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Michael Wyatt

Manager, Global Security Operations Center, AbbVie

Explain your role at AbbVie?

As the manager of Abbvie’s Global Security Operation Center (GSOC), I oversee the Center’s day-to-day operations as well as various technical and project related matters.

What has been your greatest challenge at AbbVie and how did you overcome it?
My biggest challenge early on was task management.  I found that in order for my group to be the most successful within its environment, I would personally have to adjust from a very hands-on style of management into a leadership style of management.  I was able to accomplish this by working with a highly talented staff of individuals and nurturing an environment where ownership, open communication, and idea exchange was highly valued.

Why were you interested in a career in security?
I had my start in the security field as a guard while putting myself through college.  As I grew in experience and responsibility through various roles, I saw the direct benefit and need for the work I was doing.     

What advice do you have for a young professional who is working to advance their career in security?
Let consistent and high quality work showcase your ability to take on more responsible roles. Never stop learning or taking on new challenges. Take ownership of your mistakes and share praise with those who have earned it.

What characteristic do you think is most important to be successful?
Determination.  Get back up after you fall down and regardless of your environment, always try to go beyond your abilities.

What do you think is the biggest pitfall for young professionals, and what would you recommend to avoid it?
The biggest pitfall is not addressing interpersonal workplace issues.  As appropriate, address issues when they first come up respectfully and with an open mind.  Many conflicts can originate due to misunderstandings or just not having all of the information.  If not addressed, these issues can build up and lead to a less productive work environment.  Forge positive relationships with those inside your immediate workplace and in the industry.  By cultivating these partnerships, all those involved can acquire knowledge, work together more efficiently, and possibly provide future opportunity.

How do you see security changing for Young Professionals going forward?
Advancing technology and an increasing demand to prove a business case will require young Security Professionals to possess a diverse range of skills regarding these areas of concern.