December 2008
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SRVP Report – Looking forward to 2009

Let me start by thanking my esteemed predecessors as ASIS International SRVP for Europe, Peter French and Arjo de Jong, both standard-bearers of the security profession in Europe, for their excellent work during the past six years. It is difficult to imagine that it is only six years ago that the very first ASIS International European Security Conference was held in Amsterdam. We owe Peter and Arjo our gratitude for all that was achieved under their leadership and are very fortunate that they will remain closely associated as Chairman of the European Advisory Council and Chairman of the European Security Conference respectively.

We currently have more than 2,000 members in Europe, 20 Chapters and a successful yearly European Security Conference. ASIS International is the only organisation of security professionals that is active in almost all European countries. This offers pan-European sharing of best practices, which is one of the main advantages of being a member of ASIS International in Europe. The global perspective, with input from ASIS International members from all continents, can be considered as a strong additional advantage. 

 Godfried Hendriks CPP "ASIS International is the only organisation of security professionals that is active in almost all European countries"

In these challenging times, having direct access to high quality information and knowledge and the ability to make use of the ASIS International network of high-level security professionals makes the difference. I am confident that ASIS International already offers the very best ‘membership return on investment’ in Europe but it is our aim to even improve that in 2009. At the same time, I would like to stress that we do not want to compete with local organisations of security professionals, but rather start and extend cooperation, as it is our mutual aim to increase the level of professionalism of security professionals globally.

I am very much looking forward to working with all European volunteer leaders and the professional staff at the ASIS International European Bureau in Brussels in providing the best possible value for all ASIS International European members.

I would like to wish you all a happy, healthy, safe and secure 2009, and am looking forward to seeing many of you at the ASIS International European Security Conference from April 26th to 29th in Montreux, Switzerland.

Godfried Hendriks CPP
2009 ASIS International SRVP for Europe 

EU: Commission proposes ten strategic priorities on confiscation and recovery of criminal proceeds 

The European Commission intends to strengthen efforts to hit criminals where it hurts most: depriving them of the assets they acquired through crime. The large majority of organised crime activities have a financial motive. Even in the absence of reliable statistics, today the amounts recovered from organised crime remain modest compared to the profits of organised crime.

Vice-President Jacques Barrot, EU Commissioner responsible for Justice, Freedom and Security, stated: "We need to hit criminals where it hurts them most. The confiscation of the proceeds of crime is one of the most effective means to tackle organised crime and therefore one of the cornerstones of the EU wide anti-crime strategy. Criminals and their illegal profits move effortlessly across borders, that's why there is added value in action at EU level. "

The new Communication calls for swift action – to take some examples: Member States need to ensure that effective Asset Recovery Offices are up and running in each of the 27 EU Member States as a matter of priority. Such Offices facilitate the tracing of criminal assets, participate in confiscation procedures and ensure the proper management of seized assets.

Member States should also ensure that cross border exchange of information is done smoothly and remove other existing obstacles to confiscation procedures. EUROPOL could ensure regular contacts between Asset Recovery Offices operating in Member States. EUROJUST should be increasingly involved in facilitating co-operation on freezing and confiscation at the level of magistrates. A common EU training programme for financial investigators will be established.

Better European statistics on freezing, confiscating and recovering assets are needed. Finally, improving information sharing with asset recovery offices in third countries is another priority. These actions can be complemented by a future streamlining and updating of the existing EU legislation.

Vice President Barrot, welcoming the Communication and its ten strategic actions pointed out that "It is necessary to think outside the box combining both legislative and operational measures for the rapid identification, tracing and recovery of assets acquired by criminals. They operate across borders, even at a global level, and increasingly acquire assets in other countries. For that reason we urgently need an appropriate European response. Effective national agencies charged with tracing assets are of key importance for successful confiscation. But they cannot do the job unless we help them to work together. Crime should not be a profitable business !".

News from Chapter 249 (France)
The Challenging World of France’s Private Detectives; Reforms at the Gendarmerie Nationale; a Report on the Walsh Award; and a French Overture from the CSO Roundtable

P A R I S—5 DECEMBER 2008—A record number of members and guests of ASIS International Chapter 249 (France) gathered for its last meeting of the year at the headquarters of Generali Assurances in Paris in early December 2008. The Chapter, now representing some 70 organisations and companies, heard a diverse range of presentations.

The professional life of a French private detective — more properly, a “private research agent”under terms of the law — is quite different from that depicted in films and novels, according to private investigator Jean-Emmanuel Derby, of the French firm Roche Investigations. He called it a “threatened profession” because of its small size (there are approximately 1,000 detectives in all of France), its artisinal nature and the fact that it many firms are still family-run. Noting that the practice of private investigations has been regulated and defined by a series of disjointed laws and regulations over many years, Derby also said it has not yet achieved the status of a genuine profession: “We have no real official license or identity card.” He added that detectives and their clients are do not have the legal protections extended to attorneys, “for secret or privileged communications between client and professional.” Derby said private professional investigation remains a critical and valuable element of civil and domestic relations, often covering matters that official authorities cannot or will not. He noted that regulations affecting the professional were evolving and expressed hope that private detectives would soon have the right to view such public records as automobile registrations, a right already extended to private insurance agents. He said detectives hoped to overturn certain rules (the prohibition against use night vision equipment, for example) and to liberalise others governing certain types of inquiries. Noting that French detectives must now complete a course of legal studies, he added that one national industry group may adopt a code of ethics and that he hoped to see the French government issue a carte professionel to those who are properly qualified.

Philippe Mazy, a colonel assigned to the headquarters of the French Gendarmerie Nationale and head of its human resources division, provided a comprehensive review of planned changes in policies and practices designed to build bridges between the French public and private sectors. Colonel Mazy covered new developments that will reinforce a “payment for performance” system, liberalise leaves of absence for public officials to obtain private sector experience, and steps to streamline and promote mobility of functions within various government services.

The 2008 recipient of the Thomas J Walsh Award and scholarship, Chapter 249 member Sylvain Cavier, security analyst with the French aviation conglomerate SAFRAN, briefed the group on his experiences during the Asset Protection Course offered by ASIS International this November in Philadelphia. Cavier highlighted the fact that greater emphasis is placed in North America on making a quantitative “business case” for security. He also covered aspects of the protection principles “deter, detect and delay.” Cavier noted that non-European countries appear to give private companies much wider latitude in making inquiries about private persons, as well as background and pre-employment screening. Study materials from the course will be available to chapter members wishing to purse PSP certification.

In the final presentation, Peter Piazza, representing ASIS International Headquarters strategic operations division, provided an overview of the Chief Security Officer (CSO) Roundtable programme, stressing interest in augmenting its international membership, now at eighteen percent. Piazza impressed the appreciative group by delivering the first portion of his illustrated talk in French.


Chapter 249 president Sylvan Ravinet announced these dates for chapter meetings during the first half of 2009:

6 February Paris
27 March Lyon/Interpol (provisional, subject to confirmation)
5 June Paris (annual all-member meeting)

The chapter plans to organise site visits to important installations in the Paris region, as well as a meeting at the headquarters of Interpol in Lyon. Full details will be available shortly after the first of the year. To build team spirit, chapter members plan to experience – on a purely voluntary basis, of course – controlled weightlessness in a “free fall” chamber this spring, and those surviving may make a group parachute jump later in the year.

Thomas Vonier
ARVP Region 25

Submit your nomination by 15 January 2009:
The ASIS International European Award for Distinguished Contributions to Societal Security

Objective: The ASIS International European Award recognises significant contributions to advancing security in Europe. It is the European security profession’s most prestigious recognition of contributions to societal security, awarded to high-visibility candidates from the public and private sectors, including senior public officials, politicians and corporate leaders. To enhance recognition of the recipient, articles and photographs will be put forward for publication in professional periodicals and mass circulation news media, as well as in various ASIS International publications and communications.

General criteria: The recipient must be an individual or group, highly regarded in Europe, having made a significant contribution to security in Europe.

Nominations: Nominations may be submitted by any individuals, groups or associations and may include self-nominations. The nominator must submit a written narrative detailing the nominee’s contributions deserving of recognition and outlining why the nominee makes a worthy recipient. The narrative should be between 300 and 500 words in length and must be accompanied by detailed CV or professional biography. Newspaper clippings and articles will be accepted as additional supporting documentation. Nominations that do not comply with these criteria cannot be considered. Specific aspects of the nomination will be verified by the ASIS European Bureau, the awards panel as appropriate.

The deadline for nominations is 15 January 2009

Click here to download the nomination form and guidelines

UK Chapter news

100 security professionals met on 20th Novemberat the ASIS UK Chapter, AGM and Winter Seminar, hosted by Thompson Reuters in Canary Wharf. Hugh Mcleod of Assynt Associates updated the attendees on the continuing threat of Al Qaeda which was complemented by Lord Toby Harris’s presentation Terrorism – Current Threats andEvents.

 L – R Barrie Millett (Chapter Chairman), Peter French (ASIS Senior Regional Vice President), Lord Toby Harris, Graham Bassett (Chapter Committee) Stuart Lowden (Former Chapter Chairman and current Chairman BSIA), David Creswell (Chapter Committee).

Martin Smith of The Security Company (International) spoke on the fallibility of human beings as part of a total security solution.

Chapter Chairman Barrie Millett took the opportunity to thank the membership and committee for their efforts in making this a great year for the UK Chapter (membership up 6%) and looked forward to double digit growth in 2009.

New Committee appointees include Dan Hooton of the Prudential and new members to Lead on International Standards and Regional Meetings.

Lord Toby Harris of Haringey who spoke at today's seminar was made a Life Peer in June 1998. He is Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Policing and Treasurer of the Parliamentary Information Technology Committee. He was also a member of the House of Lords Select Committee that recently reported on Personal Internet Security. He also sits on the Metropolitan Police Authority as the representative of the Home Secretary

Also at The Seminar Nigel Flower received the Mervyn David Award for services both to
ASIS and the wider security profession.

Receiving the award Nigel said
"I was, as you will have noticed today, very surprised but proud and privileged to join such an august group of fellow recipients of the beautiful silver salver given in memory of the late Air Commodore Mervyn David. Mervyn was an excellent Chairman of the Chapter, its first President and a fine example to us all of how a member should conduct himself and I am very proud to have served under him. This award remembers his work for the Chapter, the Society and security in general ( he had been of course been Head of RAF Security and at Shell) and I am deeply moved and grateful to have been recognised in this way by the members of Chapter 208. It was also a very nice touch that Peter French, last year's recipient was on hand to present it to me.”

Norwegian Chapter delivers succesful event in Bergen

Preparedness and Crisis handling were the topics at “ASIS-dagene” in Bergen, September 1-2. Henrik Seip, president of the Norway chapter, could welcome 55 attendees.

The first session focused on preparedness planning in the private and public sectors respectively. After lunch, former Prime Minister of Norway, Mr Kåre Willoch, lifted the perspective to the national viewpoint when he spoke on vulnerability and national preparedness. Mr. Willoch headed Norway’s “Vulnerability commission” from 1999 to 2000. Presentations of tools for risk Intelligence, preparedness planning and crisis handling concluded the speeches of day one.

Mr. Willoch and Mr. Seip

The conference dinner was held on a Restaurant at Fløien – one of the 7 mountains surrounding Bergen. The view was magnificent (even in rain), the food and drink was good, the entertainment hilarious, and Regional Vice President Helge Kvamme was awarded the ASIS prize for his contribution to the fight against economic crime. His work has gained recognition in national and international trade and industry and with the authorities.

Mr. Seip, Mr. Kvamme and former president Mr. Størkersen

Preparedness training was the main topic on day 2. The conference attendees were taken by bus to Falck Nutec outside Bergen for a presentation of their training laboratory, and to participate in a drop from 30 meters in rescue boat.

Crisis communication was covered on both days, with the Bourbon Dolphin tragedy north of Shetland in April 2007 as common denominator – day 1 with the shipping company’s communications adviser and on day 2, representing the media, the first Norwegian TV journalist on Shetland reporting from the tragedy.

The next ASIS-dagene conference has been scheduled for 6-7 September 2010.

 Members meeting and networking – Denmark Chapter 228

31 members of the Danish Chapter joined a meeting in The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI) on 26th November 2008. The meeting was among other things a continuation of a meeting held in the Danish Bosch HQ in October 2008 where CCTV in public areas was discussed.

The managing director Peter Johansen opened the meeting with a welcome to the visitors and he gave a presentation of DBI. He expects the numbers of employees to be about 140 in 2009.

The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI) is Denmark's leading knowledge centre in the field of fire safety and prevention. They maintain the knowledge through relevant participation in research and development activities and services that they offer private and public enterprises, institutions and authorities. A detailed presentation of DBI’s different departments was given.

Chief Superintendent Michael Agerbaek, Copenhagen Police, went through the process on the coming CCTV system in the inner Copenhagen and he gave a description of the marked change in the population concerning the subject “to be kept under surveillance” after the murder of a young man in January 2008.

The project was kicked off with 2 primary criteria’s: Documentation and identification.
The plan is to place about 40 cameras in the area as a start using en new camera type AXIS made in Sweden. Similar project will be started in 2009. DBI was chosen as technical advisor for the police.

After the meeting the members joined the annual Christmas Party and good networking.

 Counter Terror Expo

Counter Terror Expo 2009 (CTX09) is coming to London’s prestigious QE11 Centre 10-11 February. Events including September 11, Bali, Madrid, the London Underground and Bus bombing and the Glasgow Airport attacks are still fresh in the mind, and the thwarted August 10 airliner bomb plot and failed London club-land attacks raise many questions over the state of preparedness to head off other potential terrorist outrage that may be in the planning stages.

“Counter Terror Expo 2009 comes at a time when the focus on preventing other such attacks is at an all time high,” explains Peter Jones, Event Director, CTX09. “Seventy-five of the world’s leading counter terrorism experts will therefore gather, in a city that has seen more than its fair share of terrorist atrocities, in informed debate and help to indentify measures to counter this continued threat.” 

Conference will be a multi-stream event including the following themes:

• CRITICAL COLLABORATION – The need to know the need to share
• PARTNER IN CRISIS - Joint approaches to large scale terrorist incidents
• SPECIFIC & EMERGING TERRORIST THREATS – Joint approaches in counter terrorism
• CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE – Transport, traffic & tourism
• FUTURE OUTCOMES – Prevention & preparation
• MANAGING THE INTERNATIONAL THREAT – Joint approaches in counter terrorism
• COMMAND & CONTROL – Rescue services, police, ambulance and military
• THE ROLE OF THE MEDIA – Before, During and After

The event will be supported by a series of workshops designed to provide a forum through which to explore the latest technological solutions available to combat the global terrorist threat. Themes covered will include:
• CCTV & Surveillance
• Perimeter Security & Intrusion Detection
• Human Factors & Training
• Information & Communication Systems
• CBRN Detection, Screening & Protection

An exhibition will also showcase the very latest specialist security products and solutions that form a crucial part in countering that terrorist menace. The exhibition already has over 100 companies committed to exhibiting including: Synetcis, Qioptiq, Hidden Technology, Remploy Frontline, Jackson Fencing, Rapiscan, Qinetiq, Smiths, Gunnebo, Allen Vanguard, and L3 to name a few

About Counter Terror Expo
Counter Terror Expo is a leading counter terrorism conference, workshop and exhibition event. Held in London, Counter Terror Expo brings the world’s leading terrorism experts together with other specialist practitioners and systems suppliers for two full days of informed debate, designed to facilitate an open exchange of views and drive forward solutions to counter the threat faced from international terrorism.

For more information visit or contact Nicola Greenaway, email: or call + 44 (0) 208 542 9090

Update: The Swedish Chapter

In December 2007 the Swedish chapter had 196 members. During 2008 the chapter has recruited 141 new members and has a net growth of 120 members. Many of the new members come from Gothenburg and Malmoe in the southern part of Sweden. As a result of this the chapter has scheduled at least three activities in the southern part of Sweden for 2009. We still have a great growth potential in Sweden, especially in the southern parts of Sweden. ASIS International Sweden has become the second largest comparable security association in Sweden. The Swedish Chapter is looking forward to invite Europe’s Security Professionals to a European Security Conference in the future.

CPP Study Group in Sweden
On November 6th, 14 members gathered for the first meeting in the 6 month long CPP Study Group to prepare for the CPP exam in 2009.

We started with a CPP Practice test to establish what the participants already knew. We meet every 3-4 weeks to discuss and present one of the topics. So far we have covered Emergency Practices, Business Principles & Practices and Personnel Security.

Klas Nilsson, CPP, PSP, PCI started the CPP Study Group in the spring of 2004 and developed a study method that have been proven successful. 9 of 10 participants pass the CPP exam. Klas have visited the neighboring chapters in Finland, Denmark and Norway and talked about the study method, and several Scandinavian chapters are now running Study Groups.

Today the chapter has 22 CPP, 3 PSP and 2 PCI, among these 2 people holds 3 designations and 1 person CPP and PSP. 50% of the chapter board officers hold one or more certification. By the end of 2009 there will hopefully be more than 30 CPP in Sweden. It’s important to increase the number of certified professionals, for the professional certifications to be established. One way of making the Professional Certifications more attractive in Europe, might be to have more European contributors to the Protection of Assets Manual.

Stockholm, December 5, 2008
Klas Nilsson, CPP, PSP, PCI, CFE, CISM, CPOI

The Fire and Life Safety Council 

By E. Floyd Phelps, CPP
Council chair

ASIS International has 33 Councils that represent specific disciplines. At the beginning of each year most of the Councils are looking for new members. The Fire and Life Safety Council is no exception. At the first of the year we will have three openings for council members.

Our council is currently trying to build a team of dedicated individuals who are willing to commit both time and effort to our council -- individuals who will provide ideas, procedures, education and current trends to the entire ASIS International membership.

Being a council member requires some commitments to participate.

The Council currently has two planning meetings each year. The first is in January and the second in September in conjunction with the ASIS Annual Seminar & Exhibits.

In addition, there are four conference calls, one in each quarter, to discuss current needs, new issues, pending council business and to plan for the current year and upcoming years.

Each council member is expected to have the commitment of their employer that will allow them to attend meetings and participate in conference calls.

In addition, members are expected to serve on one of the many committees of the council. We encourage members to write articles and book reviews for Security Management Magazine and submit session proposals for the ASIS Annual Seminar & Exhibits and the Security Trends & Solutions educational programs.

Our current goals involve giving formal talks at each council member’s local ASIS Chapter meeting to promote the councils and Fire & Life Safety, to volunteer to serve as a Moderator for educational sessions at the ASIS Annual Seminar & Exhibits, to volunteer to review proposed sessions for the Annual Seminar & Exhibits to help select sound programming, to produce articles for the Council’s Quarterly Newsletter, to compile a list of Fire Safety Organizations in the United States and Internationally, and to recruit members both domestically and internationally. Naturally, each member will not be expected to complete all of these Council Goals but if each member is active, we will achieve the goals as a team.

To this end we are actively searching for ASIS members who are willing to participate in this endeavor as members of the council, preferably individuals who administer a successful safety and fire safety program.

Our membership search includes international members, who can serve as active members.

Those interested in becoming a member or have questions about Fire & Life Safety Council Membership contact Scott R. Ganes, CPP at or Membership Chairman, William A. Minear, II, CPP, PPS at

2009 ASIS Foundation Scholarship and Awards Deadlines

 Deadlines are fast approaching for 2009 ASIS Foundation scholarships and awards. Created to help security professionals and graduate and undergraduate students reach their educational goals, Foundation Awards support security professionals at all stages of their careers.

Kick off the New Year by applying for an Allan J. Cross Award, which pays registration fees for 30 members to attend the ASIS certification review course of their choice. Robin Mederios, vice president, Star Protection Agency and a 2008 Cross Award winner participated in a recent PCI review course in New Orleans. He cited the quality of the course as being instrumental to his recertification.

Said Mederios, “The class was wonderfully presented and, most importantly, allowed me to focus on the critical aspects of the exam.”

Cross applications are accepted starting at midnight on January 1. Hurry! Once 30 applications are received and validated, no new applications will be accepted until 2010.

February 7, 2009 is the deadline for the Timothy J. Walsh APC I Award, which pays tuition, transportation, and hotel costs for a member to attend the Assets Protection Course (APC) I on March 16-19, 2009 in New Orleans. 2008 winner Sylvain Cavier of the France Chapter completed the APC I course this past November in Philadelphia, PA.

“The program exceeded my expectations,” said Cavier. “Mixing theory with hands-on examples, instructors examined a range of practices and offered tips I could immediately implement. In the long run, the APC I course gives me more credibility. It shows that I am involved on an international level, which is important for a company that has facilities in 30 countries.”

And, March 1, 2009 is the cut-off date for the Roy Bordes Award for Physical Security, a two-day, locally delivered, customized physical security program. Established in 2008, the Award honors the late ASIS volunteer leader's commitment to ASIS and the security profession. The Hong Kong chapter took home the inaugural award in June 2008, and as chapter president Douglas Renwick noted, the award will help spur his chapter’s growth.

“The security profession in Hong Kong, Macau and China is poised for growth in the coming decade, “said Renwick. “ASIS will continue to be at the forefront of professionalism with awards of this nature facilitating chapter growth and expansion.”

In addition, the ASIS Foundation offers a number of matching scholarships for chapter members and students. For details on these programs, visit or contact Barbara Buzzell at or +1-703.518.1441. 

Invitation to ASIS Members: The Security Awareness Special Interest Group  (In association with the Information Security Awareness Forum)

The next meeting of the Security Awareness Special Interest Group will be held on Wednesday 28th January 2009. Martin Smith, Chairman and Founder of the SASIG, will be chairing the event, which is to be hosted by Mark Hughes, Group Security Director at BT at the BT Centre (81 Newgate St, City of London, London EC1A).

To remind you, the SASIG meets quarterly and there is no charge for attending events. Its purpose is to network and discuss the challenges of raising employee security awareness. Membership is open to CSOs, CISOs and their staff who have an interest in or responsibility for security awareness within their organisations. Membership now represents organisations from across the world and from all sectors, public and private. SASIG meetings are always hosted by one of its members, are entirely vendor-free, and the Chatham House rule is strictly enforced. If you wish to know more, please visit

The agenda for the day is currently being finalised, however it is confirmed that the following will be speaking:
1. Mark Hughes, Group Security Director, BT
Host Presentation: Security & Continuity in BT

2. Alan Tolhurst, Programme Director Data Security Programme, HMRC
Keynote Presentation: Security - Changing Behaviour in HMRC - Implementing the Recommendations of the Hannigan and Poynter Reports

3. Lesley Harvey, Programme Manager Information Assurance Programme, The Home Office
Data Security in the Home Office - Implementing the Recommendations of the Cabinet Office report on Data Handling Procedures in Government

4. Detective Superintendent Charlie McMurdie, Head of the Police Central e-crime Unit, Metropolitan Police
Update on the new Police Central e-crime Unit - a Centre of Excellence to combat e-Crime in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

5. Stephen Cooper, Head of Security, Olympic Delivery Authority
The Importance of Security Awareness in Managing a High-Volume Contractual Workforce and Ensuring Robust Internal Security

6. Adam Bates, Global Chairman, KPMG Forensic
Understanding and Managing the Rise in Employee Crime

7. Gerry O'Neill, CEO, The Institute of Information Security Professionals
The IISP - Building the Authoritative Body for Information Security Professionals

8. James Brokenshire MP, Shadow Minister for Home Affairs and MP for Hornchurch
The Importance of Information Assurance and Cybercrime Prevention

Remember, the SASIG is both free to join and attend, with refreshments provided throughout the course of the day. This meeting looks set to be another very successful affair. With numbers limited, it is strongly suggest that you reply promptly to  if you do wish to register your interest in attending.

New: the Montreux 2009 Thought Leader Track

Did you miss the Montreux call for presentations or was you abstract not selected? Is you company leading the way in innovative technologies and solutions? Do you want to reach a potential audience of 500-600 high-level end users?

For the first time in Europe, ASIS now offers the possibility for vendor companies to present case studies, product demonstrations and best practices in a 4th sponsored "thought leader" track at the annual European Security Conference

Please contact for more information.

Global Agenda

3-5 February 2009 - 3rd ASIS International Asia-Pacific Conference - Hong Kong, China. Click here for more info.

10-11 February 2009 - Counter Terror Expo '09 - London, UK. Click here for more information.

26-29 April 2009 - 8th ASIS International European Security Conference - Montreuw Switzerland. More information: http://www.asisonline/montreux  

4 June 2009 -TranSec World Expo 2009- RAI - Amsterdam, Netherlands -  

June 2009 - ASIS International Business Continuity/Pandemic Preparedness Conference - Paris France (To Be Confirmed)

21-24 September 2009 - ASIS International 55 Annual Seminar and Exhibits - Annaheim CA, USA.  

November 2009 - ASIS International Information Assets Protection Conference - London UK (To Be Confirmed)

6-9 December 2009 - 1st ASIS International Middle East Security Conference - Dubai UAE

Chapter and Certification Events

For the latest details visit the European agenda

15 January 2009 - Preview Course IMF- 6 Corsendonk
12 & 13 February 2009 - Review Course CPO- 11 Corsendonk
13 February 2009 - Coaching CPP- 13, Coaching PCI- 1, Coaching PSP- 4, Corsendonk
5 March 2009 - Examentraining CPO - IMF 6 Corsendonk
6 March 2009 - Examen CPO Corsendonk
9 & 10 April 2009 - Review Course CPP- 14, Review Course PSP- 5, Review Course PCI- 2, Corsendonk
23 April 2009 Examen CPO AVANS Hogeschool
1 May 2009 - Examentraining CPP- 13 Examentraining PSP- 4, Examentraining PCI- 1 Corsendonk
2 May 2009 - Examen CPP, Examen PSP, Examen PCI, Corsendonk
11 June 2009- Examentraining CPO- 11 Corsendonk
11 & 12 June  2009 - Review Course CPO- 12 Corsendonk
12 June 2009 - Examen CPO Corsendonk
12 June 2009 - Coaching CPP- 14, Coaching PSP- 5, Coaching PCI- 2, Corsendonk
13 August 2009 - Examentraining CPO- 12 Corsendonk
14 August 2009 - Examen CPO Corsendonk
10 & 11 September 2009 - Review Course CPP- 15, Review Course PSP- 6, Review Course PCI- 3, Review Course CPO- Corsendonk
11 September 2009 - Coaching CPP- 14, Coaching PSP- 5, Coaching PCI- 2, Corsendonk
24 Sepetember 2009 -Preview CPO IMF- 7 Corsendonk
30 October 2009 - Examentraining CPP- 14, Examentraining PSP- 5, Examentraining PCI- 2, Examentraining CPO- 13, Coaching CPP- 15, Coaching PSP- 6, Coaching PCI- 3, Corsendonk
31 October 2009 - Examen CPP, Examen PSP, Examen PCI, Examen CPO, Corsendonk
12 November 2009 - Examentraining CPO IMF- 7 Corsendonk
13 November  2009 - Examen CPO Corsendonk

All ASIS Benelux certification events take place at the Priory of Corsendonk, Oud Turnhout, Belgium. Training sessions are organised by the Security College, contact: Mr Joop Verdonk CPP.



5 February 2009 - Annual Meeting and awards (Place: Haldor Topsøe) - contact
31 March 2009 - All day meeting & networking
23 June 2009 - All day meeting & networking
13 auhust 2009 - All day meeting & networking
22/23 September 2009 - Security and safety congress in Odense Congress Centre
17 November 2009 - All day meeting – Christmas Party 

4 February 2010 - Annual Meeting and awards


To attend a chapter meeting and meet us when visiting Paris: contact:  (both French and English presentations are given) All meetings take place in the Paris region

19 February 2009 – Yearly chapter meeting – Stockholm
18 March 2009 - Chapter Seminar: Crisis Management – Stockholm
2 March 2009 - Chapter Seminar: Who are you doing business with? – Gothenburg
Note: Criminals infiltrates companies.
23 April 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Risk Management – Stockholm
2 May 2009 – CPP/PSP/PCI exam – Stockholm
Chapter Certification Representative: Klas Nilsson, CPP, PSP, PCI
28-29 May 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Weapons impact – Uppsala
11 June 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Pub evening – Stockholm
Note: Seminar and social event.
3 September 2009 - Chapter Seminar: The future Security Manager – Stockholm
Note: Courses, training, education, preparation for certification and ethics.
1 October 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Fraud - Malmoe
20 October 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Convergence of IT and Security – Stockholm
Note: Seminar at the SecTech Exhibits
7 November 2009 – CPP/PSP/PCI exam – Stockholm
Chapter Certification Representative: Klas Nilsson, CPP, PSP, PCI
5-6 November – Chapter Seminar: Risk Analysis – Gothenburg
Note: Quantitative and Qualitative methods
25 November 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Criminology – Stockholm
Note: Crime and Crime Prevention Theories
10 December 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Pub Evening – Stockholm
Note: Seminar and social event.

Swedish Chapter e-mail addresses:

Exams will take place at the Företagsuniversitetet, Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please contact Mr Klas Nilsson CPP PSP PCI  

27 February 2009 Loss Prevention Seminar - Istanbul, Turkey
Notes: Language: English and Turkish (Simultaneous translation will be provided)

United Kingdom


17 March 2009 - Pre Seminar Dinner
18 March 2009 - Spring Seminar—Foreign & Commonwealth Office
17 June 2009 - Pre-Seminar Dinner
18 June 2009 - Summer Seminar- IBM, Waterloo
17 September 2009 - Pre Seminar Dinner
18 September 2009 - Autumn Seminar—BBC, Wood Green
19 November 2009 - Pre-Seminar Dinner
20 November 2009 - Winter Seminar & AGM—TBA

UK certification events take place at The Swan at Streatley Hotel, Streatley on Thames, Berkshire. Training sessions are organised by ARC Training International Ltd. For more information contact Mr David Cresswell CPP or Ms Janet Ward  


Be a sponsor of the 8th European Security Conference in Montreux

Download the sponsorship prospectus or contact the European Bureau for more information.


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ASIS International European Bureau 

For any queries on ASIS European events, membership, benefits, resources, collateral or certification, do not hesitate to contact the European Bureau.

287 Avenue Louise, 2nd Floor, 1050 Brussels,

Tel: +32 2 645 26 74
Fax:+32 2 645 26 71

European Links

Visit the ASIS International European web portal at:

Please visit our European Chapter Websites at the following links: (new) (under construction) 


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Membership Benefits

Ten reasons you benefit from becoming an ASIS International member:

- Unrivalled networking opportunities with more than 36,000 of your industry peers.
- Up-to-date information, including industry best practices, new technologies, and emerging trends.
- Complimentary subscription to Security Management magazine, the leading security industry publication.
- Opportunities to build a professional reputation and credentials.
- Tailored professional development programs to fit your specific career goals.
- Advocacy of the security industry to the government and business communities.
- Board-certified, professional designations.
- Members-only access to new career opportunities in security management.
- Access to more than 300 peer-reviewed, security-related publications.
- Discounts on program and Seminar registration, merchandise, and certification programs.

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New Chapters: Call for Volunteers

ASIS International is looking for volunteers to help form new chapters in Romania, the Baltic States, Western Balkans and other European countries where no chapter presently exists.

For more information, please contact the European Bureau or click here to download the procedures on forming a new chapter.

Barcelona in Review
Click here for photos and the video of the 7th European Security Conference.
 Transec 09

 ASIS Bookstore

You can now purchase ASIS-published books for Kindle, Amazon’s wireless reading device, from the Kindle Store on Kindle’s revolutionary electronic-paper display provides a sharp, high-resolution screen that looks and reads like real paper. The books may be purchased wirelessly right from your device, allowing you to click, buy, and start reading within a minute. Kindle holds hundreds of titles and every book you purchase is backed up online in your Media Library in case you ever need to download it again. At this time, the Kindle Store offers Career Opportunities in Security for $3.99; Casino Surveillance and Security: 150 Things You Should Know for $9.99; Emergency Planning Handbook for $9.99; and Protecting Schools and Universities from Terrorism: A Guide for Administrators and Teachers for $9.99. More ASIS books will be available for Kindle soon.



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