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Welcome to the 41st edition of Eurodynamics! The ASIS International European Bureau would like to encourage you to submit any updates or articles you wish to share with the ASIS International members in Europe!

Copy deadlines for the next issues have been fixed at the third Monday of every month. The deadline for the next issue is 21 January 2008.


New EU Treaty Will Open Floodgates for Security Related Legislation

On 13 December 2007 EU leaders in Lisbon signed a Treaty reforming the EU. The Lisbon Treaty - a follow-up of the Constitutional Treaty which was rejected by French and Dutch voters in May 2005 - is scheduled to enter into force on 1 January 2009 after ratification by Member States. This reform will entail important changes.

One of the most important changes is that the three pillars of the EU are to be merged into one single structure. The decision making process will be therefore simplified, especially with regard to security related legislation. Whereas in the past, unanimity was required on second an third pillar issues, this will -after ratification by the members states- be subject to (double) majority voting. A simplified procedure combines with security being high on the EU agenda much more legislation on this issue can expected in the not-so-distant future.

The Lisbon Treaty:

  • creates new actors competent in the security field (e.g. a Council president and a High Representative of the EU for foreign affairs and security policy); 
  • modifies the qualified majority voting; 
  • reduces the number of Commissioners; 
  • extend the scope of the qualified majority voting (in particular to security issues);
  • merges the three pillars of the EU into a single structure; 
  • changes and simplifies the EU legal instruments.

One of the major creation of the Lisbon Treaty is the appointment of a permanent Council President to chair EU summits for a two-and-a-half years renewable term. This president will replace the current six month rotation system. Presently, a different Member State ensured the EU’s presidency for a six month term. Currently the favourite candidate is the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

A High Representative of the EU for foreign affairs and security policy will also be appointed. This High Representative will be vice-president of the European Commission and president of the Council of foreign affairs ministers. He will replace the current EU High Representative for foreign affairs as well as the external relations Commissioner. The favourite candidate is Javier Solana (the current High Representative for the Common Foreign an Security Policy).

These creations are expected to bring more external visibility and will give a unified voice on the international scene to the European Union.

A double majority rule for Council decisions will be introduced (55% of Member States representing 65% of the EU’s population). The new voting system will apply from 2014, with a transition period until 2017. From 2017 a specific clause, called the Ioannina compromise, will apply. According to this compromise, members of the Council representing a blocking minority can express their intention of opposing the taking of a decision by qualified majority. In such a situation, the Council will do all within its power, within a reasonable space of time, to reach a satisfactory solution.

From 2014 the number of Commissioners will be reduced from 27 to 15.

The qualified majority voting will be extended to areas such as asylum, immigration, police cooperation and judicial cooperation in criminal matters. The Parliament, who is presently only consulted by the Council in these areas, will be given more power as it will co-decide with the Council.

The role of National Parliaments will be strengthened. For example, it will have 8 weeks (instead of six) to examine an EU draft legislation and will have the right to raise objection against it.

The number of seats at the European Parliament assigned to each Member State will be reviewed.  

New Research Shows Wide Gaps in National Biometric Testing and Certification Standards at Level of Components and Systems

Content kindly provided by SECURITY EUROPE

BRUSSELS – Worrying disparities in biometric testing and certification procedures across Europe pose security risks as the EU prepares to launch new passport and visa control regimes in the coming years. A systematic approach based on more stringent and interoperable norms is needed to boost confidence among its 27 member states and to ensure a more consistent definition and testing of biometric standards, concludes an EU-funded research project.

A nine-month project funded at EUR 358,000, BioTesting was coordinated by the Dublin-based European Biometrics Forum. Its research consortium consisted of the UK’s National Physics Laboratory, Germany’s national research agency Fraunhofer-Institut für Graphische Verarberaitung (IGD) and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy.

BioTesting’s consulted with end-users in 15 EU nations. The results revealed an extensive but uneven range of testing procedures used from one country to the next, with significant gaps in:

• the performance and accuracy of existing testing processes,
• interoperability of systems,
• conformity of data format (where there is a glaring lack of common methodology),
• biometric data quality,
• sensors,
• usability and accessibility of data,
• data security.

Theses factors argue for a common methodology for biometric testing and certification, concludes BioTesting.

The upshot: The EU’s top biometric challenge lies in fragmentation of the testing sector itself where there are insufficient common requirements. Test results, for example, are not exchanged across borders and thus there is little trust between laboratories in different member states. There are also no uniform parameters applicable to component-level testing versus system-level testing, which can produce inconsistent test results.

As a next step, BioTesting Europe participants may decide to work with CEN, the European Committee for Standardisation in Brussels to define a set of European standards for biometric testing and certification. CEN is composed of national standardisation experts from technical and economic sectors, and increasingly shapes its security-related work according to requests from the European Commission. Companies that manufacture biometric test equipment or conduct testing on behalf of public authorities should watch for CEN initiatives with an eye to participating in any stakeholder consultations they may launch.

SECURITY EUROPE is the only monthly publication on EU homeland security affairs. It offers reports and strategic analysis of emerging policies and requirements, and reports on upcoming research, events and business opportunities.
SECURITY EUROPE is available to ASIS members at a special corporate discount rate of EUR 350 (versus EUR 450) for a one-year subscription. Please specify "ASIS International" as a group affiliation on the subsciption form.
SecEUR also offers tailored assessments of business opportunities for specific products and technologies in the EU and NATO security market, and locally-based business capture support. See our
brochure. To subscribe or know more about us, visit our website at 

SECURITY EUROPE is an online publication of:



Looking to the Future

Peter French CPP
Senior Regional Vice President for Europe

ASIS International has always supported personal development through education as a primary aim of the organisation. At the Annual Exhibits this year 135 presentations were managed by the programme committee. Obviously standards vary and not always does the content match the description on the packet. But the format and diversity of subject matter delivered, caters for a wide range of audience needs and professional standing.

Peter French CPP "Across Europe the enthusiasm of members to recommend and sponsor new members is the major reason we are experiencing growth"

The Exhibits attracts up to 27,000 people, with 6,000 attendees registering for the seminar programme.

Next year's European conference will be held in Barcelona from 13th - 16th April 2008 with over 30 sessions and key note speakers. All presentations are referenced so that we can judge the presenters' style, if not the content, which has to be qualified by the presentation synopsis.

Each year the programme committee seeks to ensure that we get an ever increasing quality of presentation, which we also reference through attendee feed back over the past five years.

In response to members' requests for increased opportunities for Continuing Professional Development, we are planning for ways that may enable you to further maximise your time whilst attending. This year we are developing a range of 3-hour workshops to be held on Sunday, 13th April, around managing technology, a short certification review course and international and European standards.

I have asked the European Advisory Council (EAC) to consider the possibility of constructing a Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) qualification based on EU law. The European PCI would provide a structure of knowledge around 27 countries' legal systems, a 'who to go to' guide, because we are operating in an increasingly diverse legal system, which will eventually be simplified by the EU Parliament and Council.

This would not interfere with a nation's existing qualifications, but develop live qualification that could be actively promoted as harmonised EU regulation is increased. Another idea is that to remain a qualified European PCI you might be required to attend regular update seminars in order to re-qualify every three years. Perhaps this would also be ideal for the non law enforcement individual. This is possible as ASIS International is an ISO certified organisation for education development. Already we have a group of members from the Netherlands, Sweden and France working on such a qualification. If you would be interested in joining then please let me know.

In Europe our membership has grown by over 20% over the past 2 years. This has been possible due to you.  Across Europe the enthusiasm of members to recommend and sponsor new members is the major reason we are experiencing growth. Chapter growth and country penetration is increasing rapidly. As a further development we are going to promote the ASIS CSO Roundtable in Europe to be launched as part of a breakfast programme for Chief Security Officers with a guest presentation on the 15th April at the Barcelona Conference.

This will be a global initiative fully supported and resourced by ASIS to enable a facilitation tool by those employed in the corporate environment.

Developing relations and a global understanding is a cornerstone of the ASIS Society. Meeting the needs of special interest groups is a strength of this global professional association.

Wherever you are, whatever you belief, may all your ambitions for 2008 be achieved.

Be a Sponsor in Barcelona!

We are proud to present the exclusive Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities at ASIS International‘s 7th European Security Conference taking place in Barcelona, Spain on 13-16 April 2008.

The theme of the conference will be “Security: The Essential Corporate Asset” and will feature more than 33 high-level educational sessions from international security experts on subjects ranging from intelligence gathering and travel security , to international standards and IPR issues in China.

The following sponsors have already been confirmed for this year; ADT / Tyco, Diebold, Entelec, HID, Nedap AEOS, Metodo3, Vance, etc, as well as numerous exhibitors.

Several high-visibility sponsorship opportunities are still available. Please click here to download the sponsorship and exhibition package and contact the ASIS International European Bureau at for package availability. Please note that tailor-made sponsorship solutions are also possible.

ASIS International’s 7th European Security Conference Highlight’s.
- 500-700 Management level delegates
- Unrivalled networking opportunities with industry peers.
- “Who is who” of the European security industry.
- Up-to-date information, incl., best practices, new technologies, standards and emerging trends.
- 33 High level educational sessions
- 4 keynote speakers
- World largest professional society for security professionals

Help Promote the European Conference in Barcelona - Use Our Banners!

We need your help to make the 7th ASIS International European Conference which will take place in Barcelona on 13-16 April 2008 a succes. Please place the Barcelona banner on your chapter or corporate website and link it to Banners can be downloaded here.

Sponsorship packages are still available. Should you wish to sponsor the conference or do you know someone elso who could be interested, please send an email to

Introducing the New CSO Roundtable of ASIS International

CSO Roundtable

The CSO Roundtable is a global organisation of top-tier security executives among large companies, critical infrastructures, and other significant organisations. The Roundtable helps members perform job duties better and advance their careers; it also aims to enhance the quality and status of the CSO profession. Members will have special access to government decision makers as well as advanced networking

The Roundtable has chosen two well-respected CSOs, Don W. Walker, CPP,
of Securitas, and Regis W. Becker, CPP, of PPG Industries, to co-chair the
CSO Roundtable Advisory Board. The Board will supervise various
committees that will deal with membership, programs, Web content, and
other matters.

Benefits of Membership:

Dedicated Web site:

  • Dynamic inventory of best practices (security's ROI/selling security to
    the C level, corporate governance, compliance issues, globalisation, etc.)
  • Repository of battle-tested policies and procedures 
  • Benchmarking data 
  • Real-time, dynamic security-incident maps, provided by a
    technology partner 
  • Monthly news feeds tailored to CSOs' needs 
  • High-level global crime/terrorism analysis 
  • Original articles targeted to CSOs 
  • Access to current and archived articles from Security Management 
  • Reference center of bills, reports, regulations, standards, etc. 
  • Dedicated listserv and blog 
  • Event calendar, password-protected directory, job/talent bank

Educational Opportunities:

  • Wharton program 
  • Programs with think tanks/associations/security-business thought
  • Media boot camps

Conference Programming:

  • Two or three on-site conferences per year
  • Topics to include management issues, leadership, homeland
    security, compliance, government initiatives, information sharing, etc.

To learn more about the new CSO Roundtable, please contact Michael Gips, Director of Strategic Operations for ASIS, at  
or +1-703-518-1495.

ASIS International to participate in EWI'S 5th Worldwide Security Conference

ASIS International will participate in the East-West Institute's 5th Worldwide Security Conference (WSC5), being held in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the World Customs Organization. WSC5 will be held from February 19 through February 21, 2008, at the World Customs Organization Headquarters in Brussels.

  WSC5 will gather 750 leaders from businesses, civil society, governments, and academia over the course of three days to discuss the security of people, economies, and infrastructure. Workshops will discuss individual topics, some of which will be carried on after the conference as working groups within EWI's Worldwide Security Network.

Day 3 of the conference will be an innovative "horizon-thinking" exercise, where the participants in Brussels will contribute to a set of global seminars on topics such as the weaponization of science, energy security, and religion and human security. This session will construct a vision of "a day in the future," identifying channels to overcome political obstacles, mistrust, and differing perceptions.

WSC is the centerpiece of an ambitious and pioneering initiative, the EWI Worldwide Security Network, that works to build a global Track Two framework to counter security threats and bridge current divides between the new East and the West. The Network provides alternative and discreet communication channels among public officials, business leaders, and civil society representatives as well as within regional and international organizations where political obstacles, mistrust, and differing perceptions often hinder such communication. EWI's network will build upon strong individual and institutional structures that already exist in order to create an effective and overarching framework.

ASIS Board Member Eduard Emde CPP will partcipate as a speaker and the ASIS European Bureau will be present with a booth. To learn more about this event and to register (free of charge), please click here.  

French Chapter News

by Thomas Vonier
Chapter Secretary

French Chapter president Antoine Minot welcomed some thirty members and guests of ASIS International Chapter 249 (France) to a meeting in Paris on 7 December 2007. On hand was Peter French CPP, the Senior Regional Vice President for ASIS International in Europe, who led the group in a wide-ranging review of basic differences in the backgrounds, corporate duties and management statures of the Chief Security Officer (CSO) and the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Members of the group discussed situations within their business organizations, while Mr. French reviewed industry-wide statistics and pointed out basic variations in educational and professional qualifications. The group endorsed the concept that CSOs needed to become better grounded in matters related to information technology, and had to be able to “raise the game” in terms of their expertise.

The group then heard a presentation from Chapter member Bernard Cayron about prominent global intelligence organizations. Mr. Cayron provided a rundown on the various national and international resources devoted to intelligence aimed at stemming terrorism, drug-trafficking and fraud. He also touched on cooperative arrangements between specific countries and mentioned various restructuring efforts now under way.

After the meeting, Peter French awarded a certificate of appreciation to the Chapter’s founding president, Léon Jankowski CFE CASE. The certificate—signed by Steve Chupa CPP, the 2007 president of ASIS International—cited Mr. Jankowski’s work to establish the French Chapter, of which he was also named Honorary President. Other guests at the meeting and the luncheon that followed included Godfried Hendriks MBA CPP RSE, Region 25 Vice President.

A calendar of French Chapter meetings for 2008 will be issued soon.
Participants were reminded of the forthcoming ASIS International European Conference slated for April 2008 in Barcelona.

Spanish Chapter News

Juan Amorós CPP

On 22th November, Spanish Chapter was celebrate the annual dinner. About 80 people, Police autorities and friends. Every year, spanish chapter give “ Carlos Sánchez Casalderrey” award. This a prestigious award is the reconnaissance to people who has special dedication on security and has contributed with spanish chapter.

President, Fernando Marinas, CPP, giving “ Carlos Sánchez Casalderrey” award to Salvador de Aymerich de San Román

This year, “ Carlos Sánchez Casalderrey” award was to, D. Salvador de Aymerich de San Román. To end the evening, a typical group of spanish music, sang and danced to entertain the audience. 

ASIS Presents Second Asia Pacific Conference

ASIS International will hold its second Asia Pacific conference in Singapore from 11 – 13 February 2008 at the Raffles City Convention Centre.

ASIS successfully held its inaugural Asia Pacific Conference on 5 – 7 February 2007 at the Raffles City Convention Centre in Singapore. It was attended by some 350 delegates which included security professionals, corporate executives, consultants and law enforcement officials from more than 30 countries. The Guest of Honour was Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee, Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs, and the keynote speakers were Mr Khoo Boon Hui, Singapore’s Police Commissioner, and Ms Claire Chiang, Senior Vice President of Retail Operations at Banyan Tree Holdings Ltd.

Following this success, the second ASIS International Security Conference, themed “Dynamic Solutions for Emerging Challenges”, is expected to be attended by some 500 delegates. The conference will feature 27 high-level educational sessions.

The upcoming conference will feature keynote speakers including Guest of Honour, Mr S Iswaran, Minister of State for Trade and Industry; Mr Jack Chang, Senior IP Counsel, Asia, General Electric Company and Chairman of the Quality Brands Protection Committee (QBPC), China; and Dr Rohan Gunaratna, Founder and Head of Singapore’s International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

For further information or registration, visit

How to Establish a New ASIS Chapter

The Bylaws of ASIS International provide for the establishment of chapters within
the organization in any country, state, and or geographical area by the Board of
Directors. Chapters chartered by ASIS International must conform to all the requirements of theBylaws and adhere to all the provisions of the Policy and Procedures Manual (The Policy and Procedure Manual is available online via the ASIS Website and will be accessible to the Chapter Chair once the charter is approved).

Those interested in forming a chapter (petitioners) should contact the Regional Vice President (RVP) for the area or the Senior Regional Vice President (SRVP). The SRVP and RVP are communication links for a Chapter to report to both ASIS International Headquarters and the Board of Directors. The RVP is responsible for providing guidance in forming chapters and assistance where needed in chapter growth and programs.

The RVP and the SRVP, if needed, will assist in determining realistic boundaries and will help the new Chapter obtain promotional materials that may be used to attract new members.

Chapter Petition: The petitioners must submit a Chapter Charter petition.

Membership Promotion: We encourage prospective chapters to recruit members in their area in order to help the new chapter implement and maintain successful strategies for growth and professional development.

Charter Presentation and Installation of Elected Officers: Upon approval of the petition by the Board of Directors, the SRVP and RVP will be notified by ASIS International Headquarters and sent the Chapter Charter. Other materials will accompany the charter that will assist the newly formed chapter in their efforts to become a success. The Policy and Procedures Guide will be available online via the ASIS website and the
chapter will be given access once the petition has been approved and a current Chapter Questionnaire for the new Chapter has been submitted. The SRVP and/or the RVP will then contact the Chapter to help them establish a date for the organizational meeting. The RVP or SRVP will conduct the first organizational meeting and the initial election and installation of officers. The Chapter Charter will be presented at this

An invitation to attend this organizational meeting shall be issued to all known ASIS International members in the geographical area receiving the new charter. For the purpose of the organizational meeting, a majority of the petitioners shall constitute a quorum for conducting business.

Assignment of Members to the Chapter: Only those individuals signing the petition will be automatically assigned to the new chapter. If any other individual, currently a member of another Chapter, wishes to transfer and become affiliated with the new chapter, he or she must submit in writing either via E-mail, fax or regular mail their request to Member Services at ASIS International Headquarters. To facilitate the process during the first few months, the chapter should make available a transfer petition for all those wishing to transfer. This transfer petition should read as follows:
“We, all members in good standing of ASIS International, do hereby request transfer to the Chapter.” Each member must sign the petition, PRINT his/her name, provide
his/her ASIS Membership number, and identify the chapter from which
he/she is transferring.

Please click here to download the complete instructions.

Global Agenda

24-25 January 2008 -Supply Chain Security Management Conference - SCSM2008 - Interlaken, Switzerland. Click here for more information

5-7 February 2008 - ASIS International Security Conference - Risks and Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific Region - Singapore. Click here for more information.

19-21 February 2008 - East-West Institute's 5th Global Security Conference - Brussels, Belgium. Click here for more information. (attendance is free of charge)

26-27 February 2008 - Internal Loss Prevention Europe 2008 - London, UK. Click here for more information.

2-5 March 2008 - Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals Conference, Lucern - Switzerland. Click here for more information.

13-16 April 2008 - 7th European Security Conference - Security: The Essential Corporate Asset - Barcelona, Spain. Click here for more information.

Chapter and Certification Events

For the latest details visit the European agenda


15 February 2008 - Coaching CPP- 11, Corsendonk (Belgium)
10 & 11 April 2008 - Review CPP & PSP Corsendonk  (Belgium)
2 May 2008 - Exam training CPP- 11, Corsendonk (Belgium) 
3 May 2008 - Exam CPP/PSP/ PCI, Corsendonk (Belgium)
13 June 2008 - Coaching CPP & PSP, Corsendonk (Belgium)
11 & 12 September 2008 - Review CPP/PSP/PCI, Corsendonk (Belgium)
12 September 2008 - Coaching CPP & PSP, Corsendonk (Belgium)
31 October 2008 - Exam training CPP & PSP, Corsendonk (Belgium)
31 October 2008 - Coaching CPP & PSP, Corsendonk (Belgium) 
1 November 2008 - Exam CPP/PSP/ PCI, Corsendonk (Belgium) 

All ASIS Benelux certification events take place at the Priory of Corsendonk, Oud Turnhout, Belgium. Training sessions are organised by the Security College, contact: Mr Joop Verdonk CPP.


December 2007 - Half day meeting - networking - Christmas Lunch - Contact Henrik Beckwith


5 February 2008 - General assembly and members meeting; fraud and money laundring Casino, Copenhagen - contact  
1 April 2008 - Networking, Stevns Forte - contact  
12 June 2008 - Members meeting, location tbd - contact  
26 August 2008 - Members meeting, location tbd - contact  
9 October 2008 - Members meeting, location tbd - contact  
26 November 2008 - Members meeting, location tbd - contact


5 February 2009 - General assembly and members meeting, location tbd - contact


April 2008 - Chapter meeting, Halle/Westfalen, Germany - contact  
July 2008 - Chapter meeting, location tbd - contact  
November 2008 - Chaptermeeting, location tbd - contact


28 February 2008 - Annual meeting -StatoilHydro, Vækerø, Oslo -  
28 May 2008 - ASIS Action, Location TBD -  
1 September 2008 - ASIS dagene, location TBD -  
2 September 2008 - ASIS dagene, Location TBD -  
27 November 2008 - Christmas meeting with Lutefisk, Location TBD -



13 February 2008 - ASIS Chapter 197 Sweden Annual Meeting and Chapter Dinner
3 May 2008 (TBC) - CPP and PSP Exam (Stockholm)
1 november 2008 (TBC) - CPP and PSP Exam (Stockholm)
Exams will take place at the Företagsuniversitetet, Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please contact Mr Klas Nilsson CPP PSP PCI



26-29 February 2008 - SICUR International Security, Safety & Fire Exhibition, Madrid
13-16 April 2008 - 7th European Security Conference, Barcelona


19 February 2008 - Annual meeting, Stockholm - contact  
25 March 2008 - Security technic in the law, Stockholm - contact 
24 April 2008 - CPTED,  Stockholm - contact  
3 May 2008 - CPP,PSP,PCI Exam, Stockholm - contact  
22 May 2008 - Weapons and bombs used by terrorists and criminals, Stockholm - contact  
12 June 2008 - Club evening networking, Stockholm - contact 1 and 2 September 2008 - ASIS days Norway
2 October 2008 - Recruiting security, Stockholm - contact  
23 October 2008 - Transport security, Gothenburg
1 November 2008 - CPP,PSP,PCI Exam, Stockholm - contact  
22 November 2008 - Investigation, skills and tools, Stockholm - contact  
4 December 2008 - Pub evening networking, Stockholm - contact

United Kingdom

17th March - Pre Seminar Dinner
18th March - Spring Seminar - British Library
28 April - 2 May – CPP Residential Review Programme (Sign-up in January)
3 May – CPP Examination
27-31 October - PSP Residential Review Programme (Sign-up in June)
27-31 October - CPP Residential Review Programme (Sign-up in June)
1 November – CPP and PSP Certification Examinations

2007 UK certification events take place at The Swan at Streatley Hotel, Streatley on Thames, Berkshire. Training sessions are organised by ARC Training International Ltd. For more information contact Mr David Cresswell CPP or Ms Janet Ward  


Be a Sponsor or Exhibitor in Barcelona!

The ASIS International 7th European Security Conference offers a unique opportunity to increase the visibility of your company. Please click here to download the sponsorship and exhibition package and contact the ASIS International European Bureau at


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EWI's 5th Global Security Conference, Brussels

Internal Loss Prevention Europe 2008, London

 ASIS Barcelona 2008


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