January 2015, No. 119

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City of London Police Receive Mervyn David Award

French Security Salaries Survey Released

 Austria Chapter 2015 Schedule of Events




Security Management Rolls Out New Website 


ASIS International Awards and Scholarships 




Terrorist Attacks Hit France


EU Inspection Critical of Frankfurt Airport Security

Spanish Man Crashes Car into Popular Party HQ


European Security Agenda to Be Developed


Data Protection Directive Applies To Home Security Surveillance Cameras

Internet Firms Want Exclusion from Cybersecurity Law

Cyberattack on Factory Causes 'Massive Damage' 





ASIS Middle East Keynote Speakers Announced


ASIS 6th Annual Middle East Conference & Exhibition


EuroDynamics Seeks Articles

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Chapter and Certification Events

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ASIS International 14th European Security Conference & Exhibition, Frankfurt, Germany, 29-31 March, 2015
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 El Manual del Investigador Profesional ya está disponible en español


La guía explora temas necesarios para ser un exitoso investigador y prepararse para el examen Certificado de Investigador Profesional.

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Top Stories: City of London Police Receive Mervyn David Award; French Security Salaries Survey Released; Austria Chapter 2015 Schedule of Events; Security Management Rolls Out New Website; ASIS International Awards and Scholarships; Terrorist Attacks Hit France; EU Inspection Critical of Frankfurt Airport Security; Spanish Man Crashes Car into Popular Party HQ; European Security Agenda to Be Developed; Data Protection Directive Applies to Home Security Surveillance Cameras; Internet Firms Want Exclusion from Cybersecurity Law; Cyberattack on Causes 'Massive Damage'


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ASIS EuropeAsisEurope

City of London Police Receive Mervyn David Awardpolice

 Commissioner Adrian Leppard (right) was presented with the Mervyn David Award by United Kingdom Chapter Chair Andy Williams

Commissioner Adrian Leppard of the City of London Police Force was presented with the United Kingdom Chapter's Mervyn David Award on behalf of the force, recognising the contribution it has made to the national security agenda.


Commissioner Leppard sated that he "was surprised, honoured, and delighted to receive the award on behalf of the force."


The Mervyn David Award recognises the significant contribution of City of London Police in ensuring the security of a large segment of the population and organisations, as well as enhancing working relations among security and law enforcement practitioners.


Chapter Chair Andy Williams presented the award -- an impressive, silver, Armada Dish -- at the Security Forum's Annual Meeting held at Bank of America, Canary Wharf. 

City of London Police

French Security Salaries Survey ReleasedSurvey


The France Chapter has released its 4th French Security Salaries Survey. This survey's goal is to provide a picture of the current security market in France. It looks at remuneration as tied to professional accomplishments such as training, degrees, and years of experience. The survey provides information for further analysis and helps identify trends in the industry.

To see the full survey, please click

Austria Chapter 2015 Schedule of Eventsaustria

By Werner Preining, CPP 

ASIS Austria Chapter Chair


Below are dates for upcoming ASIS Austria Chapter meetings, together with some additional information. More information will be provided one month before each meeting, followed by a friendly reminder one week prior.


2015 Meetings


19 February 
Vienna, location to be announced. Host: Michael Krausz. Topic: "The true costs of Information Security Breaches: Lower than You Fear, Higher than You Think"
23 April 
Vienna, location to be announced. Host: Daniel Zrost.
18 June
Bratislava, location: Bratislava Airport. Three-quarter-day programme. Host: Elad Gadot, director of security, DHL. Topic: air cargo operation.
17 Sept.
Vienna, location and host to be announced.

19 Nov.
Vienna, location: OMV. Host: Paul Reither
15 Dec.
Vienna, location: to be announced. Social/networking event.


If not otherwise mentioned, all meetings start at 18:00 hours with a short administrative summary and a topic question and answer session after the speaker. Members and guests will then have ample time for networking.

Austria Chapter December Meeting

The Austria Chapter's final meeting of 2014 was conducted on board an antique tramway on 15 December.

Members enjoyed Christmas Punch and snacks while on board.
Chapter Vice Chair Paul Reither (right) exchanges views with David Zrost.

ASIS International NewsASISInternationalNews 

Security Management Rolls Out New Websitesecuritymgt

Security Management, ASIS International's award-winning magazine, is proud to launch its new website, which showcases the same great content you've come to expect while providing a robust search function and easier navigation system. Highlights of the new site include color-coded sections and stories, trending and related article suggestions, and more online-only featured content -- all packaged in a clean, bold design. The website is also designed to transition flawlessly from computer to tablet to smartphone, so you can read your favourite articles on the go.

Content from the print issues of Security Management can be found under the "Current Issue" section on the homepage, in the "Archives" page, or through the powerful search function, which allows users to narrow down search results by date, topic, type of content, and more. Check back daily to view new content featured in the boxes at the top of the homepage, including stories from the current issue, Web-only and breaking news, write-ups of important reports and studies, book reviews, industry news, and articles by security experts that are available only on the website. 

The new site can be found at www.securitymanagement.com.

ASIS International Awards and ScholarshipsAwards  

ASIS International is dedicated to the advancement of the security profession and its practitioners. In line with its mission to educate, and its commitment to excellence, the ASIS Foundation offers educational awards and scholarships that both recognize and reward outstanding achievements by individual members and students, as well as chapters and organizations.

Application period: January 1 to November 20. (Awarded to the first 30 chapters to apply during the year.)

These scholarships provide matching funds for an educational award to a chapter member, undergraduate, or graduate student seeking a security career.

Application period: January 19 to March 16

This award provides up to U.S. $5,000 for one chapter to receive a two-day, locally delivered, customized physical security program.

Application period: February 2 to April 6

The University of Phoenix awards six full-tuition scholarships to security practitioners worldwide (ASIS membership is not required). Each scholarship enables a prospective student to complete an undergraduate or master's degree program at the University of Phoenix.

Application period: March 2 to May 8

Webster University awards two ASIS members full-tuition scholarships to complete a graduate degree in business and organizational security management.

Application period: May 1 to December 21

This annual competition rewards students who conduct research, engage in thoughtful deliberation, and write an academic paper on an issue relevant to the security and assets protection profession.

Application period: May 11 to June 22

Sponsored by the ASIS Military Liaison Council

This award provides an opportunity for active-duty military ASIS members to pursue ASIS board certification. Scholarships cover the expenses of application, preparation (online review), and testing for the CPP, PCI, or PSP credential.

Application deadline: June 1

Individuals who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of ASIS board certification are spotlighted by this award. Winners are recognized at the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits.

Application Deadline: June 1

This award recognizes organizations that have demonstrated a significant commitment to the advancement of ASIS board certification. Winners are recognized at the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits.

Application deadline: July 1

An outstanding volunteer who has served at either the chapter or regional level within the ASIS community is honoured with this award. The winner receives a free registration and travel expenses to attend the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits.

Application period: October 5 to November 6

One ASIS member is selected to receive this award, which pays the tuition, transportation, and hotel costs to attend an iteration of ASIS Assets Protection Course: Principles of Security (APC I).

Application deadline: October 1

This award recognizes a senior security practitioner who demonstrates a commitment to security management standards, education, and certification within an organization.

EU OverviewEUOverview

Terrorist Attacks Hit FranceFrance 


A series of terrorist attacks has rocked France. During the first incident, which took place on 22 December, a man drove into a crowded Christmas market in the town of Nantes. At least 10 people were injured. Next, a man ploughed his car into a full crowd in Dijon. 


On Wednesday 7 January, the country was again shocked by a militant Islamist attack at the Paris office of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Three masked men entered the building and opened fire during the magazine's daily editorial meeting, leaving 12 dead.


On 9 January, the Kouachi brothers, who were responsible for the attack on Charlie Hebdo, took a hostage in a print shop in Dammartin-en-Goële. They were eventually shot and killed by law enforcement.


Simultaneously, more than a dozen riot police stormed a kosher grocery store in Paris. Amedy Coulibaly, the suspect in the shooting of a police woman the day before, seized the market in a bid to assist the Kouachi brothers. Officers eventually raided the supermarket, killing Coulibaly and discovering four dead hostages inside.


To read a timeline of the events, click here.


Source: MSNBC

EU Inspection Critical of Frankfurt Airport SecurityInspection 

The German government says a European Union inspection found security shortcomings at Frankfurt airport, the country's busiest, and that measures have been taken to address them.


Weapons and dangerous objects were successfully smuggled through security checks 50 percent of the time at Frankfurt airport, in a probe by European Commission inspectors.


To read the entire article click here.


Source: New Europe 

Spanish Man Crashes Car into Popular Party HQSpanish


A ruined Spanish businessman has driven a car carrying gas cylinders into the front of the ruling Popular Party's headquarters in Madrid, police say. The car did not explode and no-one was hurt, but the attack triggered a major security alert. The man, 37, was said to have blamed Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's government for his financial problems. The central Madrid street was cordoned off as police investigated whether explosives were inside the car. The driver was arrested and a robot was used to examine his Citroën Xantia car.

To read the entire article click here


Source: The BBC

European Security Agenda to Be DevelopedDeveloped  


On 16 December, the European Commission published its 2015 Work Programme. The new President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, along with his vice president, Frans Timmermans, presented 23 priorities for 2015 and 80 legislative proposals that will be withdrawn. For example, legislative proposals on aviation security charges will be withdrawn because the proposal has been blocked since 2010. Also, regulations for ground handling services at EU airports will be withdrawn due to a lack of agreement.


Settling an area of justice and fundamental rights based on mutual trust is one of the key priorities for the new Commission. Therefore, an agenda on Security for 2015 - 2020 will be developed, addressing the main threats to the EU's internal security. Issues such as cross-border crime, cybercrime, terrorism, foreign fighters, and radicalisation will be tackled.


The Work Programme can be accessed here


Source: European Commission

Data Protection Directive Applies to Home Security Surveillance CamerasCameras  



The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that owners of home surveillance cameras could be breaching the EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EU (the Directive), when those cameras are used to monitor public spaces. The ruling was made following a request from the Nejvyssi spravní soud (The Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic) for interpretive guidance.


According to the facts, a man from the Czech Republic, had set up a camera to monitor the footpath outside of his home in response to a series of break-ins that he and his family had suffered.  One of the suspects of a break-in was subsequently caught on camera, and the video recording was used as evidence in the criminal proceedings that followed.  However, the suspect separately made a complaint to the Czech Data Protection Office that the surveillance system used by the man was unlawful. The Czech Data Protection Office agreed. The man then brought an action challenging that decision, which was appealed to the Czech Supreme Court.

To read the article click 

Source: The National Law Review


Cisco and Google are seeking to be excluded from the Network and Information Security Directive in order to escape tough security measures and to report serious security breaches to national authorities.


The EU is pushing to include cloud providers, social networks, search engines and e-commerce platforms in the legislation while the industry claims extra compliance costs. There is currently no pan-European law and only telecoms operators are subject to the incident-reporting requirements.


While the European Parliament wants all companies within a sector to fall under the new law's scope, Member States want the flexibility to pick and choose within sectors. The industry fears a fragmentation of security standards in Europe if Member States do not find an agreement.

To read the entire article click here.


Source: EurActiv 


Cyberattack on Factory Causes 'Massive Damage'cyberattack2

A German steel factory suffered massive damage after hackers managed to access production networks, allowing them to tamper with the controls of a blast furnace, the government said in its annual IT security report. The report, published Wednesday by the Federal Office for Information Security, revealed one of the rare instances in which a digital attack actually caused physical damage.

The attack used spear phishing and sophisticated social engineering techniques to gain access to the factory's office networks, from which access to production networks was gained. Spear phishing involves the use of email that appears to come from within an organization. After the system was compromised, individual components or even entire systems started to fail frequently.

To read the entire article click here

Source: ITworld

Education and EventsEducationAndEvents


Testimonials from ASIS Europe 2014
Find out why you should come to the ASIS 14th European Security Conference & Exhibition. Listen to what your peers have to say.

ASIS International will host the ASIS 14th European Security Conference & Exhibition  from March 29 to 31, at the Messe Frankfurt Congress Centre in Frankfurt, Germany. This unique conference event will address a full spectrum of topics in security management such as: supply chain security, loss prevention, hotel security, intellectual property, oil and gas security, maritime piracy, terrorism, executive protection, internal theft and fraud, competitive intelligence, brand protection, physical security, cybersecurity, investigations, due diligence and global business issues.


Immerse yourself in three days of:

  • Educational sessions (Keynotes, case studies and panel discussions)
  • Networking events (Welcome Party, President's Reception, lunches, coffee breaks)


  • Discover the latest in security services and technology in the enlarged trade exhibition and the Technology and Solutions Theatre.


ASIS International has announced an impressive lineup of keynotes speakers for the ASIS 6th Middle East Security Conference & Exhibition, which will take place in Dubai on 15-17 February 2015. In a short time, this event has become the most prestigious and influential gathering of security professionals in the Middle East. The 2015 iteration of the event will take place under the patronage of his Excellency Lt. Gen. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, deputy chairman of Police and General Security.


Keynote Panel


His Excellency Dr. Khalid bin Sa'ad Al-Ageel, 
General secretary of the Higher Commission for Industrial Security in the Ministry of Interior, KSA

His Excellency Major General Khamis Mutar Al Muzainah, 
Dubai Police, UAE

Professor Peter D'Arcy, 
Former government advisor to the MOI and director of the Government-owned National Security Institute, UAE

Other Keynote speakers Mohammad G. Al-Zahrani, vice president Safety & Industrial Security at Saudi Aramco.


Keynote Speaker



Mohammad G. Al-Zahrani,
Vice president safety and Industrial security, Saudi Aramco, KSA

ASIS Middle East 2015 is expected to attract approximately 600 senior participants, many of whom are CSOs, security directors, security managers, and security consultants from all over the region and beyond.


For more information about the event or to register, please visit the website



ASIS International invites members to submit articles to be published in future editions of EuroDynamics.


Whether the topic is a case study about a facility, an analysis of new legislation in your nation, an article about mitigating threats a look at fresh opportunities for the security profession, or other items that spread practitioner knowledge and best practices with other ASIS members, we would be happy to receive it.

Board certified professionals are entitled to claim up to 9 CPE credits per published article.

General writing guidelines:

  • Articles must be in English only.
  • Articles should not exceed 500 words.
  • If you would like to submit longer articles, please send a 500-word summary that will be published in the newsletter and on the ASIS European Web site with a link to the full article.
  • Sales or marketing submissions will not be accepted.
Please contact the editor
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15-17 February, 2015 -- ASIS 6th Middle East Security Conference & Exhibition, Dubai, UAE


29-31 March, 2015 -- ASIS 14th European Security Conference & Exhibition, Frankfurt, Germany

April 22-23 -- ASIS 25th New York Security Conference and Exhibition, New York City, New York, United States

September 27-October 1 -- ASIS 61st Annual Seminar and Exhibits, Anaheim, California, United States


a35Professional Development


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