptop, tablet or smartphone, more and more of us are choosing to "bring your own device" (BYOD) to carry out tasks in the workplace, or perform work activities from home or other locations. The trend, also known as consumerization of IT (COIT), can be very attractive to both employers and workers, offering flexibility both ways.


ENISA's new report, Consumerization of IT: Risk Mitigation Strategies and Good Practices looks at the latest developments, and delivers six key messages to help ensure that "bring your own device" doesn't also bring unforeseen risks. 


Aimed at Chief Information Officers, Chief Executives and others who take IT security decisions, the report's messages are:

  1. Ensure that governance aspects are derived from business processes and protection requirements, and are defined before dealing with technology.
  2. End-user involvement can effectively mitigate risks. Awareness-raising on COIT programmes is highly effective for the enforcement of security policies.
  3. Periodic risk assessment on COIT programmes should be undertaken to ensure that security policies remain compatible with evolving technologies.
  4. Keep in mind that encryption complements but does not replace strategic risk management within a COIT programme.
  5. Perform small steps initially and proceed with more complex policies when sufficient experience has been gained.
  6. It is important to identify which COIT risks need to be mitigated within your organisation while the window of opportunity till remains open

Source: ENISA 

Please click here for more.

a14EU to Propose Mandatory Reporting of Cyber Incidents

The European Union took a step closer to an EU-wide patent on 11 December with lawmakers voting to cut the cost of protecting inventions and a top advisor to Europe's highest court rejecting a challenge to the new scheme.


Twenty-five of the EU's 27 Industry Ministers agreed to allow inventors to register their idea with one EU agency, signing off on a project first put forward in 1973 but which was delayed by a series of disputes, including over where to site the new patent office.


The European Parliament voted in favour of the plan which will see a common patent in place on 1 January 2014, if the judges in the highest EU court dismiss objections by Spain and Italy when they make a definitive ruling next year.


At a time when competition in new inventions is increasing, not only from Silicon Valley but also from Asia, a single patent is seen as encouraging innovation.


"A common European patent is key to strengthening Europe's competitiveness in a globalised world," said Swedish liberal MEP Cecilia Wikström. "We must be able to compete with the US, Japan and other developed countries when it comes to commercialising innovations," she said.


The current system makes the process 18 times more expensive than in the United States and 60 times more than in China, because patents have to be registered separately in individual EU countries - up to 27 times to cover the whole European Union.


Source: Euractiv


Please click here for more.

a15New Report on Smart Grids Cyber Security Measures; a Risk-Based Approach is Key to Secure Implementation, According to EU Agency ENISA

The EU's cyber security agency ENISA has investigated the challenges for baseline smart grids protection in Europe. This new report assists smart grid providers to improve their cyber security and resilience of their infrastructures, with a set of minimum security measures.

In contrast to the US' strict regulatory path, the European approach is to allow a certain degree of 'freedom', where these guidelines above can be tailored and combined for the needs of different actors, given the varied market. The Agency therefore proposes a scalability of around 40 (39) security measures which are organised into three levels of sophistication and ten (10) domains: 

  1. Security governance & risk management;
  2. Third parties management;
  3. Secure lifecycle process for smart grid components/systems and operating procedures;
  4. Personnel security, awareness and training;
  5. Incident response & information sharing;
  6. Audit and accountability;
  7. Continuity of operations;
  8. Physical security;
  9. Information systems security; and
  10. Network security.

The adoption of a minimum set of security measures needs the consensus and cooperation of various smart grid stakeholders. A coordination initiative could allow a common and generally accepted approach to smart grid security issues. Moreover, a common cyber security approach would help both regulators and stakeholders by harmonising the complex smart grid's environment and providing incentives to improve cyber security. 


Source: ENISA 

Please click here for more.

a16Frontex Chief Looks Beyond EU Borders

Frontex, the pan-European border agency based in Warsaw, is mandated to co-ordinate Member State border police patrols on Europe's external frontiers. But its Executive Eirector, Ilkka Laitinen, told EUobserver the agency is looking to expand its surveillance operations beyond the EU to develop a so-called "common pre-frontier intelligence picture [CPIP]."


"This is where Frontex is due to arrange the delivery and the production of additional surveillance data from an area that is beyond the border, typically we are talking about international borders or some further areas," said Laitinen.


Laitinen said the data gathered for the CPIPs could come from a variety of sources, including "traditional means ... or by some unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or satellite images and so on."


"There are many legal questions to be solved. But technologically speaking, it [UAVs] seems to be a reliable and cost-effective means for surveillance," he explained.


Source: EU Observer


Please click here for more.

a17ENISA's Report: Top Trends in the First Cyber Threat Landscape

The EU's cyber security agency ENISA has published the first and most comprehensive Cyber Threat Landscape analysis of 2012. The report identifies and lists the top threats and their trends, and concludes that drive-by exploits have become the top web threat.

The ENISA Threat Landscape report summarises 120 recent reports from 2011 and 2012 from the security industry, networks of excellence, standardisation bodies and other independent parties, making the report the world's most comprehensive synthesis presently available. The report provides an independent overview of observed threats and threat agents together with the current top threats, and emerging threats trends landscapes. Moreover, the Threat Landscape report analyses the "cyber enemy"; identifying and also listing the top ten (out of a total of sixteen) threats in emerging technology areas. The areas considered are Mobile Computing, Social Media/Technology, Critical Infrastructure, Trust Infrastructures, Cloud, and Big Data.


The identified top ten threats are:

  1. Drive-by exploits (malicious code injects to exploit web browser vulnerabilities)
  2. Worms/trojans
  3. Code injection attacks
  4. Exploit kits (ready to use software package to automate cybercrime)
  5. Botnets (hijacked computers that are remotely controlled)
  6. (Distributed) Denial of Service attacks (DDoS/DoS)
  7. Phishing (fraud mails and websites)
  8. Compromising confidential information (data breaches)
  9. Rogueware/scareware
  10. Spam

 Source: ENISA 


Please click here for more.

a18Get Engaged in ASIS Women in Security and Young Professionals Groups

Go online to catch-up on the latest education programmes and networking opportunities offered by the ASIS Women in Security and Young Professionals groups.

a19Global Agenda

17-19 February 2013 - ASIS 4th Middle East Security Conference & Exhibition- Dubai, UAE 


14-16 April 2013 - ASIS 12th European Security Conference & Exhibition - Gothenburg, Sweden

8-9 May 2013 - ASIS 23rd New York Security Conference & Expo - New York, USA

24-27 September 2013 - ASIS 59th Annual Seminar & Exhibits - Chicago, USA


3-5 December 2013 - ASIS 7th Asia-Pacific Security Forum & Exhibition - Macau, China

a20Professional Development

Upcoming Webinars 

20 February: Enhancing Safety and Security in Nursing Homes.

20 March: Security Responds to International Disasters.
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