January 2009 
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Welcome to the 52nd edition of Eurodynamics! The ASIS International European Bureau would like to encourage members to submit updates or articles you wish to share with the ASIS International members in Europe!

Copy deadlines for the next issues have been fixed at the third Monday of every month. The deadline for the next issue is 16 February 2009

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Registration for Montreux is Now Open!

Join hundreds of your colleagues and peers in Montreux for ASIS International’s 8th European Security Conference. Developed by and for security professionals, high-quality presentations cover the entire spectrum of the most important security topics and emerging issues facing you today.

On the shore of Lake Geneva only one hour from Geneva airport, Montreux is the ideal resort location for leisure and business travelers. The region is called the "Swiss Riviera" thanks to its mild microclimate and tropical vegetation. The outstanding Belle Epoque architecture includes deluxe and first-class hotels situated in a breathtaking environment enhanced by the lake, palm trees, vineyards, mountains, and glacier. The famous Casino Barrière de Montreux, fun theme parks, international festivals, wellness centers, and worldwide reputation make Montreux the perfect location for the ASIS European Security Conference.

You will share experiences, best practices, and ideas with people from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. You’ll connect with leaders from around the globe and discover how they are confronting today’s critical challenges.

Click here for more information.

Registration for this event is open.

Please click here to register to the ASIS International European Security Conference

Please click here to register for the single day registration to the ASIS International European Security Conference

Should you have any questions regarding the online registration process, please contact asis2009@congrex.com, Tel: +31 (0)20 50 40 200.

Members of partner associations who wish to register at the discounted rate should contact montreux@asisonline.org

ASIS European Award - deadline for nominations extended to 15 February 2009 

In 2009, ASIS International will recognise significant contributions to advancing security in Europe. It is the European security profession’s most prestigious recognition of contributions to societal security, awarded to high-visibility candidates from the public and private sectors, including senior public officials, politicians and corporate leaders.

 Arjo de Jong (R) and Don Randall The recipient must be an individual or group, highly regarded in Europe, having made a significant contribution to security in Europe. Nominations may be submitted by any individual, groups or associations and may include self-nominations. The nominator must submit a written narrative detailing the nominee’s contributions deserving of recognition and outlining why the nominee makes a worthy recipient.

All nominations must be received by the ASIS International European Bureau in Brussels by 15 February 2009 (extended from 15 January). More information regarding the nomination process can be found on www.asisonline.eu and in the nomination form.

The award will be presented to the winner at ASIS International’s 8th European Security Conference which will take place in Montreux, Switzerland on 26-29 April 2009.

Previous winners of ASIS International European Awards
2008 – Mr Don Randall MBE, Senior Vice President and International Security Manager at JP Morgan Chase
2007 – Mr Wim Philippa, Secretary General, European Roundtable of Industrialists
2005 – Mr David Burrill OBE, Director, Burrill Green 

Two French Professionals Win Top Certification from International Security Organisation

PARIS — 5 January 2009 — Two senior French security professionals have passed an intensive examination to earn coveted board certification in security from ASIS International, the global professional security organisation.

Gaël Marchand CPP, a senior officer in the Gendarmerie Nationale assigned to the French interior ministry, and Sylvan Ravinet CPP, a program director for ORSYP Consulting in Paris, join an elite international circle of industry professionals who are board certified in security and entitled to use the designation Certified Protection Professional (CPP).

The two members of the ASIS International chapter in France completed an intensive English-language examination at the École Militaire in Paris. Their professional certification recognises managerial competence in business risk assessment, as well as management of security for personnel, property and information. The certification further recognies competence in completing investigations and managing emergency and crisis operations.

Mr. Marchand and Mr. Ravniet join some 5,000 international security directors worldwide in holding the CPP certification, which conforms to ISO/IEC Standard 17024 :2003 and is recognzed by the US Department of Homeland Security. The CPP is available only to professionals who have at least seven years of senior responsibility in a managerial capacity and hold at least a university bachelor’s degree.

 Gael Marchand CPP Gaël Marchand is a senior officer in the French Gendarmerie Nationale and a graduate of the Saint-Cyr military war college. He holds a DESS in security and defense, a Master 2 degree in international law, and doctorate in political science. Mr. Marchand commanded squadron in the Gendarmerie Mobile and a company in the Gendarmerie Départementale before taking on work as an independent security consultant in North America. Upon returning to the headquarters of the Gendarmerie Nationale he has been on assignment to the French Ministry of Interior to lead efforts crisis planning and management.

 Sylvan Ravinet Sylvan Ravinet is a programme director with ORSYP Consulting in Paris and serves as president of ASIS France (Chapter 249 of ASIS International). With nine years of international experience working for large and medium-sized firms in all sectors, he directs audit, consulting and training activities for ORSYP clients. An adjunct professor in Paris, he has made presentations on security at various national and international professional conferences. He holds a DESS degree in risk management with expertise in business continuity planning, physical safety and security (certified PFP) and IT security (certified CISSP). He holds advanced degrees (Ingénieur-Maître) in informatics and is completing a DEA at the Haute École de Commerce in Paris.
By Thomas Vonier
RVP Region 25

French Chapter Meeting

Chers collègues et amis d'ASIS France,

Le prochain chapter meeting ASIS France aura lieu vendredi 6 février 2009 au siège de Generali France (Boulevard Haussmann à Paris).
Notre rencontre comportera trois interventions :
1) sur la sécurité publique,
2) un challenge du directeur sécurité-sûreté : le risque sectaire, et
3) sur des outils et concepts de pointe pour la profession de directeur et de manager sécurité-sûreté.

Je vous souhaite à tous et à toutes d'excellentes fêtes de fin d'année, en famille, avec un repos bien mérité pour nos métiers si demandeurs !

Le programme de notre rendez-vous du 6 février est le suivant :

Accueil à partir de 8h45.

• 9h00-10h15 : Yann Cédric Quéro, Criminologue : « Sécurité publique : entre décentralisation et privatisation : quel rôle pour l'Etat ? »

• 10h30-11h15 : Henri-Pierre Debord, Conseiller, MIVILUDES : « le rôle du directeur sécurité-sûreté dans la prévention des risques sectaires »

• 11h30-12h15 : Yann Prod'Homme, Corporate Security Officer EMEA, Microsoft : « GSOC : le Global Security Operations Center », concept global de gestion de la sécurité par Microsoft, utilisé en interne par la Corporate Security Microsoft, proposé aux très grandes entreprises et administrations.

• 12h15-14h00 : le repas aura lieu à la Brasserie Haussmann, pour un montant de 35 €

L'accès est libre pour les membres d'ASIS France à jour de cotisation (50 €). Une participation de 20 € est demandée aux extérieurs pour frais d'organisation.

Pour confirmer votre accès et votre participation au déjeuner, merci de nous contacter à asis@asisonline.fr

Ensuite commence un programme hivernal "OFF" réservé aux membres (cf email Séparé) de 15h à 16h30.
Bien entendu nous suivrons la boucle d'amélioration continue :

PLAN : on y va
DO : test de vol de manager sécurité-sûreté (sentir les 3 dimensions).
CHECK : on vérifie comment ça vole
ACT: on s'améliore !

Soyez certain d'être tenu informé des activités de l'association en inscrivant votre adresse email sur le site http://groups.google.fr/group/asis-france-news

ASIS International Launches Online Review for Professional Certified Investigator Certification 

ASIS International, the preeminent organisation for security professionals, with more than 36,000 members worldwide, is now offering all three of its certification review courses online. The ASIS Professional Certified Investigator Online Review is the latest to become available. It is a practical training tool to help security professionals master the key content areas covered on the PCI exam.

The PCI Online Review consists of nine stand-alone, self-paced modules that cover the core competencies of security management tested on the PCI exam. Each interactive module takes about one hour to complete. The online format offers the flexibility to progress through the material at one's own pace. The PCI Online Review is intended to supplement other exam preparation activities. Practice test questions are not the actual questions used in the exam.

"Professional certification bestows credibility on the individual and the profession," says Gene F. Ferraro, CPP, CFE, PCI, and author of the PCI Online Review. "The bar has been raised in the security profession and employers, contractors, governments and even clients are now taking additional steps to ensure that they are hiring or working with the most skilled and knowledgeable individuals in the industry."

The Professional Certified Investigator designation is a specialty certification awarded to security practitioners who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in case management, evidence collection and preparation of reports and testimony to substantiate findings. Those who have earned the PCI are ASIS board certified in investigations.

For more information about the PCI and other ASIS board-certified credentials (Certified Protection Professional and Physical Security Professional), e-mail certification@asisonline.org or call +1-703-519-6200.

EU: Biometric passport to Become Mandatory

On 14 January MEPsbacked new rules on the introduction of biometric passports throughout the EU later this year, while exempting children under 12 years from having fingerprints included in their passports.

The parliamentarians underlined the need to improve document security in the EU by introducing "more reliable biometric data, namely fingerprints," and highlighted the different criteria member states currently apply when checking the passport applicants' identity.

"Many countries require that the citizen applying for a passport actually present him or herself in person, together with their documents and photographs, and in these cases the officials at the passport-issuing office can see if that person bears a resemblance to the photo presented," Polish Christian Democrat Urszula Gacek said during a plenary debate on the issue in Strasbourg on 13 January 2009.

But in some states, in particular the UK, "applications by post are the norm, and the authenticity of the photo is only confirmed by a so-called 'professional person' who has known the applicant for at least two years," she indicated.

The new rules stipulate that all EU countries, as well as in Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, should start issuing passports containing biometric elements - such as facial images and fingerprints - as of 29 June this year.

States have until 2012 to fully implement the rules and current passports will remain valid for travelling for most countries until then.

Exemption for children under 12
However, under a compromise agreed by both the European Commission and the Parliament, children younger than 12, as well as people with certain disabilities making them unable to give finger prints, will benefit from an exemption from the rule.

Although no exemptions were initially planned, pilot projects in some countries found the fingerprints of young children not to be sufficiently reliable, because they change as the child grows older.

The new legislation also introduces the so-called "one person, one passport" principle, aiming particularly at combating the traffic of children by introducing passports for them. Up until now, parents' passports often covered their children as well.

Source: euobserver.com

European Utilities Security Committee Proposal

Robert (Bob) Hulshouser, CPP, immediate past Chairman of the ASIS International Utilities Security Council, will be attending the European Security Conference in Montreux this coming April.

Bob will not only be giving a presentation at our Conference, he will be bringing an exciting new proposal to us for consideration -- the formation of a European Utilities Security Committee. As Bob had expressed to us in previous communications and at the ASIS International Seminar in Atlanta, this Committee would serve as a positive and viable means of promoting international participation and involvement with existing ASIS Councils, while recognising the unique security concerns and issues of our European counterparts.

This Committee would allow for the participation of European security professionals in the utility industries (e.g., electric, water, waste water, natural gas, and nuclear power) and to enjoy the benefit of Council involvement without the travel commitments, time constraints and expenses that are associated with council meeting participation in the USA. As Bob and present Chairman Ronald Niebo have stated, the proposed European Utilities Security Committee would permit members to meet and address their own security concerns and programs, while mutually sharing insights with the Utilities Security Council.

This concept will allow the European utility security professionals, the flexibility to develop strategies consistent their own regional security interests and concerns.

The Utilities Security Council would support the European committee through a Council Liaison who would maintain ongoing communications with the European members thereby promoting information sharing, programs and other security initiatives regarding the utility sectors.

As Bob had written to us earlier; "Our Council is very excited about this possibility, and welcomes the opportunity to participate with you and members of your utility industries who may have an interest in the formation of a Utilities Security Committee."

Members can register their interest in attending an initial organisational meeting with Bob in Montreux by sending an e-mail to contact@asisonline.eu

2008 Newsletter of the Year Award won by the U.K. Chapter, Godfried Hendriks CPP named "RVP of the Year"

On 15th January at the ASIS International Annual Meeting of the Membership, it was announced that the U.K. Chapter has won the 2008 Newsletter of the Year Award in Group 7 (chapters with over 575 members).

The editorial team of Mike Hurst, Helene Carlsson and Graham Bassett are extremely pleased with the award. In 2006 the Newsletter won an Honorable Mention.

At the January Leadership Meeting Godfried Hendriks CPP received the "RVP of the Year" Award.

Godfried served as RVP of region 25 until the end of 2008. He currently is the SRVP for Europe.

Congratulations to all!

News from Chapter 107 (Austria)

Dear ASIS Chapter 107 member!

Initially I planned to send to you our scheduled meeting dates for 2009 together with the minutes of the November 17th 2008 full-day-meeting. Unfortunately our secretary Paul Reither at the moment has an intensive traveling program on behalf of his employer into crisis-riddled destinations of the Far East. For this reason the minutes will be forwarded to you once they are in my possession.

In order to enable you with a long-term planning for next years events, here our planned meetings.

• 1st meeting 2009 on January 19th, 2009 in Vienna, at either the OMV HQ or the
OMV complex in the Gerasdorfer Straße, subject to the arrangements of our secretary Paul Reither.
• 2nd meeting “ April 29th, 2009 in Montreux, Switzerland immediately afterwards the European Spring Conference
• 3rd meeting “ June 15th, 2009 in Vienna or surroundings, place to be announced
• 4th meeting “ September 10th, 2009 in Vienna or surroundings, place to be announced
• 5th and annual meeting November 16th, 2009 in Vienna, place to be announced

The meetings 1, 3 and 4 are afternoon meetings. Starting time around 17:30 to enable all participants to comply with their job obligations and still being able to join the meetings.

Meeting 5 is our one-day meeting with the general assembly.

About one (1) month before each meeting, details of that meeting will be forwarded to you. A friendly reminder will be sent to you one (1) week before the meeting takes place. This procedure will enable you to efficiently plan to attend most if not all of our meetings.

Both during our membership meeting as well as in talks between peers the question about an ASIS Chapter 107 website rose again. Please find an excerpt of the ASIS internal guideline of how to create such a website. Full details you find on the ASIS web site.

If someone would take the task to not only create but also to maintain such a website, this action would be appreciated very much by the entire chapter. The only thing beside the voluntary action that is needed, is a letter of commitment of such a member (or a group of members) to start, work and complete such a project within a defined matter of time. Excerpt from the ASIS website:

21st Century ASIS Virtual Chapter - Chapter Internet Development

Effective and efficient communication is a key to success in the 21st century. Today, more than ever, you need "take backs" that add value to your career and ability to lead others. ASIS International has developed the Virtual Chapter to highlight the latest and most innovative resources that add value to your membership. You will learn how other professionals, chapters, and ASIS Councils are successfully staying on the leading edge of security management and education.


Chapter Website Preliminary Analysis
Chapter Website Planning and Preparation
Choosing an Independent Service Provider (ISP)
Chapter Website Development Issues
Suggested Website Content
Sponsorship & Advertising on Chapter Websites
Chapter Website Security
Newsletters via the Internet
Gauging Chapter Internet Success

The Austrian Chapter Met at the Austrian National Library During November 2008 

Monday, November 17th, 2008, the ASIS Austrian Chapter 107 conducted its 4th meeting in 2008. This meeting was a one-day gathering held in the historical Van Swieten Room of the Austrian National Library. The Austrian National Library, integrated into the former Imperial Palace complex in Vienna, is the largest interconnecting building in the world. It is not the Pentagon, as some participants thought.

The meeting took place due to an initiative of Werner Preining which triggered the invitation through the chief of security and safety, Mr. Christian Plass. Shortly before 10 AM members and guests got together by a cup of coffee in anticipation of the guided tour through both places at times open to the public and mainly restricted parts of the building, only accessible with special permissions. The participants of the tour were amazed not only by the cultural heritage but also by the well balanced and advance measurements of safety and security issues, combined with a recently approved video surveillance system by the Data Protection Authority. After the tour Mr. Plass gave a detailed presentation about the history of the building, its contents as well as future plans to expand the storage capacity.

After a lunch break at the in-house cantina, the Chapter conducted its annual general meeting. The minutes are still not available as the secretary is travelling on business in the Far East.

After the annual general meeting ASIS member Michael Krausz showed his presentation “Corporate Information Security – Methodology and Case Studies”. Mr. Krausz did not only refer about the methodology but showed samples derived from sanitized case studies. After the presentation those present got involved over some refreshments and snacks, both courtesy of the Austrian National Library, into a vivid discussion.

About 17 hours the meeting was adjourned and all at persons present agreed that they had not only an interesting and successful day but were able to take some security and safety issue they learned today back with them to their work and private environment.

Werner Preining,
Chapter Chairman Chapter 107 Austria

1st ASIS International Middle East Security Conference Announced 

Welcome to Dubai, city of merchants, cultural crossroads, the ‘Pearl of the Persian Gulf’. Dubai is a landmark for innovation. The city boasts remarkable skyscrapers, such as the world’s current tallest building, the Burj Dubai and the Burj Al Arab which houses the world’s only seven star hotel. Dubai is a place where the dust of the desert is clearing to reveal one of the most significant international cities of the 21st century, making it the perfect location for the ASIS International Security Conference.

You are invited to submit an abstract to be considered for presentation at the 1st ASIS International Gulf Security Conference in Dubai, UAE which will take place on 6-8 December 2009. This is your opportunity to shape the programme by sharing your knowledge and expertise with other security professionals from around the globe. The conference will cover the entire spectrum of security topics ranging from supply chain security, loss prevention, and piracy to terrorism, executive protection, intellectual property rights, hotel security and more.

Proposal Submission Deadline is Friday, 3 April 2009

To submit an abstract, please go to http://asis.confex.com/asis/mideast2009/cfp.cgi

 Implications of Piracy on Supply-chain Security

The vulnerability of the maritime sector has been noted in several prominent private and public government documents, both domestic and worldwide. In addition to maritime terrorism, the maritime region harbors many other threats to our sovereignty, natural resources, environment, economic prosperity, and social welfare. While perhaps not as devastating as a maritime terrorism event, maritime piracy challenges not only maritime security itself, but also cargo supply-chain security. Piracy networks abuse the maritime environment for their own illicit purposes, primarily for financial gain, often disrupting the free flow of commerce. Unsecured and ungoverned waters are potential havens for pirate activity, providing relatively cheap and inconspicuous movement. In essence, piracy is a crime that preys upon the cargo supply-chain, slowly feeding off its network of intricate transportation systems. The sheer importance of maritime trade makes it a lucrative market for piracy groups to engage in high profit margins while maintaining a low cost structure.

On average, more than 6.8 billion tons of commerce move across the world’s oceans, with a worth over $7.4T USD (Badolato, n.d., p. 7; Rae, 2006). Increasing worldwide maritime piracy and the growing power and influence of organized maritime crime groups are significant threats to democratic institutions and free market systems in many countries and regions. It is imperative that seafaring governments take steps to increase supply-chain security through the mitigation of piracy networks and engagement in wide-ranging maritime security improvements in order to maintain sovereignty and a free market economy.

(Please click here to see a full version of this article)

By Mike C. Farrell (USCG)

New Standard Published – Chief Security Officer

In its drive to improve the standard of security across private and public organisation, ASIS International has just published a new Chief Security Officer (CSO) US Standard. This document builds on ASIS’ previous CSO Guidelines and provides the background and guidance necessary to support security operations in the dynamic business environment and to protect against equally dynamic threats.

Please click here to download this standard.

Biometrics – Does Your Knowledge Measure Up?

The use of biometric technology continues to grow in importance for access control and tracking systems. Measurements of fingerprints and hand geometry led to iris and retinal scans with face recognition growing in popularity. But did you know that everyone’s tongue is different? And did you know that your body odour can be used for biometric access control? The future of access control may involve unwashed employees lining up to stick out their tongues before logging onto their IT systems!

An interesting CNN article can be accessed through this link: CNN Biometric Report

Technology - Friend or Foe?

The recent Mumbai attacks may have been the latest incidence of this effective, and increasingly advanced, tool being used by adversary groups. Satellite mapping allows close detail surveillance of terrain, topography and infrastructure and also allows distances and dispositions of personnel to be checked with a good degree of accuracy.

Also, the increased availability and capability of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications, satellite phones and GPS navigation systems provide such groups with technological agility which greatly enhances their ability to reach targets and communicate with each other.

For most businesses, it must now be assumed that any potential adversary can and will make use of satellite mapping services in their assessment of a site’s weaknesses and strengths. The challenge for the security professional is to ensure that they can optimise protection whilst accepting the fact that they are under satellite surveillance. But – although satellites can photograph fences and barriers, approach and escape routes, they cannot assess your security awareness programmes and the effectiveness of your personnel in implementing security procedures. If you can strengthen those, perhaps you can negate the effectiveness of the ‘eye in the sky’!

See a NY Times report on the issue here: NY Times

Lack of Security Awareness Costs Financial Organisations

A new report by ENISA - the European Network and Information Security Agency - has found that thefts of customer information and the costs associated with security incidents are on the increase. "Information Security Awareness in Financial Organisations" assesses the risks facing financial organisations and provides guidance on implementing security awareness programmes, recommendations and case studies.

The Danish Chapter

The Danish Chapter

In February 2008 the Danish chapter had
about 140 members. Up to now in December
2008 we have had an accession of five

Most of the meetings in the Danish Chapter
are in the area of Copenhagen but we aim to
have at least one meeting per year in
Jutland or Funen.

The Danish chapter has participated in the
establishment of ASIS Europe and the fourth
European annual meeting was held in
Copenhagen in 2005.

A Danish member was elected to the
international board in 2007.

In general the CPP study group started up with lots of enthusiasm for all 8 participants. After a few study sessions we learned that the most essential goal was in fact the understanding of
the language to actually fulfill the examine. As up till now none of the 8 participants have
booked for the 2009 exam.

After some small years with lots of different aspects to be aware of the latest 2-3 year have
changed the Danish CCTV markets and in general public opinion about CCTV dramatically.
Today there are more than 200,000 cameras mainly installed in malls, traffic points, public
stations and in stores. Also in busses, trains and cabs it is more and more common to have
CCTV. And the public has accepted the surveillance so far despite earlier year’s reluctance. The latest in installed CCTV is the “Strøget” in Copenhagen were the Metropolitan Police will have a CCTV installation in function by beginning next year which will be followed with several more installations in the central part of “Old” Copenhagen.

Chapter seminars:
The dates for next years chapter seminars has been planned and the agendas will be fulfilled just after the generally assembly in February were the new board will propose the goals for

Activities 2009 (contents are not planned yet)
2009-02-05 Annual Meeting and awards (Place: Haldor Topsøe)
2009-03-31 All day meeting & networking
2009-06-23 All day meeting & networking
2009-08-13 All day meeting & networking
2009-09-22/23 Security and safety congress in Odense Congress Centre
2009-11-17 All day meeting – Christmas Party
2010-02-04 Annual Meeting and awards

By John Olsen, Chapter Chair

Global Agenda

3-5 February 2009 - 3rd ASIS International Asia-Pacific Conference - Hong Kong, China. Click here for more info.

10-11 February 2009 - Counter Terror Expo '09 - London, UK. Click here for more information.

26-29 April 2009 - 8th ASIS International European Security Conference - Montreuw Switzerland. More information: http://www.asisonline/montreux  

4 June 2009 -TranSec World Expo 2009- RAI - Amsterdam, Netherlands - www.transec.com  

June 2009 - ASIS International Business Continuity/Pandemic Preparedness Conference - Paris France (To Be Confirmed)

21-24 September 2009 - ASIS International 55 Annual Seminar and Exhibits - Annaheim CA, USA. http://www.asisonline.org/education/programs/anaheim/default.htm  

November 2009 - ASIS International Information Assets Protection Conference - London UK (To Be Confirmed)

6-9 December 2009 - 1st ASIS International Middle East Security Conference - Dubai UAE

Chapter and Certification Events

For the latest details visit the European agenda

15 January 2009 - Preview Course IMF- 6 Corsendonk
12 & 13 February 2009 - Review Course CPO- 11 Corsendonk
13 February 2009 - Coaching CPP- 13, Coaching PCI- 1, Coaching PSP- 4, Corsendonk
5 March 2009 - Examentraining CPO - IMF 6 Corsendonk
6 March 2009 - Examen CPO Corsendonk
9 & 10 April 2009 - Review Course CPP- 14, Review Course PSP- 5, Review Course PCI- 2, Corsendonk
23 April 2009 Examen CPO AVANS Hogeschool
1 May 2009 - Examentraining CPP- 13 Examentraining PSP- 4, Examentraining PCI- 1 Corsendonk
2 May 2009 - Examen CPP, Examen PSP, Examen PCI, Corsendonk
11 June 2009- Examentraining CPO- 11 Corsendonk
11 & 12 June  2009 - Review Course CPO- 12 Corsendonk
12 June 2009 - Examen CPO Corsendonk
12 June 2009 - Coaching CPP- 14, Coaching PSP- 5, Coaching PCI- 2, Corsendonk
13 August 2009 - Examentraining CPO- 12 Corsendonk
14 August 2009 - Examen CPO Corsendonk
10 & 11 September 2009 - Review Course CPP- 15, Review Course PSP- 6, Review Course PCI- 3, Review Course CPO- Corsendonk
11 September 2009 - Coaching CPP- 14, Coaching PSP- 5, Coaching PCI- 2, Corsendonk
24 Sepetember 2009 -Preview CPO IMF- 7 Corsendonk
30 October 2009 - Examentraining CPP- 14, Examentraining PSP- 5, Examentraining PCI- 2, Examentraining CPO- 13, Coaching CPP- 15, Coaching PSP- 6, Coaching PCI- 3, Corsendonk
31 October 2009 - Examen CPP, Examen PSP, Examen PCI, Examen CPO, Corsendonk
12 November 2009 - Examentraining CPO IMF- 7 Corsendonk
13 November  2009 - Examen CPO Corsendonk

All ASIS Benelux certification events take place at the Priory of Corsendonk, Oud Turnhout, Belgium. Training sessions are organised by the Security College, contact: Mr Joop Verdonk CPP.



5 February 2009 - Annual Meeting and awards (Place: Haldor Topsøe) - contact asis@postkasse.org
31 March 2009 - All day meeting & networking
23 June 2009 - All day meeting & networking
13 auhust 2009 - All day meeting & networking
22/23 September 2009 - Security and safety congress in Odense Congress Centre
17 November 2009 - All day meeting – Christmas Party 

4 February 2010 - Annual Meeting and awards


To attend a chapter meeting and meet us when visiting Paris: contact:  asis_france@yahoo.fr  (both French and English presentations are given) All meetings take place in the Paris region


12 Feb 2009 Presentation of the CPP Exam in Italy held in Nov 09 Milan cpp@asisitaly.org
24-26 Mar 2009 Clusit event - Exhibition Milan info@asisitaly.org
21 May 2009 Securindex CCTV Expo and Exhibition Milan info@asisitaly.org
TBD May 2009 Chapter 211 Plenary Meeting Milan info@asisitaly.org
28-30 May 2009 CPP Exam Training Course Milan cpp@asisitaly.org
22:24 Oct 2009 CPP Exam Training Course Milan cpp@asisitaly.org
2 Nov 2009 CPP Exam Milan/Rome cpp@asisitaly.org

19 February 2009 – Yearly chapter meeting – Stockholm
18 March 2009 - Chapter Seminar: Crisis Management – Stockholm
2 March 2009 - Chapter Seminar: Who are you doing business with? – Gothenburg
Note: Criminals infiltrates companies.
23 April 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Risk Management – Stockholm
2 May 2009 – CPP/PSP/PCI exam – Stockholm
Chapter Certification Representative: Klas Nilsson, CPP, PSP, PCI
28-29 May 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Weapons impact – Uppsala
11 June 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Pub evening – Stockholm
Note: Seminar and social event.
3 September 2009 - Chapter Seminar: The future Security Manager – Stockholm
Note: Courses, training, education, preparation for certification and ethics.
1 October 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Fraud - Malmoe
20 October 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Convergence of IT and Security – Stockholm
Note: Seminar at the SecTech Exhibits
7 November 2009 – CPP/PSP/PCI exam – Stockholm
Chapter Certification Representative: Klas Nilsson, CPP, PSP, PCI
5-6 November – Chapter Seminar: Risk Analysis – Gothenburg
Note: Quantitative and Qualitative methods
25 November 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Criminology – Stockholm
Note: Crime and Crime Prevention Theories
10 December 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Pub Evening – Stockholm
Note: Seminar and social event.

Swedish Chapter e-mail addresses: firstname.lastname@asis.se

Exams will take place at the Företagsuniversitetet, Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please contact Mr Klas Nilsson CPP PSP PCI klas.nilsson@asis.se  

27 February 2009 Loss Prevention Seminar - Istanbul, Turkey
Notes: Language: English and Turkish (Simultaneous translation will be provided)

United Kingdom


17 March 2009 - Pre Seminar Dinner
18 March 2009 - Spring Seminar—Foreign & Commonwealth Office
17 June 2009 - Pre-Seminar Dinner
18 June 2009 - Summer Seminar- IBM, Waterloo
17 September 2009 - Pre Seminar Dinner
18 September 2009 - Autumn Seminar—BBC, Wood Green
19 November 2009 - Pre-Seminar Dinner
20 November 2009 - Winter Seminar & AGM—TBA

UK certification events take place at The Swan at Streatley Hotel, Streatley on Thames, Berkshire. Training sessions are organised by ARC Training International Ltd. For more information contact Mr David Cresswell CPP or Ms Janet Ward  


Be a sponsor of the 8th European Security Conference in Montreux

Download the sponsorship prospectus or contact the European Bureau for more information.

Montreux Conference Platinum Sponsor:

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Take a look at our updated Links and Resources page. Feel free to contact the European Bureau if you have additional items to add.

ASIS International European Bureau 

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Please visit our European Chapter Websites at the following links:

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Membership Benefits

Ten reasons you benefit from becoming an ASIS International member:

- Unrivalled networking opportunities with more than 36,000 of your industry peers.
- Up-to-date information, including industry best practices, new technologies, and emerging trends.
- Complimentary subscription to Security Management magazine, the leading security industry publication.
- Opportunities to build a professional reputation and credentials.
- Tailored professional development programs to fit your specific career goals.
- Advocacy of the security industry to the government and business communities.
- Board-certified, professional designations.
- Members-only access to new career opportunities in security management.
- Access to more than 300 peer-reviewed, security-related publications.
- Discounts on program and Seminar registration, merchandise, and certification programs.

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New Chapters: Call for Volunteers

ASIS International is looking for volunteers to help form new chapters in Romania, the Baltic States, Western Balkans and other European countries where no chapter presently exists.

For more information, please contact the European Bureau or click here to download the procedures on forming a new chapter.

Barcelona in Review
Click here for photos and the video of the 7th European Security Conference.
 Transec 09

 ASIS Bookstore

You can now purchase ASIS-published books for Kindle, Amazon’s wireless reading device, from the Kindle Store on Amazon.com. Kindle’s revolutionary electronic-paper display provides a sharp, high-resolution screen that looks and reads like real paper. The books may be purchased wirelessly right from your device, allowing you to click, buy, and start reading within a minute. Kindle holds hundreds of titles and every book you purchase is backed up online in your Media Library in case you ever need to download it again. At this time, the Kindle Store offers Career Opportunities in Security for $3.99; Casino Surveillance and Security: 150 Things You Should Know for $9.99; Emergency Planning Handbook for $9.99; and Protecting Schools and Universities from Terrorism: A Guide for Administrators and Teachers for $9.99. More ASIS books will be available for Kindle soon.



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