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2015 Seminar Experience Awards


OSAC and ASIS International Sign Agreement   




  The OSPAs Are Coming to You

Facebook Faces Court over Belgian Data Tracking

EU Approves Data Protection Reform

Europol Launches Anipropaganda Cyberunit

United States Freshly Accused of Spying in France

Scotland Yard Creates SAS-style Counterterrorism Unit

New Model for Integrating Services and Technology in Europe




ASIS International 61st Annual Seminar and Exhibits 


ASIS Europe 2016: Be a Speaker in London    


ASIS China 2015: Registration Opens in August 


Last Chance to be a Speaker at ASIS Middle East 2016 



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ASIS EuropeAsisEurope

Austria Chapter Tours the Bratislava AirportAustriaairport  

By Werner Preining.

Fifteen members of the Austria Chapter met on 18 June at Slovakia's Bratislava Airport. They were greeted by Martin Zalesak, security manager of DHL Express, and Elad Gadot, DHL's director of security and an Austria Chapter member.

During the visit, Zalesak provided an overview of DHL activities at Bratislava Airport, followed by presentation by Gadot, who spoke on aircraft security from the stand-point of a professional. He discussed procedures and technology, as well as explaining potential weak links in the security chain and how to handle them to best reduce risks. He also told chapter members about screening packages for explosives, and how terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda will send such packages by plane as tests of the processes in place to detect them. The programme ended up with a tour of the DHL warehouse facility and the airport terminal.

Werner Preining, CPP is the Austria Chapter chairman.

The DHL facility at Bratislava Airport.

United Kingdom Chapter Holds the Fort at IFSEC IFSEC       

The ASIS International booth at IFSEC was a busy meeting place.

By Mike Hurst.

Once again ASIS International exhibited at IFSEC, managing to secure a choice spot outside the VIP lounge. Members of the United Kingdom Chapter staffed the booth and report that they had a busy three days, indeed.
The ASIS presence at IFSEC provided the opportunity to discuss membership, certification, worldwide conferences, and the networking opportunities that ASIS offers with potential new members. Recruiting was aided by the steady stream of ASIS members from across the world who stopped in at the booth to say hello.
The United Kingdom Chapter also ran a Women in Security  event led by Dawn Holmes, CPP, and Rowena Fell, CPP, with ASIS Board of Directors Member Godfried Hendriks, CPP,  as the featured speaker. The second event promoted ASIS's three board certifications.
As well as developing and holding its own programmes, the United Kingdom Chapter is working hard on the ASIS 15th European Security Conference & Exhibition, which will take place from 6 to 8 April, 2016, in London. The chapter looks forward to welcoming ASIS members to one of Europe's greatest cities.

Mike Hurst is the United Kingdom Chapter's vice chair and director of HJA Fire & Security Recruitment of Harrow, Middlesex, England.

Become a Subcommittee Member Council

The ASIS International European Council Activities Subcommittee is looking for recruits.

The subcommittee, which is part of the ASIS European Advisory Council currently chaired by Peter French, CPP, helps European ASIS members make maximum use of ASIS council resources and strives to increase international council participation and membership, promote the use of council expertise, and improve communication and cooperation among regions, chapters, and councils.

Subcommittee membership offers practitioners the opportunity to share security expertise. Being a subcommittee member is not an honorary title; it is a working position that requires moderate personal commitment. However, travelling within Europe is not required as bimonthly telephone conferences are conducted using toll-free numbers.

Those interested in joining the subcommittee can contact its chair, Werner Preining, CPP, at interpoolvienna@aon.at

ASIS UK Police Liaison Receives OBEOBE     

Richard Stones OBE

ASIS United Kingdom Chapter Police Liaison Committee Member Richard Stones was awarded an OBE in Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's 2015 Birthday Honours for his services to both the police and business.
Stones was the first serving police officer worldwide to be awarded Chartered Security Professional status in 2011. He's also a Fellow of The Security Institute and a Freeman of The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals.
Upon receiving the award, Stones said: "It's great to be recognised in this way. I was shocked but delighted when I received the letter. I hope this accolade will help in raising the profile of ASIS, particularly in policing circles where a closer collaboration with business and industry standards would help us all." 

Read more.
Source: Risk UK 

The submission deadline for the next issue is 20 July.

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A new spotlight will be available each month and it's free for members and prospective members. The Security Spotlights include recorded seminar sessions, white papers, book chapters, and other valuable resources.

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2015 Seminar Experience AwardsSeminarExp  

The ASIS International Young Professionals Council, with the support of Securitas Security Services, USA, is pleased to offer three security management professionals the opportunity to win a Seminar Experience. This award provides full registration, travel, and event tickets for the ASIS International 61st Annual Seminar and Exhibits in Anaheim, California, United States, 28 September to 1 October, 2015.

To apply for this award, you must be:
  • An ASIS member in good standing
  • 40 years or younger or new to the security management profession, regardless of age.
Download the application. Submissions are due by 31 July.

A panel of industry professionals will review and select the winners based on the need expressed in the essay questions and the application's strength.

The winners will be notified by 21 August.

OSAC and ASIS International Sign Agreement OSAC   

The United States Department of State's Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) and ASIS International, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance collaboration and information sharing between the two security organizations.

As a result of this agreement, OSAC affirms its willingness to provide U.S. government representatives such as regional security officers, intelligence analysts, and other subject-matter experts to ASIS in-person and online events globally. ASIS will designate space on the Global Terrorism Council, as well as other councils as needed, for an OSAC representative. In addition, the organizations will investigate opportunities to collocate OSAC regional events with ASIS global conferences.

"ASIS and OSAC members possess significant expertise in identifying and mitigating risks to people, property, and information," says Michael J. Stack, chief executive officer, ASIS International. "This MOU strengthens our strategic relationship, promotes private and public sector cooperation and collaboration, and provides practitioners with a greater understanding of global security threats facing multinational organizations" he added.

Directed by a council of 34 representatives from companies and government agencies concerned with overseas security, OSAC promotes dialogue between the U.S. government and the American private sector on security issues abroad.

EU OverviewEUOverview

The OSPAs Are Coming to YouOSPA  

By Professor Martin Gill

Have you ever thought about why the security sector has never had a worldwide excellence scheme such as the Tony awards (for theatre) or the Grammy awards (for the music industry)? Well now we have. The Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPA) have been launched around the world (www.theospas.com).

The OSPAs are set to transform what is meant by success in security. Countries are initiating OSPA schemes, and once a core number of national OSPA schemes are established, the winners will be entered in a worldwide OSPA competition. The processis already underway in Norway (no.theospas.com), Australia (au.theospas.com), and Germany (de.theospas.com), and more countries will be announced soon.

In 2014, Perpetuity Research published a study into the key factors that contribute and characterise outstanding security performance (available from the OSPAs website). The research showed that awards schemes that were credible were highly valued.

So, what are the key features?
  • The OSPAs are the security world's first global system for recognising outstanding performance.
  • The OSPAs are independent, credible, respectable and transparent.
  • The awards aim to drive outstanding performance in the security sector and recognise individuals and organisations when this is achieved.
  • Categories and criteria are based on extensive research into security excellence, including a global survey.
  • Research into other varied awards schemes helped develop the OSPAs to ensure that best practices are followed.
  • The OSPAs not only bring together security personnel and associations in a single country, the awards will also, in due course, provide a focal point for the security sector worldwide.
Who is permitted to enter?

Anyone working in the security world can enter, you don't need to be a member of any association or group -- indeed, as noted, the OSPAs are independent of all associations and groups. At present the OSPAs are available in Norway, Australia, and Germany, but look out for other announcements soon and contact us for more information about your country via the website or e-mail Jo Ramm at j.ramm@theospas.com.

Professor Martin Gill is director of Perpetuity Research in Leicester, United Kingdom.

 Facebook Faces Court over Belgian Data Trackingfacebook 



Belgium's Privacy Regulator has sued Facebook for tracking people as they surf the Web, starting a case that could have important implications for the rest of Europe depending on the result. Belgium's regulators do not have any power to fine the company, but they may ask national courts to assist in the enforcement.

The main issue is that Facebook is tracking those who are not members of the network or even signed in. The Belgian Privacy Commission is also worried that users who are signed into the service are not properly informed about what personal data is collected and shared with third-party advertisers.

The jurisdiction issue could have major repercussions for the European Union's data protection laws. Member states want people to be able to lodge complaints in their respective countries rather than in Ireland, where Facebook's European headquarters are based.

Read more.   


Source: Politico  

 EU Approves Data Protection Reformdataprotection       


On 15 June, European Union justice ministers agreed on data protection rules after more than three years of negotiations. The European Council has now started trialogue negotiations with the Parliament and Commission to work on the details of the regulation that is supposed to be agreed upon by the end of the year.

Despite the agreement many Ministers including the Polish, Bulgarian, and Danish were critical of Article 6.4, which allows companies to process data for reasons other than the ones users originally agreed to, provided companies have a "legitimate interest." German MEP Jan Phillipp Albrecht (Greens) Parliament rapporteur on the package said, "There are clearly differences, notably as regards the rights afforded to consumers and duties to be fulfilled by businesses. However, if we can engage in constructive and pragmatic negotiations, it should be possible to reach a compromise acceptable to both sides in that timeframe," he concluded.

Read more

Source: Euractiv

Europol Launches Antipropaganda Cyberuniteuropol         



Europol has launched a cyberunit, the EU Internet Referral Unit (EU IRU), consisting of 15 experts who will combat terrorist propaganda and related violent extremist activities, because officials believe that the increasing amount of terror campaigns are challenging European Union security.

"Jihadist groups, in particular, have demonstrated a sophisticated understanding of how social networks operate. They have launched well-organised, concerted social media campaigns to recruit followers and to promote or glorify acts of terrorism or violent extremism," a Europol spokesperson said. A March report by the Brookings Institution, a Washington, D.C.- based think tank, identified 46,000 human-run accounts tweeting on average 7.4 times a day to advance the groups campaigns during the last four months of 2014.

In cooperation with member states, the private sector, and the Europol Liaison Officer's network, the EU IRU will identify and monitor relevant online content to reduce the impact of extremist propaganda on the Internet.


Read more.    


Source: RTcom


United States Freshly Accused of Spying in Francespy         


France has demanded answers about evidence of U.S. spying and tapping President Hollande's communications. Reports also came out that NSA surveillance equipment was concealed on the top floor of the U.S. embassy in Paris.

President Obama denies the allegations and told Hollande that the United States is abiding by a commitment that he made in 2013 to not spy on the French leader after Edward Snowden disclosed the extent of NSA surveillance powers.

The release of the revelations coincided with the final vote in the French Parliament on a bill allowing broad new surveillance powers to counter threats of French extremists. The law, which would give intelligence services authority to monitor Internet use and phone calls in France, passed in a show-of-hands vote, despite a last round of criticism from privacy advocates concerned about massive U.S.-style data sweeps.



Source: The New York Times  


Scotland Yard Creates SAS-style Unit to Counter TerrorismSY  



Scotland Yard has created an SAS-style unit of armed officers to counter the threat of a terrorist gun attack in Britain.
The 130 counter-terrorism specialist firearms officers who make up the elite unit have been equipped with new weapons and retrained in new tactics, such as fast-roping from helicopters and storming burning buildings to rescue hostages.
The unit has trained alongside the army's special forces to respond to assaults such as the 2008 attacks in Mumbai and the 2013 Westgate shopping mall attack in Nairobi. It will also be looking to see if any lessons can be learned from the massacre in Tunisia.

Read more.

Source: The Guardian

New Model for Integrating Services and Technology in Europenewmodel  


The European Security Services and the Association of German Private Security Industry presented a new model for integrating services and technology in the European security industry at the 5th European Security Summit in Berlin.

The sophistication of criminal activity (particularly white-collar crime) has been increasing in Germany and across Europe. One in four companies has been victim of a white-collar crime in the last two years in Germany, with an estimated average cost of more than €300,000 per year. This trend is driving the European security industry towards a new paradigm where service and technology are merged into a full solution.

These challenges together with an economic and legal overview of the European and German markets were discussed at the summit.

Source: EuroSecurity

Education and Events educationandevents

ASIS International 61st Annual Seminar and Exhibitsasis2015     

The ASIS International 61st Annual Seminar and Exhibits (ASIS 2015) and the collocated (ISC)² Security Congress will take place 28 September to 1 October in Anaheim, California, USA. These events are renowned for delivering the profession's most comprehensive education programme for operational and cybersecurity specialists.

This year is no exception. Join 20,000 industry peers for:
Register by 31 August to save $100 off the standard registration fees.

A trip to the United States requires an additional degree of planning. To prepare yourself, visit the International page. Remember to reserve your hotel room through the official ASIS Housing Bureau for the best negotiated rates.

ASIS 2015 also is a proud participant in this year's U.S Department of Commerce's International Buyer Program (IBP), an effort that has brought thousands of international buyers to the United States for business-to-business matchmaking with U.S. firms. Discover if this programme could benefit you, and review the IBP brochure in English, en español, en français, or em português.

Attention, ASIS 2015 Exhibitors! Do you have an award-worthy new product or service? If so, enter the ASIS Accolades Competition by 31 July.

         ASIS Europe 2016: Be a Speaker in Londonlondon2016    


ASIS International will hold its 15th European Security Conference & Exhibition from 6 to 8 April, 2016, in London, United Kingdom.

Conference participants will share and learn effective strategies and solutions for securing their organisations' people, property, and information in today's challenging global security environment.

Subject matter experts are invited to participate in the conference programme by submitting a proposal for a presentation.

Proposals on all security-related topics are sought, including: supply chain security, loss prevention, hotel security, intellectual property, maritime piracy, terrorism, executive protection, internal theft and fraud, competitive intelligence, brand protection, physical security, cybersecurity and convergence, investigations, due diligence, and global business issues.

Deadline: 15 September.

For further information, please contact europe@asisonline.org

or visit the website


       Last Chance to Be a speaker at ASIS Middle East 2016MEconference  


Call for Presentations - Deadline Extended until 22 July!

ASIS International's 7th Middle East Security Conference & Exhibition will be held from 21 to 23 February, 2016, at the Events Centre of the InterContinental Festival City Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Be a Speaker in Dubai!
Submit your proposal here by 22 July!

The event will address a full spectrum of topics in security management such as: supply chain security, loss prevention, hotel security, intellectual property, maritime piracy, terrorism, executive protection, internal theft and fraud, competitive intelligence, brand protection, physical security, cybersecurity, investigations, due diligence, and global business issues.

For further information, please contact middleeast@asisonline.org

or visit the website


         ASIS China 2015: Registration Opens in Augustshanghai     

  The ASIS China Conference will be held 3 and 4 December in Shanghai. The event will provide two days of cutting-edge educational sessions on a range of security topics by senior security professionals sharing their experience and best practices. 

The event will have ample opportunities for networking, as a reception, two lunches, and breaks are planned.

Who Should Attend
  • Security management professionals
  • Corporate executives in IT, supply chain management, strategic planning, and human resources
  • Representatives from companies providing security services and solutions
  • Law enforcement and fire protection professionals
  • Facility management professionals
  • Intelligence services and military personnel
  • Government officials (Justice and Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Defense)
  • Academics
  • Consultants, vendors, and architects
Benefits of Attending
  • Get the latest information on key security issues affecting your business.
  • Develop effective strategies and solutions for protecting your organization's people, property, and data.
  • See and compare innovative technologies, products, and services first-hand.
  • Network with security professionals and officials from around the globe.

Registration will open in August!  


For further information, please contact asiapacific@asisonline.org or visit the conference website.



ASIS International invites members to submit articles to be published in future editions of EuroDynamics.


Whether the topic is a case study about a facility, an analysis of new legislation in your nation, an article about mitigating threats a look at fresh opportunities for the security profession, or other items that promote practitioner knowledge and best practices with other ASIS members, we would be glad to receive it.

Board certified professionals are entitled to claim up to 9 CPE credits per published article.

General writing guidelines:

  • Articles must be in English only.
  • Articles should not exceed 500 words.
  • If you would like to submit longer articles, please send a 500-word summary that will be published in the newsletter and on the ASIS European website with a link to the full article.
  • Sales or marketing submissions will not be accepted.
Please contact the editor.

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3-4 December, 2015 -- ASIS China Conference, Shanghai, China 


21-23 February, 2016 -- ASIS 7th Middle East Security Conference & Exhibition, Dubai, United Arab Emirates  


6-8 April, 2016 -- ASIS 15th European Security Conference & Exhibition, London, United Kingdom 


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