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ASIS International Announces Committee Formation for Organisational Resilience Maturity Model Standard                

Effort will help organisations tailor implementation of the ANSI/ASIS Organisational Resilience Standard to their specific business needs.

ASIS International has announced its intent to initiate development of a new American National Standard Organisational Resilience Maturity Model–Phased Implementation, based on the ANSI/ASIS Organisational Resilience: Security, Preparedness, and Continuity Management Systems –Requirements with Guidance for Use Standard.

The new standard will enable organisations to implement the Organisational Resilience (OR) Standard using a phased implementation approach. A maturity model will help companies evaluate where they currently are with regard to resilience management and preparedness, set goals for where they want to go, benchmark where they are relative to those goals, and plot a business-sensible path forward. Furthermore, the standard will provide a basis for establishing defined levels for recognition programs for the achievement and maintenance of resilience criteria. This will empower small and medium size enterprises, as well as larger organisations, to tailor their implementation of the Organisational Resilience (OR) Standard to achieve, maintain, and demonstrate implementation objectives.

“Implementation of the OR Standard can be a daunting task,” says Dr. Marc Siegel, chair of the Organisational Resilience Maturity Model Standard Committee and commissioner of the ASIS Global Standards Initiative. “The phased approach recognises that resilience must be achieved in balance with the business needs of an organisation, including its time and financial constraints. This is best accomplished by building a system that is continually improving, growing, and maturing.”

A draft concept of the ASIS OR maturity model was successful tested by ASIS and the Tsogo Sun Group, the largest hotel chain in Africa, in preparation for the 2010 World Cup. Siegel noted that “by linking the maturity model to a recognition program with a team of trained auditors, Tsogo Sun Group was able to set achievable goals for their wide array of property sizes and types, thereby enhancing security and continuity in a cost-effective fashion.”

Next steps include the formation of the committee that will begin the process of developing the American National Standard.

Risk, resilience, and security professionals interested in participating on the committee should email on or before September 15, 2010.

ICT Research: EU-Funded Technology Helps Disaster Workers Save Lives                                                      

WORKPAD, an EU-funded ICT research project, has developed software applications that allow emergency teams responding to natural disasters to coordinate and communicate with each other quickly and efficiently, helping to save more lives. Coordination and communication is especially important when emergency teams from many different agencies, civil authorities and NGOs are on the ground at the same time.

€1.85 million of EU funding helped the researchers to explore how dozens of databases from different organisations can be linked via peer-to-peer technology to improve response time and avoid duplication of efforts. One central dispatch point that receives and sends out information to all emergency teams can help save more lives in a quick and efficient way.

The technology has already been tried successfully in Southern Italy and is available to be used anywhere in the world.

Source: European Commission – Directorate-General for the Information Society

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Call for Presentations – ASIS International 10th European Security Conference (deadline for submissions 30 September 2010)       

The St. Charles' Church, Vienna

Take advantage of this opportunity to help shape the program by sharing your knowledge and expertise with security professionals from across the region and around the globe. These conferences will cover the entire spectrum of security topics ranging from hotel security, loss prevention, and maritime piracy to terrorism, executive protection, intellectual property rights, and more.

The ASIS International 10th European Security Conference will take place on 3-6 April 2011 in Vienna, Austria.

Please note that the deadline for submissions is 30 September 2010.

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EU to Step Up Efforts to Tackle Terrorism Propaganda                            

With the number of terrorist attacks falling across the EU, Brussels is focusing its anti-terror efforts on stamping out terrorists' propaganda and training.

New measures in the pipeline will allow easy persecutions not only of the perpetrators and planners of attacks, but also of those who indirectly support terrorism through a variety of means, such as disseminating bomb-making recipes on the Internet.

"The overall number of attacks have fortunately decreased. But terrorism methods and propaganda is changing and we need to tackle that in an intelligent way," EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström said at a conference in Brussels.


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Sponsorship and Exhibit Opportunities                                                         

Does your organisation's strategic plan call for growth in Europe or in Middle East? If so, sponsorship of the ASIS European Security Conference or of the ASIS Middle East Security Conference offers you a great opportunity to gain exposure and to raise the visibility of your brand, products, and services among key decision makers in these regions.

Review and select from an extensive list of sponsorship and exhibit opportunities:
10th ASIS International European Security Conference
2nd ASIS International Middle East Security Conference

Identify the one that is most in line with your marketing strategy and budget, or contact us to shape a tailored package that best suits your company’s needs.

For further information, please contact: ASIS International European Bureau - Tel: +32 2 645 26 74 - Fax: +32 2 645 26 71 -,

ASIS International Turkish Chapter to Organise Joint Seminars – Istanbul, Turkey – 16-17 September 2010                                               

The Turkish Chapter of ASIS International is organising joint seminars with two Turkish security associations (GUSOD and GESIDER) on 16-17 September 2010 that will take place at the Seed Sakip Sabanci Museum in Istanbul, Turkey.

The event is composed of four seminars:
• Worldwide accepted solution to CIT business: outsourcing (16 September).
• Private security application – Turkish and international approach, developments and changes in private security industry (16 September).
• Active and effective use of electronical security concepts and its contribution to security employee (17 September).
• Port security applications within the frame of ISPS CODE (17 September).

International attendees are welcomed as simultaneous translation will be provided during the seminars.

As an ASIS-board practitioner you can claim 10 CPE credits for attending this event.

Fees: €250 (seminar participation fee includes admission to seminar sessions, coffee breaks, lunches, seminar documentation and VAT)

For more information please contact Kursad Sak, PSP, Vice Chairman Turkish Chapter:

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Commission Official to Bridge 'Supervision Gap' of Swift Agreement    

Pressed by the coming into force of the "Swift agreement" on 1 August, the EU Commission is about to appoint an interim "technician" to oversee the searches conducted by US authorities on European bank transactions as part of anti-terrorist investigations.

The supervisor's task is to check the way American investigators are conducting their searches through the personal data of Europeans whenever they have a lead on a terrorism suspect receiving or sending money via the old continent.

The main company targeted by this agreement is the Belgium-based Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (Swift), which had been supplying the US with this data for its "Terrorism Finance Tracking Program" - initially a covert operation set up in the aftermath of the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

The appointment of this "independent EU person" was a condition laid down by the European Parliament for approving the deal last month, after it had struck down a previous version in February citing poor data protection provisions.


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Piracy: Ancient Practice, Modern Business, Future Resolution?           

How would you feel if 700 of your business colleagues were taken hostage and held for ransom for three months or longer? This is the estimated number of seafarers who have been held in Somalia so far in 2010. Even though mitigation operations by international naval forces are underway, seafarers and shipping companies still face a significant risk of piracy on the high seas. According to the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Maritime Bureau (IMB), the coast off Somalia is still the most dangerous maritime area in the world – in the first of half of 2010, there were 100 pirate attacks including 27 hijackings. Because of this a recent article in Business Insurance states that “Kidnap and ransom premiums climbed to $100 million last year as pirate attacks on the 25,000 ships passing through the Gulf of Aden rose 70%.”

However, when compared to 2009, piracy off of Somalia has decreased slightly. That is not to say that piracy is waning. According to an article published by the International Chamber of Commerce: “attacks in the South China Sea have more than doubled and a rising number of incidents have been reported in the Indian Ocean.”. As Giles Noakes, Head of Security at the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO), observes “Warships are assisting but the overall effect is squeezing piracy into other areas like the Indian Ocean.” Hans Tino Hansen, Managing Director of Risk Intelligence, a company with clients from 22 countries, adds, “In the Gulf of Aden region, attacks from Somali pirates are less prone if vessels have a high freeboard and speeds higher than 15 knots. In the Indian Ocean area all types of vessels are being attacked by Somali-based pirates including hijackings at 69 degree East, which is almost in the Exclusive Economic Zone of India.”

By Tanya Spencer
Board member, Danish Chapter

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EU Lists Data-Sharing Policies for First Time                                               

The EU and its 27 Member States have almost 20 programmes, agencies and agreements governing the exchange of personal, business and telecoms data of EU citizens, a first-ever audit has shown.

The arrangements, sometimes only concerning clusters of Member States, are designed to facilitate passport-free travel within the EU, to combat terrorism and crime, and to prevent irregular immigration.

However, the programmes vary in their usefulness and range from the SIS system, which gathers personal data on travellers to Europe's Schengen borderless zone, to the Advance Passenger Information System, which allows airlines to transmit data on non-EU citizens to border authorities in a bid to combat irregular immigration, and Ecris, the European Criminal Records Information System.


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3rd ISO 28000 Lead Auditor Course to be Held in Netherlands on 13-17 December 2010                               

Globalisation, outsourcing, specialisation, and zero-inventory manufacturing have brought security of the supply chain to the forefront. Security management has also become increasingly complex as logistics operations and supply chain partners are often both nationwide and worldwide with varying regulations and business processes.

The ASIS International ISO 28000 Lead Auditor Course will help you assess security and supply chain risks, maintain and improve security management systems, and successfully conduct security management system audits.

This five-day course is designed for personnel and contractors who wish to perform audits on security management systems and who have worked in security roles including asset protection, loss prevention, IT and electronic systems, emergency and incident response, personnel protection, and transport and logistics.

Date: December 13-17, 2010
Location: Castle Oud-Poelgeest, Oegstgeest, Netherlands

Fees: The five day, 40 hour course; 
$2,500.00 ASIS-members 
$3,000.00 Non ASIS-members
(certificate, study material included)

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New EU Police Investigation Cooperation Alarms Civil Liberties Watchdogs

The UK has decided to opt in to a proposal that will simplify requests by police in other EU Member States to investigate suspects in criminal cases.

The British Government is calling the move a new "invaluable tool" in the fight against transborder crime, but civil liberties watchdogs say that the move will force police to investigate individuals for acts that are not considered crimes in their home country.

On 27 July, UK Home Secretary Teresa May told British MPs that the Government was to opt in to the ‘European Investigation Order' (EIO), a proposal from eight EU Member States led by Belgium.

Currently, European police may make requests for help in investigations via European ‘Mutual Legal Assistance'. The EIO, a directive initiated by Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Spain, Luxembourg, Austria, Slovenia and Sweden, would replace and significantly streamline this system.


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ASIS Announces 2010 Student Writing Competition                                  

The ASIS Council on Academic Programs in Colleges and Universities and the ASIS Foundation are calling for entries for the 2010 ASIS International Student Writing Competition. The writing competition rewards college and university students who conduct research, engage in thoughtful deliberation and write an academic paper between 3,000 and 6,000 words on an issue relevant to the security and assets protection profession.

“The objective of this competition is to encourage critical thinking to help make our world a safer and more secure place to live, work, govern and conduct business,” says Kevin Peterson, CPP, coordinator of the Student Writing Competition and a member of the ASIS Council on Academic Programs in Colleges and Universities. “The 2009 competition drew more than two dozen entries from students around the world. In 2010, we look forward to both expanding the reach of the program and to bringing forth valuable new insights and best practices to meet the challenges faced by security practitioners today and in the years to come.”

Students may select one of five topics for their paper. Topics include the most promising technologies to meet tomorrow’s security challenges; improving security’s image; protecting information and intangible assets in the 21st century; leveraging low-cost/low-tech solutions for contemporary security challenges; and the challenge of securing cyberspace: man or machine? Click here to view an expanded description of the topics.

The competition is open to any student, full or part-time, studying at an accredited institution pursuing an associate, bachelor or master’s degree. Cash prizes include $1,500 for the graduate winner; $1,000 for the undergrad winner; and $500 to honorable mention winners. Each winner also receives complimentary registration to one of ASIS’ annual events—the Annual Seminar and Exhibits (to be held in Dallas, Oct. 12-15), the ASIS European Conference, the ASIS Asia/Pacific Conference or the ASIS Middle East Conference.

Download the 2010 ASIS International Student Writing Competition application here or go to Deadline for submission is Dec. 3. A three-person review committee affiliated with academic institutions, including a member of the ASIS Council on Academic Programs in Colleges and Universities, will judge the submissions. For more information and requirements for the 2010 Student Writing Competition, click here.

Anti-Counterfeit Trade Deal Planned for September                                   

Negotiators from the United States, the European Union and nine other countries said on 20 August they planned to finish work in September on a proposed pact to crack down on trade in counterfeit and pirated goods.

The countries also pledged to publicly release the final text of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), which has raised concerns among Internet and digital rights advocates, "before deciding to sign it".

In a joint statement, the participating countries addressed a number of worries that have surfaced about the pact, saying it would not require members of the agreement to take steps that violate "fundamental rights and liberties".


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Aviation Experts Gather in Iceland to Assess Volcano Risks                   

Aviation and aerospace experts will meet in Iceland next month to coordinate the global response to future volcanic eruptions, Icelandic officials said on 18 August.

The conference follows an aviation crisis in April and May when Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted, spewing vast clouds of ash around Europe, amid fears that its sister volcano Katla could be brought to life.

Experts from major governments, international organisations, aerospace companies and airlines will meet in the former NATO base town of Keflavik from 15-16 September to try to determine who should do what in the case of a future volcanic eruption in order to minimise further harm to the aviation sector.


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Organisational Resilience: Is Your Organisation Prepared for the Unexpected?

As a security practitioner, the security of your organisation and supply chain are top priorities, but how can you effectively prepare for the unexpected? Organisational Resilience: Implementing and Auditing the ASIS American National Standard will prepare you to recognise potential threats, assess risks, and implement measures to improve your organisation’s resiliency. In addition, learn how to establish an internal auditing program and perform audits of management system standards using the ISO 19011 approach.

2010 course dates include: September 13-15, San Diego, CA.  


In today’s competitive environment, security practitioners need a solid network of peers, up-to-the minute coverage of industry news and trends, and a lifeline to top-notch education and certification. In short, they need ASIS International.

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CPP, PCI, and PSP Certification Classroom Reviews Set for Dallas      

For those considering ASIS board certification or those who are actively preparing—an ASIS certification classroom review is one of the most productive tools available. Take advantage of the added convenience of attending a program in the days proceeding ASIS 2010 in Dallas. LEARN MORE

Registration for Wharton/ASIS 2010-2011 Program Open                         

The Wharton/ASIS Program for Security Executives offers core business knowledge from one of the world's leading business schools. This two-week certificate course is taught by many of the same faculty who have made Wharton's MBA program one of the top-ranked in the world. “This program is exactly what security executives need to take us to the next level. The experience was phenomenal,” stated Tom Matthews, Senior Vice Protection, President—Asset Protection, Saks Fifth Avenue. LEARN MORE

Calling All Foursomes – Register for the ASIS Foundation Golf Classic

Registration is now open for the ASIS Foundation’s 14th Annual Golf Classic in Dallas on Monday, October 11. Make plans to arrive early for ASIS 2010 and take advantage of this outstanding networking event. Play and support the important work of the ASIS Foundation. LEARN MORE

Global Agenda                                                                                                       

22-24 September 2010 - Organisational Resilience: Implementing and Auditing the ASIS American National Standard - Prague, Czech Republic

 12-15 October 2010 - ASIS International 56th Annual Seminar and Exhibits - Dallas, Texas

28 October 2010 – EAC Meeting – Vienna, Austria

29 October 2010 – Programme Committee Meeting – Vienna, Austria

06-07 December 2010 - Opportunity and Risk in Brazil: The CSO Roundtable Latin America Summit

13-17 December 2010 - Lead Auditor Course ISO 28000 Supply Chain Management

20-22 February 2011 - 2nd ASIS International Middle East Security Conference - Manama, Bahrain

03-06 April 2011 - 10th ASIS International European Security Conference - Vienna, Austria
Call for presentation is now open:  

05-07 December 2011 - 5th ASIS International Asia-Pacific Conference - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Chapter and Certification Events                                                             

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Download the sponsorship prospectus for Manama and Vienna or contact the European Office for more information.

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