February 2007
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Welcome to the 31st edition of Eurodynamics! The ASIS International European Bureau would like to encourage you to submit any updates or articles you wish to share with the ASIS International members in Europe!

Copy deadlines for the next issues have been fixed at the third Monday of every month. The deadline for the next issue is 19 March 2007.


ASIS International to Recognise ERT Secretary General’s Contribution to Raising Corporate Security Awareness

ASIS International has announced that it will present the ASIS International European Person of the Year 2007 Award to Mr. Wim Philippa, Secretary General of the European Roundtable of Industrialists (ERT). ERT is a forum of some 45 European industrial leaders aiming at promoting the competitiveness and growth of Europe’s economy, forming one of Europe’s most influential interest groups.

Wim Philippa Wim Philippa who has headed the ERT office in Brussels since 1998, has played a leading role in raising awareness of the consequences of criminality and organised crime for business and industry. During the period from June 1998 to October 2000 the ERT Working group “Criminality against Companies” which Wim Philippa was instrumental in establishing, was able to put the subject firmly on the political agenda in the European Union.

A letter was sent to all Heads of Government of EU member States and to the President of the European Commission (EC) ahead of the informal European Council at Tampere, Finland in October 1999. The Council decided to strengthen EU initiatives in the areas of crime, immigration and asylum. It referred in its conclusions to the serious consequences of crime for economic operators and specifically addressed the issue of money laundering. At the request of the Council, two conferences were organised by the European Commission and Europol in The Hague (November 1999) and Lisbon (June 2000) respectively on crime prevention strategies inviting the ERT as the sole representative body for business and industry. In both conferences the ERT played an important role in partnership with delegates of the Commission, Europol and some academic institutions.  Since these early ‘pioneering’ initiatives, Wim Philippa has ensured ERT involvement in an increasing number of EU driven public and private partnership programmes and conferences concerned with business security challenges.

Mr. Philippa presented the issue of criminality primarily as a challenge for business management. Recognising that many crimes originate within companies (particularly fraud), that in broad terms, criminality seemed to be on the increase, and that corporate cultures are often a hindrance themselves to set up a real security policy which is aimed at increasing value to the business, he triggered activities to overcome the problem. In particular, he focused on the need to see security as an integrated business function and to address the lack of sensitivity of management to security matters.

The award will be presented to Mr. Philippa on the occasion of ASIS International’s 6th Annual European Security Conference which will take place at the InterContinental Hotel in Berlin, Germany on 25-28 March. The topic of his acceptance speech will most likely be related to the above and will form part of the closing ceremony. 

Eurowatch: EU Anti-Terror Coordinator to Step Down 

The EU's anti-terrorism coordinator, Gijs de Vries, is to step down in March after three years on the job.

His decision not to renew his contract comes as MEPs vote on a report on the activities of the CIA in Europe. The report, put together over two years, looks into the extent to which member states knew about the so-called rendition flights of terrorist suspects as well as the alleged secret CIA centres in Europe. It is highly critical of the former Dutch Deputy Minister of the Interior  who appeared as a witness before the temporary committee in April last year.

Gijs de Vries (L) and Javier Solana

Hampered by what he was allowed to say by Member States, he gave only vague statements in reply to MEPs' grilling, leading one MEP to describe his appearance as "totally useless."

Their frustration has been reflected in the draft report which "questions the real substance of the post of European Union counter-terrorism coordinator occupied by Gijs de Vries, and draws attention to the lack of credibility of his statements".

According to his spokesman, Jesus Carmona, Gijs de Vries is departing " for personal reasons". 

Mr de Vries' post was created just days after the terrorist train bombings in Madrid which killed 191. While his appointment was strongly backed by EU leaders, and was meant to bring some loose co-ordination into both member states' and EU institutions' activities, Mr De Vries has suffered from the fact that he has very few actual powers.

Added to this was the fact that member states have a deeply ingrained dislike of sharing information on anti-terrorism activities, which meant that the EU's anti-terror official was often side-lined.

This reluctance by national governments has also been reflected in the slow pace of implementing the bloc's anti-terror laws since the US terror attacks in September 2001. 

On 15 February, the European Parliament voted by a large majority to accept a resolution condemning EU member states that colluded in 1,245 secret CIA flights, which allowed the US to forcibly extradite terror suspects to states where they could face torture.

Sources: EUObserver, Euractiv.com and UPI

Eurowatch: EU Member States Agree on Police Databases

Meeting on 15 February 2007, Justice and Home Affairs Ministers agreed on incorporating the main provisions of the 2005 Prüm Treaty, which provided for greater cross-border co-operation of police and judicial authorities, into the EU's legal framework.

The ministers' draft decision now awaits the European Parliament's verdict, and the German EU Presidency hopes that the treaty will be incorporated into EU legislation before the German term ends on 30 June 2007.

The original agreement, which was signed by seven European states (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain) in the German town of Prüm on 27 May 2005, provides for greater cross-border cooperation of police and judicial authorities. Nine more member states (Finland, Italy, Portugal, Slowakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece) have since declared their intention to accede to the treaty.

In December 2006, Germany and Austria began the automated comparison of their national databases; Spain will follow soon. In Thursday's formal meeting, all 16 signatories and acceding states to the Prüm Treaty jointly presented the draft Council Decision, which calls for transposing the provisions of the treaty into the legal framework of the EU essentially using the treaty's exact wording.

Speaking in Brussels, German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said: "Transposing the treaty into EU legislation will enable all 27 member states to benefit from the enormous added value provided by the treaty. Our aim is to create a modern police information network for more effective crime control throughout Europe. The special value of the treaty lies in the substantially improved and efficiently organized procedures for information-sharing. The initial implementation phase has yielded promising results, demonstrating that the Prüm Treaty contributes significantly to strengthening internal security in Europe."

But Tony Bunyan, director of EU civil liberties group Statewatch, told the Financial Times that "...DNA and fingerprints are legitimate evidence, but what is to stop the authorities going on a 'fishing expedition' in databases across the EU? 

Sources: FT, Euractive.com, European Voice

Useful link:  Agreement on a pan-European network of police databases for more effective crime control


 Turkish Chapter Meeting  

The ASIS International Turkish Chapter Meeting was held on February 12, 2007 at Istanbul Ritz Carlton hotel between 10:00 – 16:00 PM.
The meeting received great attention from various parts of the sector. Titled "Foreign Investments in the Private Security Sector", the meeting received foreign participants and speakers as well as high ranking officials and executives from the Security General Directorate and Private Security companies. Regional Vice President, CPP Roger Warwick addressed the meeting with a speech.

The presentations by local and foreign participants and speakers turned the meeting into a highly interactive one.

The inauguration speech was made by ASIS International Turkey Chapter Chair Cengiz Gümüstüs. At the meeting the discussions focused on several issues such as criteria set by foreign companies to invest in the private security sector, quality in the private security sector and quality standardisation. The programme looked as follows: 

  • Cengiz Gümüstüs, Esfor Security Consulting General Manager and ASIS International Turkey Chapter Chairman
    Inauguration Speech
  • Roger Warwick, CPP, ASIS RVP
    Foreign Investments in Private Security Sector
  • Andy Williams, Marriott Hotel Area Vice Director, ASIS ARVP
    Hotel Security
  • Jozef Ventura, Group4Securicor General Manager, 
    Foreign Investment In Security
  • Harun Bozkurt, Security General Directorate, Private Security Institutions Chapter Manager 
    Law No: 5188 (Private Security Law)
  • Özcan Sezer, HSBC Country Security Manager 
    Banking Security
  • Cengiz Gümüºtüs, Esfor Security Consulting General Manager and ASIS International Turkish Chapter Chair
    What Does Foreign Investment Require? 

The abovementioned presentations can soon be found on the ASIS Turkish Chapter Website www.asistr.org
At the end of the meeting speakers and sponsors were presented with honor plates for their contributions to ASIS International Turkish Chapter.   

Danish Membership meeting and Annual General Meeting in the new Opera in Copenhagen Monday February 5th 2007 

About 30 members joined a combined whole day meeting at the Opera in Copenhagen. The topic was “How to secure the Culture”.

 The day started with coffee and an introduction to the Opera and it’s values followed by a guided tour. The Opera was build and paid for by one of the A.P. Moller Maersk founders and donated to the Danish people a couple of years ago. A presentation explained how the Opera was build and the story behind.

John Olsen The next presentation showed how security and safety was build up in the Opera.  After a very tasty lunch in one of the restaurants in the Opera with a view of the Copenhagen Port the Director of The Royal Theatre gave a very interesting presentation of the Danish Theatre and Ballet during some centuries.

At the end of the day The Denmark Chapter held its Annual General Meeting. The present Chairman of the board John Olsen and committee members were all elected for the rest year.  

Chapter Events 


10 May 2007 - AGM and spring conference (morning) and visit to Safety & Security 2007, Amsterdam afternoon)
11 September 2007 - Afternoon meeting and company visit in The Netherlands
16 November 2007 - Autumn conference in Belgium (entire day)

Czech Republic

28 February 2007
28 March 2007
10 April - 4th Annual International Conference of Security Management
25 April 2007
30 May 2007
27 June 2007
29 August 2007
26 September 2007
31 October 2007
28 November 2007-


29 March 2007 - Whole day meeting - no subject yet
7 June 2007 - Half day meeting - networking
23 August 2007 - Whole day meeting - no subject yet
24-27 September 2007 - Odense Fair (Safety & Security). ASIS DK exhibition
26 September 2007 - Half day meeting in connection with the fair - networking
29 November 2007 - Whole day meeting - no subject yet 
December 2007 Half day meeting - networking - Christmas Lunch


May - Seminar on regional alarm control centre (Kerava)


23 February 2007
11 May 2007
6 July 2007
28 September 2007
7 December 2007


25-28 March 2007 - ASIS International 6th Annual European Security Conference


28 February - Membership Annual Meeting with Officers Election hosted by Deloitte (Karenslyst allè 20).  The annual meeting will be followed by a presentation on Risk Assesment
30 May  - Membership Spring Meeting (host to be announced)


14 March 2007
6 June 2007
5 September 2007
7 November 2007


March - Board Director meeting
May - Security conference and chapter meeting
September: -Security conference and chapter meeting 
October - 2nd National security meeting Barcelona 
November, CPP exam.
November, Chapter meeting, elections Board of Directors of ASIS, Spanish Chapter


12 February 2007 - Chapter meeting, Istanbul - "Foreign Investment in The Security Sector in Turkey"

United Kingdom

15 March 2007 - Spring Seminar
28 June 2007 - Summer Seminar
20 September 2007 - Autumn Seminar
16 November 2007 - AGM and Seminar


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