Vision and Goals

Provide ASIS membership with relevant, measured and sustainable global security best practices.
Collaboratively identify and communicate proven people, process and asset protection strategies that address business skills, management principles and practices, and strategic programming, in an effort to help members interact, as well as communicate with business leaders on challenges and opportunities unique to the security profession.


  • Create and produce projects focused on leadership and management practices
  • Develop cross-functional, diverse and successful security leadership
  • Bridge the gap between the security/law enforcement arena and business
  • Provide innovative methods for the delivery of security services as well as measure effectiveness – proven industry best practices
  • Conduct benchmark surveys summarizing the findings of security management topics
  • Prepare articles and white papers for publication by Security Management
  • Promote and support the development of a mentoring program
  • Promote the use of automated contemporary security management tools and processes
  • Engage in joint council education and publication initiatives