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Forming a New Chapter

The following information will help guide you through the process of creating a new chapter.

Get Started

Establish the Need: Contact your RVP or SRVP for initial guidance. These leaders will provide assistance where needed, and can help determine realistic boundaries and help with promotional materials and strategies.

Define the Boundaries: When there are no other chapters in a 200-mile radius, few or no problems are typically encountered. In areas where one or more ASIS chapters exist (i.e. New York, Los Angeles metro areas or countries with with more than one chapter), care must be taken to establish boundaries that will not infringe upon another chapter's chartered area.

Ensure Member Participation: A minimum of 15 members in good standing, located within the proposed  boundaries, must sign a charter petition. Makeup of the petitioners should be of a diverse nature with no more than 50% being from the same company or area of security. Petitions should be submitted one month before annual Headquarter board meetings (January, June, and September or October).

Next Steps

Installation of elected officers: An invitiation to attend the chapter's inaugural meeting will be issued to all known ASIS members in the geographic area. The RVP or SRVP will conduct this first organizational meeting and the intial election and installation of the officers. The Chapter Charter will be presented at this meeting.

Assignment of Members: Only individuals who signed the petition will be automatically assigned to the new chapter. If any other member wishes to transfer and become affiliated with the new chapter, they must submit in writing their request to Member Services. This request should include: full name, member number, name of current chapter, and name of chapter they would like to join. 

Chapter Responsibilities
  1. Hold regularly scheduled chapter meetings (at least six times a year) and notify members of those meetings.

  2. Keep minutes of all chapter meetings for a minimum of at least three years.

  3. Complete the online Chapter Activity Report promptly after each chapter meeting.

  4. Hold annual elections of officers and notify headquarters of election results by completing the Chapter Questionnaire. You may always send an addendum to HQ for additional committee officers at a later date.

  5. Keep headquarters informed throughout the year if there are any replacements of chapter officers.

  6. Maintain good financial records, including information on chapter dues and any other income or expenditures, and report monthly using the online Chapter Activity Report. A financial status report of the chapter must be submitted once a year to ASIS HQ. The format of this report should either be a balance sheet or a financial income statement.

New Chapter Procedure and Charter Petition Form - Forming a New Chapter Instructions and Charter Petition (PDF)