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Welcome to this special edition of Eurodynamics! The ASIS International European Bureau would like to encourage members to submit updates or articles you wish to share with the ASIS International members in Europe!

Copy deadlines for the next issues have been fixed at the third Monday of every month. The deadline for the next issue is 18 May 2009

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ASIS International Delivers 8th European Security Conference

The ASIS International 8th European Security Conference took place on 26-29 April at Montreux Music & Convention Centre in Montreux, Switzerland.

312 security professionals, corporate executives, consultants, and officials from 44 different countries attended 30 high-level educational sessions on topics ranging from supply chain security to convergence of physical security and IT. Although due to the economic crisis the number of delegates was somewhat lower than in previous years, this did not affect the quality networking and business opportunities for delegates and exhibitors alike.


The opening keynote speaker was Dr. Sally Leivesley, managing director of NewRisk Limited, an organisation which advises governments and companies on catastrophic risk. Dr. Leivesley outlined top-five of risks facing security practitioners today: the global recession, global terror and proxy wars, energy availability, public confidence, and pandemics. Naturally, with the swine flu outbreak grabbing headlines, much of her time was dedicated to that last topic.

On the second day, Mr. Jakob Scharf, Head of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET), discussed the increased terrorist threat in his country following the publication in 2005 of cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed.
The closing keynote speaker was Roland Billeter, President of ADT Continental Europe. According to Mr. Billiter; 18 of the 27 EU members appear in the world's top 30 per capita crime rankings

The conference included sessions specifically designed to cover standards development and implementation as well as an event dedicated to the upper echelon of the security profession - the CSO.

Delegates also attended networking events such as the SRVP Welcome Reception at the Fairmont Palace Le Montreux, as well as the President’s Reception, which took place at the historic Chateau de Chillon.

ASIS also announced the winner of the ASIS International 2009 European Award for Distinguished Contributions to Societal Security which went to Ambassador Kai Eide for his efforts to bring peace and stability to the Western Balkans.

CPEs Awarded to ASIS Certificants at IFSEC

Attending IFSEC 2009? If so and you are a CPP, PCI, or PSP—you can now earn CPE credits toward your recertification requirements by attending IFSEC educational programs or show floor. IFSEC conference registration records will be used to confirm CPE requests. ASIS board certificants will be required to follow the current guidelines for submission of CPE credits posted online in the recertification area of www.asisonline.org. These submissions will be verified against IFSEC conference registrations.

Instituted by ASIS in January 2008, the CPE system is based on a standard of measure used worldwide to calculate continuing professional development. One credit equals one instructional hour (at least 50 minutes of instruction). All ASIS board certificants are required to submit CPEs by December 31st of the third year of their term. The numbers of CPE credits vary by certification. CPPs are required to earn 60 CPEs every three years, while the requirements for both PCI and PSP are 45.

To learn more about CPE requirements for recertification, or to find out how many credits you currently have on record, please visit www.asisonline.org/certification/recertification

ASIS will be exhibiting at IFSEC. Visit us in Hall 4, Stand A60

ASIS Fire & Life Safety Council Needs Your Input

The ASIS Fire & Life Safety Council needs your input and comments on current fire safety issues and challenges facing the international community. We are constructing an article for Security Management Magazine and would like to reflect the global picture of problems the fire industry is facing and success stories in meeting these challenges.

If you would like to submit comments or ideas please feel free to do so. You will receive credit for any comments used, unless you request to be anonymous.

Information needed:

• Country you are responding for.

• How are the fire safety codes/guidelines/requirements regulated by your company, the city, the country’s government?

• Does the country have a way of recognizing or promoting fire safety?

• What are the most critical issues facing fire safety from your prospective?

• Is there a program to honor heroic deeds of firefighters?

• How are firefighters trained? How long is the training?

These are just some of the questions you can comment on but there are no parameters on what you can write about. We would prefer current issues rather than historical comments.

Those responding please include your e-mail address so we can contact you with questions we might have. Your e-mail address will be kept confidential.

Please send responses in English to: phelpslf@sbcglobal.net  

We need your input by Monday, May 15, 2009.

By E. Floyd Phelps, CPP

Global Agenda

11-14 May 2009 - IFSEC 2009 - NEC - Birmingham, UK - http://www.ifsec.co.uk

4 June 2009 -TranSec World Expo 2009- RAI - Amsterdam, Netherlands - www.transec.com  

June 2009 - ASIS International Business Continuity/Pandemic Preparedness Conference - Paris France (To Be Confirmed)

21-24 September 2009 - ASIS International 55 Annual Seminar and Exhibits - Annaheim CA, USA. http://www.asisonline.org/education/programs/anaheim/default.htm  

23-24 November 2009 - ASIS International Information Assets Protection Conference - London, UK

6-9 December 2009 - 1st ASIS International Middle East Security Conference - Dubai UAE

Chapter and Certification Events

For the latest details visit the European agenda


15 June 2009 in Vienna or surroundings, place to be announced
10 September 2009 in Vienna or surroundings, place to be announced
16 November 2009 - AGM - Vienna,


11 June 2009 - CPO- 11 Exam training - Corsendonk
11 & 12 June 2009 - CPO- 12 Review Course - Corsendonk
12 June 2009 - CPO Exam - Corsendonk
12 June 2009 - CPP- 14 Coaching , PSP- 5 Coaching , CPCI- 2 Coaching - Corsendonk
13 August 2009 - CPO- 12 Exam training - Corsendonk
14 August 2009 - Exam CPO - Corsendonk
September 2009 - Company visit Netherlands
10 & 11 September 2009 - CPP-15 Review Course, PSP-6 Review Course, PCI-3 Review Course, CPO Review Course - Corsendonk
11 September 2009 - Coaching CPP- 14, Coaching PSP- 5, Coaching PCI- 2 - Corsendonk
24 September 2009 -Preview CPO IMF- 7 Corsendonk
30 October 2009 - Exam training CPP- 14, Exam training PSP- 5, Exam training PCI- 2, Exam training CPO- 13, Coaching CPP- 15, Coaching PSP- 6, Coaching PCI- 3, Corsendonk
31 October 2009 - Exam CPP, Examen PSP, Exam PCI, Exam CPO, Corsendonk
12 November 2009 - Exam training CPO IMF- 7 Corsendonk
13 November 2009 - Exam CPO Corsendonk
19 November 2009 - Annual, Chapter dinner
20 November 2009 - AGM/Fall meeting

All ASIS Benelux certification events take place at the Priory of Corsendonk, Oud Turnhout, Belgium. Training sessions are organised by the Security College, contact: Mr Joop Verdonk CPP.



23 June 2009 - All day meeting & networking
13 august 2009 - All day meeting & networking
22/23 September 2009 - Security and safety congress in Odense Congress Centre
17 November 2009 - All day meeting – Christmas Party 

4 February 2010 - Annual Meeting and awards


9 June 2009 - ASIS Annual Golf game - Vihti, Finland - Done together with Finnsecurity ry
? September 2009 - ISO 28000 Lead Auditor Training - Helsinki, Finland www.asisonline.org
 7-9 October 2009 - Finnsecurity Seminar and Exhibit - Helsinki, Finland - Done together with Finnsecurity ry
? October 2009 - Fraud Seminar - Helsinki, Finland - Together with TKK University
? November 2009 - Annual election meeting - Helsinki, Finland - www.asis-finland.org
? December 2009 - ASIS Get Together - Helsinki, Finland - www.asis-finland.org

To attend a chapter meeting and meet us when visiting Paris: contact:  asis_france@yahoo.fr  (both French and English presentations are given) All meetings take place in the Paris region


21 May 2009 Securindex CCTV Expo and Exhibition Milan info@asisitaly.org
TBD May 2009 Chapter 211 Plenary Meeting Milan info@asisitaly.org
28-30 May 2009 CPP Exam Training Course Milan cpp@asisitaly.org
22:24 Oct 2009 CPP Exam Training Course Milan cpp@asisitaly.org
2 Nov 2009 CPP Exam Milan/Rome cpp@asisitaly.org


28-29 May 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Weapons impact – Uppsala
11 June 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Pub evening – Stockholm
Note: Seminar and social event.
3 September 2009 - Chapter Seminar: The future Security Manager – Stockholm
Note: Courses, training, education, preparation for certification and ethics.
1 October 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Fraud - Malmoe
20 October 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Convergence of IT and Security – Stockholm
Note: Seminar at the SecTech Exhibits
7 November 2009 – CPP/PSP/PCI exam – Stockholm
Chapter Certification Representative: Klas Nilsson, CPP, PSP, PCI
5-6 November – Chapter Seminar: Risk Analysis – Gothenburg
Note: Quantitative and Qualitative methods
25 November 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Criminology – Stockholm
Note: Crime and Crime Prevention Theories
10 December 2009 – Chapter Seminar: Pub Evening – Stockholm
Note: Seminar and social event.

Swedish Chapter e-mail addresses: firstname.lastname@asis.se

Exams will take place at the Företagsuniversitetet, Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please contact Mr Klas Nilsson CPP PSP PCI klas.nilsson@asis.se  


2 June 2009 - Fachmeeting III/09, Competitive Intelligence/Elicitation - Zürich
11 June 2009 - Workshop, Competitive Intelligence - Baar
1 September 2009 - Fachmeeting IV/09 - Zürich
18 November 2009 - GV und Fachmeeting V/09 - Zürich

United Kingdom


17 June 2009 - Pre-Seminar Dinner
18 June 2009 - Summer Seminar- IBM, Waterloo
17 September 2009 - Pre Seminar Dinner
18 September 2009 - Autumn Seminar—BBC, Wood Green
19 November 2009 - Pre-Seminar Dinner
20 November 2009 - Winter Seminar & AGM—TBA

UK certification events take place at The Swan at Streatley Hotel, Streatley on Thames, Berkshire. Training sessions are organised by ARC Training International Ltd. For more information contact Mr David Cresswell CPP or Ms Janet Ward  


Updated links and resources page on www.asisonline.eu

Take a look at our updated Links and Resources page. Feel free to contact the European Bureau if you have additional items to add.

ASIS International European Bureau 

For any queries on ASIS European events, membership, benefits, resources, collateral or certification, do not hesitate to contact the European Bureau.

287 Avenue Louise, 2nd Floor, 1050 Brussels,

Tel: +32 2 645 26 74
Fax:+32 2 645 26 71


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New Chapters: Call for Volunteers

ASIS International is looking for volunteers to help form new chapters in Romania, the Baltic States, Western Balkans and other European countries where no chapter presently exists.

For more information, please contact the European Bureau or click here to download the procedures on forming a new chapter.

 Transec 09

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