January 2007
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Welcome to the 30th edition of Eurodynamics! The ASIS International European Bureau would like to encourage you to submit any updates or articles you wish to share with the ASIS International members in Europe!

Copy deadlines for the next issues have been fixed at the third Monday of every month. The deadline for the next issue is 19 February 2007.


Joerg Ziercke, President of the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) to be a Keynote Speaker in Berlin

Mr. Joerg Ziercke, President of the German Federal Police (BKA) will deliver a keynote speech during the oping session of the 6th European Security Conference in Berlin.

Otto Schily and Joerg Ziercke

Mr. Ziercke who was promoted to his current position in February 2004 by then Interior Minister Otto Schily has a reputation as a brilliant police man. The "why" behind crime has always interested him. "How can it be that people want to destroy each other? What is driving them? One has to understand crime in order to thwart it".

Mr. Ziercke's speech will be preceded by his former boss, Otto Schily, currently a member of the German Federal Parliament. Other keynote speakers are Brigadier Ian Abbott, the UK's Deputy Military Representative to the European Union who will speak about the EU's foreign and security policy.

Eurowatch: EU Research to Boost Security for Major Sporting Events 

European research has been showcased in the UN as a good example of how to improve security at international sports events and summits.

High-profile major events are attractive targets for terrorist attacks, says the United Nations, which aims to enhance international co-operation on the issue. The UN conference on Enhancing Security at Major World Events took place on 7 December 2006 and saw the showcasing of the European research project EU-SEC results as a good example of a regional initiative.

Major events include international sport avents such as the Football World Cup or the Olympics, or international political summits such as the G8 Summit. The EU-SEC has, since 2004, been looking for ways to improve security. The interior ministries and police authorities of ten member states, together with the the European Police Agency and UN have developed a handbook of best practice for security at major events. They are also set to pool their national research programmes "to support targeted research into explosives detection, use and control of private security and public-information".

"The results of this research help to boost co-operation among national, European and international authorities and should be taken forward in practical policy on security of mass events," said Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini.

Security research will, for the first time, be a thematic priority in the EU's next Research Framework Programme (FP7), with a focus on protecting EU citizens against terrorism, natural disasters and crime. The FP7 (2007-2013) will support research in the security of infrastructure and utilities, as well as on borders and in crisis situations, with some €1.35 billion to be invested.

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Source: Euractive.com

Eurowatch: EU Backing Down on Terror List Secrecy

EU states are planning to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding how names appear on their list of terrorist entities "in the near future" - but in the meantime member states are breaking their own laws, some lawyers say.

The list - which numbers 54 individuals and 50 groups - sees EU states vote every six months on which names should go in or out on the basis of secret evidence submitted by "competent national authorities" with "guilty" parties facing stigma and frozen bank accounts.

But following a December 2006 ruling by the EU court in Luxembourg, suspects will now be sent "statements of motivation" setting out the evidence against them and instructions on how to mount a legal challenge in a potential watershed for EU security work.

Eight Dutch Islamic radicals and a Kurdish group added to the list on 28 December were the first ever to be sent motivation statements since the EU launched the list in 2001, with EU officials saying everybody on the 104-strong register will enjoy the same treatment when it comes up for its next six month review.

"The persons and entities were informed individually and really got all the reasons in the case," an EU official explained. "Where it is possible to contact people, the spirit of the court ruling will also be closely implemented when the full list is renewed in the near future."

The December court ruling annulled a 2002 decision to put Iranian anti-government group OMPI on the register, saying the EU violated OMPI's "fundamental right" to a fair trial after EU lawyers could not even say which "competent authority" had submitted the secret evidence against it.

The OMPI precedent will boost the chances of Philippino alleged terrorist Jose Sison winning his appeal on 1 February and Dutch-Palestinian group Al-Aqsa winning its case in autumn, in a potential u-turn after EU courts in 2005 rejected a similar plea by Somalia's Ahmed Yusuf Ali.

Is the EU breaking its own laws?
For now OMPI remains on the list. Its funds in France - over €7 million - remain frozen and OMPI fund-raising activity remains illegal with EU top legal advisor Jean-Claude Piris saying the court ruling relates to the 2002 decision only and not the last time the list (including OMPI) was renewed in May 2006.

EU officials are also dismissing as a mere "procedural problem, unrelated to the core issue" the fact it did not renew the list in November 2006 - the last deadline under its own statute on six month reviews - and has still failed to set a firm date despite promising action "in the near future."

But OMPI's laywers as well as some independent experts say lack of respect for proper procedure is at the core of a problem in EU security culture, which allows counter-terrorist agencies to work with impunity and national governments to cut political deals behind the "security" screen.

"The [EU] council's position is illegal because it does not respect its own statute and doubly illegal because it does not respect the ruling of the court - that any list containing OMPI has been annulled," OMPI lawyer Jean-Claude Spitzer told EUobserver.

"How can the EU expect others to abide by the law if it does not do so itself?" Sarzin Hashemi, a spokesman for OMPI-related group NRCI, said, adding that the UK pushed to get OMPI on the terror list back in 2002 in order to cosy up to the Iranian regime.

How much will they reveal?
"All this ambiguity...comes from the fact that EU and US governments are reluctant to follow their own courts when it comes to the fight against terrorism," Brussels think-tank CEPS' legal expert Florian Geyer said. "This will have to change."

Meanwhile, question marks remain on the quality of information in the new "statements of motivation" with EU officials saying they must stay confidential on privacy grounds and are "something in between" a "full 100-page intelligence dossier" and a "simple EU form."

"There is a fear that this will be used as an alibi procedure, that it will not reveal the true information at the bottom of the case, maybe not even which member state or security authority has put people on the list," CEPS' Mr Geyer said.

Source: EUObserver.com

Europe Recognised at ASIS International AGM  

In the framework of the annual general meeting of ASIS International held on 17 - 19 January held in Washington DC, SRVP Peter French was honoured as ASIS International SRVP of the year 2006. We are proud to have the best SRVP in the world!

The France Chapter won the 2006 Website of the Year Award in Group 1, with a honourable mention for Turkey.

The U.K. Chapter received an honourable mention at the 2006 Newsletter of the Year Award in Group 6.

Congratulations to all!

All European Chapters are encouraged to compete in these and other award categories!

 Czech Chapter Annual Conference

The Czech chapter of ASIS International (www.asiscz.org) is preparing 4th Annual International Conference of Security Management in cooperation with the Police academy of the Czech Republic.  The conference will be held on 10 April 2007. This conference is the biggest of its kind in the Czech Republic and traditionally takes the place at Police Academy of the Czech Republic. Attendance was over 200 last year. Among the topics of previous conferences were corruption, employee deliquency, counterfeits of merchandise. Private Security Managers, HR Directors, Police officers, Customs Officers and Representatives of the local government agencies are expected and encouraged to attend.

2006 Conference

 The conference program will be:


The speakers will be notable experts from the Czech and International Security backgrounds. We would like to invite you and other ASIS members to participate.

The Registration fee for ASIS members is 50 EUR. For registration please contact info@asiscz.org. More information will be available soon on www.asiscz.org/conference

 Spanish Chapter Meeting

On 23 November, the ASIS Spanish Chapter held its technical conference on Crisis management. The session was presented by Juan Muñoz, CPP and Vice-president of ASIS, Spanish Chapter, and Enrique Alcat, consultant in crisis communication situations,teacher of Political and Corporative Communication, author of the book "and now that? Keys to manage a crisis and to leave fortified ".

RVP Roger Warwick, was with us during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Spanish chapter at the Palace Hotel in Madrid.

Spanish Chapter Board

Fernando Marinas, CPP, was elected by the Board of Directors of ASIS, Spanish Chapter, to become its president for 2007
Newly elected members of ASIS, Spanish chapter, board of directors are:
President: Fernando Marinas, CPP
Vice-president: Juan Muñoz, CPP
Treasurer: Manuel Hernandez
Secretary: Milagros Coira, CPP
Membership chairperson: Álvaro Martín Yuguero
International chapter relations: Joan I. Boet
Program chairperson : Luis Miguel Alarcón
Newsletters editor: Juan Amorós, CPP

President Fernando Marinas presented awards to:
• Francisco Muñoz Usano,
• Juan Manuel Rodriguez Zarco,
• Jose Ramón Borredá,
• Soledad Martín 

Chapter Events 


8 February 2007 - Afternoon meeting and company visit in Belgium
10 May 2007 - AGM and spring conference (morning) and visit to Safety & Security 2007, Amsterdam afternoon)
11 September 2007 - Afternoon meeting and company visit in The Netherlands
16 November 2007 - Autumn conference in Belgium (entire day)

Czech Republic

31 January 2007
28 February 2007
28 March 2007
10 April - 4th Annual International Conference of Security Management
25 April 2007
30 May 2007
27 June 2007
29 August 2007
26 September 2007
31 October 2007
28 November 2007-


5 February 2007 - Whole day meeting at the new Opera in Copenhagen "How to secure arts centre and the culture" Annual meeting
29 March 2007 - Whole day meeting - no subject yet
7 June 2007 - Half day meeting - networking
23 August 2007 - Whole day meeting - no subject yet
24-27 September 2007 - Odense Fair (Safety & Security). ASIS DK exhibition
26 September 2007 - Half day meeting in connection with the fair - networking
29 November 2007 - Whole day meeting - no subject yet 
December 2007 Half day meeting - networking - Christmas Lunch


23 February 2007
11 May 2007
6 July 2007
28 September 2007
7 December 2007


25-28 March 2007 - ASIS International 6th Annual European Security Conference


25 January  - Membership Meeting hosted by the Norwegian National Security Authority
28 February - Membership Annual Meeting with Officers Election hosted by Deloitte
30 May  - Membership Spring Meeting (host to be announced)


17 January 2007
14 March 2007
6 June 2007
5 September 2007
7 November 2007


12 February 2007 - Chapter meeting, Istanbul - "Foreign Investment in The Security Sector in Turkey"

United Kingdom

15 March 2007 - Spring Seminar
28 June 2007 - Summer Seminar
20 September 2007 - Autumn Seminar
16 November 2007 - AGM and Seminar



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