Chapter Awards

​​​Chapter Awards recognize outstanding achievement in specialty categories and are designed to encourage chapters to develop and maintain excellence in their work and to enhance the profession at the local level. All submissions will be reviewed by the Awards Committee. View 2017 winners.​

I.B. Hale Chapter of the Year
Deadline: 5 July 2018

Recognizes the most outstanding chapters in each award group.

Criscuoli Volunteer Leader of the Year Award
: 5 July 2018

Recognizes an ASIS volunteer who throughout their career has exhibited strong leadership at the chapter and regional level and made significant contributions to the profession.
Chapter Newsletter of the Year:

Deadline: 5 July 2018

Recognizes the most outstanding print and electronic chapter newsletters in each award group. 

Chapter Website of the Year
Deadline: 15 January 2018

Recognizes chapters for outstanding web design and content, as well as encourages the development and continual improvement of all ASIS chapter websites.

Community Service Award
Deadline: 5 July 2018​

Recognizes chapters for outstanding service to the local community.

 Award Groups

In order to ensure a fair level of competition between chapters of like sizes, each chapter is placed into one of seven award group categories:

Group one:
40 members or fewer
​Group two: ​41-70 members
​Group three: ​71-100 members
​Group four: ​101-159 members
​Group five: ​160-250 members
​Group six: ​251-574 members
​Group seven: ​575+ members