Using the Library

​Visiting the ASIS Information Resources Center (IRC)

The IRC welcomes visits by members to review and study the expansive security collection.  Members have free, onsite use of the library's valuable security materials:

  • Books, monographs, reports, documents
  • Security magazines, newsletters and journals
  • Recordings from ASIS Annual Seminar Sessions -- 1984 to the present
  • Videotapes & DVDs 

The IRC also has the ASIS Archives,  containing historical ASIS publications and photographs.

Please contact the IRC in advance of your visit to make sure that a staff librarian will be available. 

  • Open 9am-5pm (Eastern), Monday, Tuesday, ​Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • ​Closed when the ASIS Seminar and Exhibits is taking place;  on U.S. federal holidays; the day after Thanksgiving; and the week between Christmas and New Year's Day
  • After hours, a voicemail system is available for callers to leave messages (703-518-1471). Inquiries may also be sent by e-mail (, fax (+1.703.518.1517) or standard post/mail/courier.

ASIS International Headquarters
1625 Prince Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22214-2818

If you can't visit in person, we invite you to take a virtual tour of the IRC.

Reference Services

IRC staff provides basic reference assistance for security inquiries and will use all available resources (onsite or electronic) to fulfill a member's request. Bibliographies, directories, databases, research guides, indexes and other security information resources are developed by the ASIS IRC staff to assist in answering specific security questions or identifying security information and where it may be found. We do not provide legal, legislative, or statistical research, or investigative services, but we can assist in locating them. Requests are answered in the order received, usually within three business days.

IRC staff provides:

  • Help with finding information or resources that address specific security questions
  • Referral to ASIS Councils for technical inquiries or those requiring security expertise
  • Referral to appropriate associations, organizations, agencies, or companies that have industry-specific information or expertise
  • Navigational help and guidance in use of the library website ​or any other ASIS website

There are charges to members for:

  • Research assistance beyond 30 minutes at $60.00 per hour ($10.00 minimum, 2 hour maximum)
  • Guest fee of $10.00 per person per day (Guests are nonmembers accompanied by a current member.)
  • Onsite self-service copies are $.20 per page

Use of the IRC is a member benefit that does not transfer to anyone else. In some exceptional circumstances non-members may pay a user fee and be permitted to use the library. This must be arranged with the librarian in advance. Non-member fee is $75.00 per day ($35.00 per person for 1/2 day or less) plus applicable reference fees.

Gifts and Donations

The IRC welcomes donations to its collection in accordance with the gifts and donations guidelines.

Onsite ASIS Bookstore

In addition to the online ASIS Store, an onsite bookstore at ASIS headquarters resides in the IRC, where visitors may purchase most of the books, reports, standards and guidelines available in the online store -- with no shipping charges. We recommend that you phone or email us in advance with interest in purchasing specific titles to ensure that they are available onsite. At the annual venue of the ASIS Seminar & Exhibits, an onsite store offers members a chance to browse and buy most items from the inventory, which in addition to publications, includes clothing, pins, pens, portfolios, mugs, umbrellas and similar merchandise..