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Register Now to the 10th ASIS International European Security Conference & Exhibition to Be Held in Vienna, Austria, 03-06 April 2011

The 10th ASIS International European Security Conference & Exhibition will take place in Vienna, Austria on 03-06 April 2011.

Registration is now open. Participants can register before the 15th of February 2011 to benefit from a discounted rate.

Mr Michal Moroz, Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic, will give a keynote presentation, on 04 April, on the anti-corruption measures proposed by the Czech Government.

The conference will feature more than 36 high-level educational sessions for and by international security experts that will cover the entire spectrum of topics in security management such as: supply chain security, industrial espionage, terrorism, information security, anti-counterfeiting, organised crime, crisis management, critical infrastructure protection, and more.

The Conference will also include the SRVP Welcome Reception, sessions for Chief
Security Officers (CSOs) organised by the CSO Roundtable of ASIS International, and the President’s reception.

Opportunities for organisations that seek to gain exposure and to raise the visibility of
their brand, products, or services among key decision makers in the security sector in
Europe are still available on the event website.

ASIS International 57th Annual Seminar and Exhibits - 19-22 September 2011 - Orlando, Florida USA

   It’s not too early to make plans to attend the world’s leading show dedicated to security – ASIS 2011. Find the solutions, tools, techniques, and talent you need to protect your organisation’s people, property, and information in today’s ever-increasing complex environment.

• Thousands of solutions under one roof , 700+ exhibitors
• The best professional development opportunity, 165+ sessions, certification reviews
• Unparalleled networking with 20,000+ peers from around the globe

Registration opens on 24 January. Visit www.asisonline.org for more information.

Raymond T. O’Hara, CPP, Assumes Presidency of ASIS International

Raymond T. O’Hara, CPP, has advanced to the presidency of ASIS International (ASIS). O’Hara is the Executive Vice President of International Services and the Consulting and Investigations (C&I) division of Andrews International. He is responsible for strategic leadership and oversight of the organisation’s worldwide C&I practice, a division of the company that delivers strategic enterprise initiatives and resource optimisation. O’Hara joined ASIS in 1979.

“As 2011 President of ASIS, I look to harness and leverage the wealth of knowledge, expertise, and resources within the global security community to expand the Society’s IT security offerings, to mentor young professionals, to attract women to the profession, and to increase worldwide membership,” stated O’Hara. “It is a distinct privilege and a personal pleasure for me to be in a position to serve, to collaborate with, and to lead ASIS members
as we work in unison to achieve the goals of the Society’s strategic plan in the year ahead.”

O’Hara is a risk vulnerability expert, with experience in analysing and categorising business vulnerabilities, homeland security initiatives, terrorism, and political threats. His career spans more than 30 years in law enforcement and security. After serving for a decade within the Los Angeles Police Department, he transitioned to corporate security. O’Hara held successive management positions within Weyerhaeuser Co. and GTE, where he was responsible for security programs involving the protection of employees and business operations. Prior to his current position, he led the consulting and investigations business for Garda World Security Corporation.

A Certified Protection Professional (CPP) since 1984, O’Hara has served on the ASIS Board of Directors for six years and is a member of the CSO Roundtable. Previously, he served for six years on the ASIS Professional Certification Board (PCB), also fulfilling the role of its President. Other volunteer leadership positions during his membership tenure include chairmanship of the ASIS International Investigations Council and service on the Substance Abuse Council. He has been a featured speaker and lecturer at numerous ASIS professional development programmes.

ASIS International Partners with IE Business School in Madrid to Launch New Executive Education Programme for Security Managers

ASIS International (ASIS) and IE Business School, a leading global business school, announce the introduction of Effective Management for Security Professionals—a five-day executive education programme for mid-to-upper level security managers. The new certificate programme, which focuses on business fundamentals, will be offered on 28 February - 3 March 2011 on the IE Business School campus in Madrid, Spain.

Content for the new programme draws from IE Business School’s graduate curriculum and includes sessions on topics such as finance, strategy, marketing, and leadership, as well as corporate governance and change management. Through a series of interactive discussions, case studies, and teamwork exercises, participants are exposed to the frameworks and tools required to succeed in a competitive, international business environment.

“Our partnership with IE Business School and the addition of this new executive education program demonstrates our commitment to advancing the professionalism of ASIS members around the globe,” stated ASIS President Joseph R. “Bob” Granger, CPP. “Mid-level security professionals who seek to advance in their careers now have the opportunity to build and strengthen necessary business acumen and gain the ability to confidently formulate and effectively ‘sell’ their security plans.”

“IE’s objective is to train leaders in all fields of professional activity - leaders who create collective value by instigating competitive business projects without losing sight of their responsibilities and commitments to their environment.” says IE Business School Dean, Santiago Iñiguez. “We are convinced that successful business professionals of the future will be those that best know how to interact with an increasingly sophisticated and demanding social environment, accepting with full responsibility their role in the collective creation of value. This philosophy is present in our attitude, our vision, and in our understanding of how to develop professionals in the current business environment.”

This program expands the scope of ASIS executive education offerings—joining the Wharton/ASIS Program for Security Executives, established in 2004, and the new Business Concepts for the Effective Security Manager, which was developed in partnership with Boston-based Northeastern University.

Program Fees:
ASIS Member Fee: 3.600€
Non-member Fee: 4.500€

Key Links:
ASIS Website
IE Business School Website

Member News: Roger Warwick, CPP Reappointed as an Expert Evaluator Under the FP7 Security Research and Innovation Theme

Roger Warwick, CPP, RVP Region 27A
 ASIS RVP 27A Roger Warwick, CPP has been reappointed by the European Commission, for the third year running, as an Expert Evaluator under the FP7 Security Research and Innovation Theme (FP7-SEC-2011-1).

This year’s budget is € 221 430 000, to be divided amongst the winners in 10 security Activities and sub Topics, ranging from “Increasing the Security of the Citizen” to “Security Research Co-ordination and Structuring”. (Please click here to have access to the Cordis website).

Organisations from all EU Member States, grouped into international consortiums, presented their proposals before the 2nd December deadline. Results will be announced late in 2011. The next call will be in July 2011.

Participation in EC security calls is open to all EU organisations; see the web site above for details. Security professionals are welcome to apply for Security Expert status. These initiatives are concrete opportunities for professional enhancement and funding.

Roger, who is a member of the ASIS Standards & Guidelines Commission, began pioneering ASIS involvement in international standards and EU security related activities in 2005. Since then he has qualified as a Lead Auditor (BSI) ISO 27001, Lead Auditor (RabQsa) Security Management Systems / ISO 28000 plus, earlier this year, as a RabQsa Certified Security Management Systems /ISO 28000 Skill Examiner. He is an active member of ISO and CEN technical committees.

He is the Managing Director of Pyramid International, a Security & Investigations consultancy based in Italy, and a Senior Partner of Temi Group ltd, a worldwide S&I consultancy.

ASIS International and BSI Release Joint Business Continuity Management ANSI Standard

ASIS International and BSI released on 14 December a joint American National Standard, Business Continuity Management Systems: Requirements with Guidance for Use (ANSI/ASIS/BSI BCM.1-2010). The standard provides auditable criteria with accompanying guidance for developing and implementing a business continuity management system that improves an organisation’s ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a disruptive event. BSI is a leading global provider of risk-based solutions, assessments and training programmes.

“This standard, which brought global experts in continuity management and contingency planning together, represents a consensus of business continuity management best practices,” says Marc Siegel, Commissioner, ASIS Global Standards Initiative. “It provides a useful tool for any size or type of organisation that wishes to enhance its preparedness performance and capabilities.”

Using the globally-accepted ISO “plan-do-check-act” model, the ASIS/BSI business continuity management standard specifies requirements for planning, establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, exercising, maintaining, and improving a Business Continuity Management System.

“A viable business continuity plan is imperative for businesses to successfully overcome unscheduled interruptions or disruptions,” said Todd VanderVen, President, BSI Group America “By working together, BSI and ASIS have produced a best-in-class Business Continuity Management System that empowers individuals to better manage risk and strengthen corporate stability.”

Upon implementing the Business Continuity Management System, an organisation:
• Improves its ability to withstand disruptive events that may jeopardise its purpose, mission, and strategic objectives;
• Delivers a demonstrable capability to manage a disruption and protect stakeholder interests;
• Provides a structured and rehearsed method of restoring its productive ability within a planned timeframe after a disruption; and
• Promotes the safety and security of internal and external stakeholders.

“This standard provides management with the ability to plan past a business interruption and remain competitive,” stated Robert Whitcher, BSI’s Product Manager for Business Continuity. “By implementing the Business Continuity Management System Standard, a disruption need not become a corporate disaster.”

The ASIS/BSI Business Continuity Management Standard complements the ANSI/ASIS Organisational Resilience standard as well as BSI’s BS 25999 and addresses all the core elements of the DHS PS-Prep Program.

All ASIS Standards and Guidelines are available through the ASIS website.

The work of preparing ASIS Standards and Guidelines is carried out through the ASIS International Standards and Guidelines Commission and its committees. An ANSI accredited Standards Development Organisation, ASIS actively participates in the International Organisation for Standardisation, developing standards and guidelines within a voluntary, non-proprietary and consensus-based process, utilising the knowledge, experience and expertise of ASIS membership, security professionals and the global security industry. Please click here to view a complete list of all Standards and Guidelines currently under development.

Dutch Security Manager of the Year Donates Award Money to Voluntary Police

Berndt Rif, who was elected Dutch Security Manager of the Year, has donated the cheque of EUR 5000 that was connected to his award to the Bike Team of the Voluntary Police Region Utrecht, District Rijn en Venen, Woerden Municipality.

The Police Region of Utrecht has a large number of voluntary policemen. These volunteers are deployed in so-called public order services, which aim to guarantee the security of citizens during the weekend. Currently, the town of Woerden is working on the creation of a bike team within the voluntary police. The costs of this – education, clothing, mountain bikes – are covered by various public and private parties. Berndt Rif said: “if we are talking about the goal of security in society, this project in my opinion meets all the criteria”.

In addition, the Security Manager of the Year will for the foreseeable future contribute to the project in an advisory role.

Source: securitymanagement.nl

Interview: Angelos Agrafiotis on the Terrorist Attemps in Greece 

Angelos Agrafiotis, Chairman of the Aegean Chapter (243)
 Mr Angelos Agrafiotis, Special Cases Consultant at A & K Risk Management Consulting , and Chairman of the Aegean Chapter (243), was interviewed on 11 November, by an Ukrainian journalist, on 14 stranded envelopes that were sent through courier private companies, to 14 different addresses in Greece and abroad.
One of these envelopes was addressed to Angela Merkel, the German Prime Minister, and another one to Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President.

The first envelope was destroyed by the German police under controlled explosion, when they understood the content of the envelope. The second envelope was on the air to Paris’ airport when Greek authorities asked the pilot to make an emergency landing in Bolognas’ airport (Italy). An Italian carabineer tried to open the envelope which exploded and entailed superficial injuries to his fingers.

What is your opinion on this case? Does the Greek terrorism organisation have a connection with international terrorism organisations?

This case is a simple one. Under no circumstances there is a connection between Greek and international terrorism organisations.

Why do you believe that this case is a simple one?

Because the content of the envelopes, the damage that they caused and the ways that they were stranded, lead us to the result that this is a Greek problem which was caused by amateurs for reasons internal to the group. The content of the envelopes was simple gunpowder…and caused only burns on fingers or in the eyes. The content of the envelopes was not C4 or other explosive material. As a result, we have faced burns and not explosions.

The two terrorists that were arrested by the Greek police are professionals or not?

The two terrorists are amateurs because they wore bullet proof vests, wigs, and carried Glock 9mm, just to post two envelopes. Moreover, they carried two other envelopes in their hands! They didn’t have a backup and a plan to getaway. These two terrorists that were arrested by the Greek police are part of the “conspiracy of cells of fire”, a small terrorist Greek team. The terrorists were 13 but Greek police authorities provided only 5 pictures to the press. All of them are wanted.

What is the reaction of the Greek police?

The Greek police reacted immediately when they were informed of the fact and managed to arrest the two terrorists 15 minutes after the last delivery. Moreover, the Greek Government applied directly international security rules on “crisis management”. The Greek Government decided to stop sending any package through courier for any destination for the next 48 hours, until the authorities find and destroy all the envelopes. The Greek police sent guidances to all diplomatic missions in Greece and abroad about management of suspicious correspondence, made connection with all the international police organisations like INTERPOL, EUROPOL, POLICE LIAISON OFFICERS, gave guidances to all the private courier companies. Finally, the Greek Government exchanged information with all the recipients like Germany and France.

What are the security measures which were applied in the airport as regards the checking of small packages or envelopes?

The Greek aviation authorities applied all the security measures under the international security rules. There are many X-ray machines with modern software and screeners certified by private security companies and by State’s aviation authorities. The screeners are examined by the Greek state aviation authorities, every year. Many times in the year, the Greek aviation authority accepts inspection from America’s (T.S.A) and E.C (E.U.S.C.) security services.

How did the terrorists manage to pass the two stranded envelopes through all these security measures?

As I have reported to you, all the necessary equipments to check small packages or envelopes exist, but all the equipment work under certified screeners. At this point we must focus. The problem is the person that operates the security machine. All the machines need an operator in order to give us, the best result of our efforts. There is only one security rule! Training- training- training!

Private Guards Outnumber Policemen in Seven EU Countries      

Private-sector security guards outnumber policemen in seven mostly post-Communist EU countries according to the latest figures from the CoESS, the Brussels-based private security lobby.

Hungary tops the list with 104.97 private guards per 10,000 inhabitants compared to 39.94 police officers. The pro-private ratio is the second heaviest in Romania (49.84 private guards versus 25.62 policemen), followed by Ireland, Poland, Finland, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

"It is mostly the new EU Member States that have a high private security force ratio," the study, entitled Third White Paper, says. "This trend confirms a continued and sustained choice for new economic aims, which are closer to the free market than the 'old' Europe, with the exception of Luxembourg and Ireland."

Please click here for more.

Source: euobserver.com

Sponsorship and Exhibit Opportunities                                               

Does your organisation's strategic plan call for growth in Europe, Asia-Pacific or in Middle East? If so, sponsorship of the ASIS European Security Conference & Exhibition, of the ASIS Asia-Pacific Conference & Exhibition and of the ASIS Middle East Security Conference & Exhibition offers you a great opportunity to gain exposure and to raise the visibility of your brand, products, and services among key decision makers in these regions.

Review and select from an extensive list of sponsorship and exhibit opportunities:
2nd ASIS International Middle East Security Conference & Exhibition - 20-22 February 2011 - Manama, Barhain
10th ASIS International European Security Conference & Exhibition - 3-6 April 2011 - Vienna, Austria
5th ASIS International Asia-Pacific Conference & Exhibition - 5-7 December 2011 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Identify the one that is most in line with your marketing strategy and budget, or contact us to shape a tailored package that best suits your company’s needs.

For further information on the European and Middle East Security Conferences & Exhibition, please contact: ASIS International European Bureau - Tel: +32 2 645 26 74 - Fax: +32 2 645 26 71 - vienna@asisonline.org, bahrain@asisonline.org

For further information on the Asia-Pacific Conference & Exhibition, please contact: ASIS International Asia-Pacific Bureau - Tel: +61 2 8211 2712 - Fax: +61 2 8211 0555 - asiapacific@asisonline.org

Registration Is Now Open for the 2nd ASIS International Middle-East Security Conference & Exhibition to Be Held in Manama, Bahrain, 20-22 February 2011

World Trade Center, Bahrain

The 2nd ASIS International Middle-East Security Conference & Exhibition will take place in Manama, Bahrain on 20-22 February 2011.

This event will take place under the patronage of H.E. Lieutenant General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, the Minister of Interior of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and with the full support of Saudi Aramco as the Diamond Sponsor.

The Conference will cover a wide range of security issues in 33 high-level educational sessions divided over 3 parallel tracks.

Speakers who already confirmed their presence include:
Charles Mallice, Director of Operations & Training of ADSECC Consulting & Security Centre -  
Security & Organised Crime in Workers Villages
Dr Marc Siegel, Commissioner, Global Standards Initiative of ASIS International -  
Are Risk and Resilience Management Standards Redefining the Security Profession
Thomas Tidiks CPP, Group Chief Security Officer of Zurich Financial Services -  
Corporate Security in the Insurance Industry - An Enterprise Risk Management Function
Charles Napier, Project Security Manager of Bechtel -
Making the Security Professional More Professional
Zaineb Al Assam, Head of Middle-East and North-Africa Forecasting of Exclusive Analysis-
Strategic Security Planning : Key Violent Risk Forecasts for 2011 in the Middle-East and North Africa
John Knight CPP, Security Consultant of Saudi Aramco -  
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design for Oil and Gas Facilities
Nasser Albuhairi, Director of Security – Kuwait of Jumeirah Group -
Threat Indications and Warnings, and the Role of Counter Intelligence - Lessons Learned in the Middle-East
Simon Roberts, Vice President Security, DHL -
Future Threats and Mitigation in the Air Express Industry. Why Cross Company Communication is Critical?

Please click here to have access to the full programme.

Please note that sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are still available.

Please visit the event website for more information.

French Chapter News: Renewal of the Bureau and Next Dinner Debate

Renewal of the Bureau of the French Chapter of ASIS International (249)

On 23 November 2010, the Board of Directors of the French Chapter of ASIS International has renewed its Bureau and has elected Bernard Galea as its new Chairman.

The French Chapter of ASIS International is an association created under the law of 1901. The Chapter gathers a number of safety/security directors or managers from major international groups but also business leaders, academics, civil servants, students, Risk Managers… who want to participate to the promotion and development of the security profession.

The new Chairman, who is also a member of other professional groups such as the CDSE (Club des Directeurs de Sécurité des Entreprises) and the Agora of Security Directors, expressed the desire for closer relations between these different associations. He also suggested to the chairmen of these two groups to launch a joint reflection on the creation of a professional federation of safety/security managers in line with what has been achieved by the FEPIE (Fédération des Professionnels de l'Intelligence Economique).

Next French Chapter’s Dinner Debate on 18 January 2011

The French Chapter participates regularly to seminars designed to promote best practices in terms of safety and security and organises dinner debates around personalities, private or public, having to deal with these issues. The next dinner will be held on 18 January 2011 in Paris, at the Mariott Hotel.

This event will start as from 19:30, its theme will be: “La DCRI dans le paysage de la sécurité-sûreté en France” (“The Central Directorate for Internal Intelligence in the French security/safety landscape”). The dinner is proposed in partnership with IVOXE.

For more information and to register, please feel free to contact Elisabeth Lebigot.

EU Plans Closer Inspections of Air Cargo                                            

The European Union plans to boost security measures for air cargo arriving from outside the bloc because of concerns about parcel bombs, EU officials said on 2 December.

Aviation security is a growing worry in Europe since two parcel bombs mailed from Yemen were found on airplanes headed for the United States, prompting a review of current rules.

The Commission will unveil a legislative proposal in the coming months that will include a plan on how to screen cargo from third countries, based on security standards of individual airports.

"The times are dramatic. We should not panic but we should assess what we have," EU Home Affairs Chief Cecilia Malmström told reporters after discussing the plans with Ministers of Transport and Home Affairs from the bloc's Member States.

Please click here for more.

Source: euractiv.com

Call for Presentations - 5th ASIS International Asia-Pacific Conference & Exhibition (deadline for submissions: 22 April 2011)

The 5th ASIS International Asia-Pacific Conference & Exhibition will take place on 5-7 December 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Take advantage of this opportunity to help shape the program by sharing your knowledge and expertise with security professionals from across the region and around the globe.

Presentation slots are 50 minutes and should include time for Q&A. Only English-language presentations will be accepted.

Abstracts on all security related topics are welcome. Particular topics of interest are: supply chain security, loss prevention, hotel security, intellectual property, maritime piracy, terrorism, executive protection, internal theft and fraud, competitive intelligence, brand protection, physical security, cyber security, investigations, due diligence and global business issues.

Please note that the deadline for submissions is 22 April 2011.

Please click here for more information.

Why Security Doesn’t Work                                                                      

It will be presented in this article that the best predictor of risk for an organisation seeking to implement security solutions and select appropriate security providers is a comprehensive security risk assessment and a consequent security audit. This article will address the appropriate methodology required to carry out security risk assessments and security audits, and will argue that without such initial assessments, the effectiveness of an organisation’s protective measures is at best reduced and at worst fatally compromised; in short that without prior risk assessments of holistic scope and secure methodological foundation, “security doesn’t work.”

Why are organisations reluctant to undertake security risk assessments?

The evidence for the importance of security risk assessments and security audits in maintaining effective security strategies appears to be compelling. However, it is obvious that many corporate bodies still regard such measures as optional extras. There are a number of possible explanations for their reluctance.

Please click here for more.

By Peter Speight, Director of Security Risk Management
Reliance Security Group

EU/US Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Security Research   

The European Commission and the Government of the United States have agreed to enhance cooperation in science and technology research to improve the shared capabilities to protect against acts of terrorism and other threats to domestic and external security. Subsequent to the EU-US Vienna Summit Conclusions of June 2006, there was mutual understanding that greater transparency is needed between the security programmes of the two parties.

The Implementing Arrangement for Cooperative Activities in the Field of Homeland/Civil Security Research, signed on 18th November 2010, constitutes a formal basis for cooperation in scientific and technological research. It extends and strengthens cooperative activities in areas of common interest and encourages the application of the results of such cooperation to the economic and social benefit of the parties.

The Implementing Arrangement is pursuant to the overarching Agreement for Scientific and Technical Cooperation between the Government of the United States and the European Commission, as extended and expanded to include security research in July 2009.

Please click here for more.

Source: European Commission – Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry

Public End-Users Outline Their EU Security Research Needs and Expectations for Combating CBRN-Related Accidents or Threats

The EU’s security research and innovation programme hosted its first workshop in early November to boost dialogue between Europe’s research community and end-users regarding attacks that use chemical, biological, nuclear and explosive (CBRN) materials. Bringing together public sector, research and industry participants, the event reviewed the range of capability requirements facing end-users, their need for simple-to-use equipment and how to further strengthen stakeholder dialogue to shape the EU’s future security research activities.

“We need systems that are easy to use,” speaker Karin Braun of Germany’s Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance told the workshop. “The easier equipment is to use, the more it will be accepted those who need it.”

But how to do this? Noting that in her country there is no common forum among civil security stakeholders to discuss potential threats and potential solutions, she said “we have begun to set up these platforms [in Germany] to bring all players around the table. End-users must be involved from the outset in the conception and design of such systems.”

Braun’s concerns were echoed by other stakeholders. One laboratory researcher observed that “many counter-CBRNE research concepts look great on paper, but when you apply them to operations in the field and the need for cooperation [between different end-users] , things don’t work: the linkages and interfaces don’t connect.”

Please click here for more.

Source: European Commission – Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry

EU 'Homeland Security' Plan Ratchets Up Border Protection       

The European Commission on 22 November tabled an "Internal Security Strategy" with proposals ranging from cyber-squads fighting online fraud to enhanced border management and EU data systems to track potential terrorists taking a flight or wiring money to suspicious organisations.

The plan, which includes 41 actions to be regulated in the coming four years, is aimed at implementing the extra powers in the field of home affairs acquired by the EU once the Lisbon Treaty came into force.

It also responds to requests from the European Parliament to have EU-based data extraction and analysis on bank transactions to terrorist organisations, instead of sending all the banking data to the US, where such a programme has existed since 2001.

Please click here for more.

Source: euobserver.com

Brussels Mulls Shortening Data Retention Periods                          

The European Commission is planning a review of the Data Retention Directive, which could include harmonisation and a reduction of the periods when public authorities can access citizens' private electronic data for security reasons.

"We may need to agree on more harmonised, and possibly shorter, retention periods," said EU Internal Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström in a conference on the Data Retention Directive, which took place in Brussels on 3 December.

Her statement came as the EU executive prepares to publish, at the beginning of 2011, an evaluation report on the application of the Directive, which is likely to lead to legislative amendments to tackle shortfalls that could possibly emerge.

Please click here for more.

Source: euractiv.com

Italian Appointed Head of EU's Anti-Fraud Office                               

The European Commission on 14 December appointed former Italian Mafia prosecutor and anti-counterfeiting czar Giovanni Kessler as Head of the bloc's anti-fraud office (Olaf), following similar recommendations from the European Parliament and Member States.

The appointment of Italy's former anti-counterfeiting czar (2006-2008) was pushed by Rome and the groups in the European Parliament keen to see an outsider take over the 11-year old institution that so far has had a single director general in its history, Franz Herman Bruener, who passed away in January.

"The Italian Government has supported with determination the application of the former Italian magistrate, whose curriculum [vitae] carries great weight when it comes to combating corruption and fraud," Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said in a statement.

Please click here for more.

Source: euobserver.com 

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Keep your ASIS member benefits coming without interruption by renewing now. We appreciate your support in 2010 and look forward to serving you in the year ahead. Renew now!

Street Violence, Trade Union Demos Cast Shadow on EU Summit

Fresh, extremely violent riots in which the Greek finance ministry was set ablaze and an ex-Minister was beaten and left with blood streaming down his face rocked Athens on 15 December.

Some 20,000 workers according to police and 100,000 according to organisers marched through the Greek capital and descended on the Parliament as part of a union-co-ordinated 24-hour general strike. Furious protestors threw chunks of concrete, bottles and molotov cocktails in pitched battles with police, who responded with tear gas. Demonstrators launched fire bombs at the second floor of the Ministry of Economics, setting the entrance alight.

The Greek violence comes in the context of wider social unrest in Europe in recent days.

Also on 15 December, anti-Government student protesters clashed with police at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. On 14 December, 100,000 anti-Government demonstrators took to the streets of Rome. Young people set cars alight, hurled rocks at police and hit officers with metal bars, causing an estimated €20 million of damage. On 9 December, students fought police in London in anger over tuition fee hikes.

Please click here for more.

Source: euobserver.com

New Online Tools Help Organisations Prepare for the Unexpected

ASIS now offers a suite of software to help organisations enhance their resilience through prevention and protection strategies in line with the ANSI/ASIS Organisational Resilience Standard. These are valuable tools for any organisation interested in participating in the DHS PS-Prep programme.

Reding Slams US Over Data Privacy                                                     

Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding on 20 December criticised the US for lacking interest and not having yet appointed a proper negotiator on an over-arching data protection agreement with the EU. Her words came as the bloc's own data protection supervisor slammed the EU internal security strategy for being unclear about privacy.

"From the outset, we have noted an apparent lack of interest on the US side to talk seriously about data protection," Ms Reding said in a statement, two weeks after holding talks with US Attorney General Eric Holder and Interior Minister Janet Napolitano.

She said that the US is interested in negotiations on specific data-sharing deals with Europe, but that there was less movement on the over-arching data protection agreement she had the mandate to negotiate.

Please click here for more.

Source: euobserver.com

Ask the Expert—Get Answers to Your Career, Job, and Interview Questions
From tips on college degrees to career transitioning, Kathy Lavinder answers your career and job-related questions. View the latest questions and answers. Submit a question.

MEP Given 24-Hour Security After Being Targeted by Activists    
British Tory MEP Sajjad Karim has been given 24-hour security protection after becoming the subject of an intimidation campaign by anti-Islam activists.

The move, he says, comes after the British National Party started an online campaign highlighting his decision to vote against an EU regulation on the compulsory labelling of both Halal and Kosher meat.

Karim, Conservative MEP for North West England, said that on 17 November the BNP started to run a campaign on their website highlighting his role in an issue concerning the regulation which will, he says, unduly impact upon both Halal and Kosher meat.

"Immediately after they started their campaign we started receiving some very abusive and aggressive emails which are very insulting and threatening in their nature."

Please click here for more.

Source: theparliament.com

An EU Patent Without Italy? Member States Turn Up the Heat       

Italy found itself in a political squeeze on 25 November as several key European countries moved to create a unified patent to protect the design of products sold across their borders.

After more than a decade of frustrating negotiations to draft a single patent for the 27-nation bloc, a group of countries have decided to go it alone.

Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Estonia said they will formally ask the European Commission to help them write a common patent agreement based on "enhanced cooperation" between those countries.

Please click here for more.

Source: euractiv.com

ASIS Foundation 2011 Awards - Calendar Available                         

The ASIS Foundation offers a variety of scholarships and award programmes throughout the year to help ASIS members and students reach their educational goals. Learn more about eligibility and the application process for the 2011 scholarships. Download the calendar and share with your local Chapter at your next meeting.

Global Agenda                                                                                            

12 January-13 May 2011 - CPP Certification Preparation Programme, UK

20-22 February 2011 - 2nd ASIS International Middle East Security Conference & Exhibition  - Manama, Bahrain
Registration is now open.

3-6 April 2011 - 10th ASIS International European Security Conference & Exhibition - Vienna, Austria
Registration is now open.

19-22 September 2011 - ASIS International 57th Annual Seminar and Exhibits - Orlando, Florida

5-7 December 2011 - 5th ASIS International Asia-Pacific Conference & Exhibition - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Call for presentations is now open.

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Download the sponsorship prospectus for Manama, Kuala Lumpur and Vienna or contact the European Office for more information (on the European and Middle East Security Conferences) or the Asia-Pacific Bureau (for the Asia-Pacific Security Conference).

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New Chapters: Call for Volunteers
ASIS International is looking for volunteers to help form new chapters in Romania, the Baltic States, Western Balkans and other European countries where no chapter presently exists.

For more information, please contact the European Bureau or click here to download the procedures on forming a new chapter.
Professional Development
Webinar Archive
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Classroom Programs
4-5 February: Certification Classroom Reviews: CPP | PSP

7-8 February: Corporate Investigations: How to Conduct Proper and Effective Internal Investigations

7-10 February: Physical Security: Introductory Applications & Technology

9-11 February: Organisational Resilience: A Holistic Approach to Security, Preparedness, and Continuity Management

28 February -3 March: Effective Management for Security Professionals

7-10 March: APC I: Concepts & Methods

8-11 March: Business Concepts for the Effective Manager

14-15 March: 2011 Spring Conference for the CSO Roundtable
ASIS Bookstore
You can now purchase ASIS-published books for Kindle, Amazon’s wireless reading device, from the Kindle Store on Amazon.com. Kindle’s revolutionary electronic-paper display provides a sharp, high-resolution screen that looks and reads like real paper. The books may be purchased wirelessly right from your device, allowing you to click, buy, and start reading within a minute. Kindle holds hundreds of titles and every book you purchase is backed up online in Your Media Library in case you ever need to download it again. The Kindle Store offers these ASIS titles: Career Opportunities in Security; ASIS Disaster Preparation Guide; Casino Surveillance and Security: 150 Things You Should Know; Emergency Planning Handbook; Protecting Schools and Universities from Terrorism; Implementing Physical Protection Systems; Detecting Forgery in Fraud Investigations; Crime Prevention for Houses of Worship; and Professional Investigator’s Manual.

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