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Academic Practitioner Symposium

​The Symposium is a forum for promoting continuing communication between security academicians and security practitioners. Each Symposium builds off previous years' work. Past Symposiums have resulted in course outlines, curriculum models, core competencies, and potential accreditation criteria, among other products. David H. Gilmore, CPP, chairs the Symposium and the Vice Chairman is Dr. Carl T. Richards.

The Symposium is conducted in coordination with ASIS International's Academic and Training Programs Council, with funding and logistical support from the Education Department at ASIS International Headquarters.


ASIS Academic/Practitioner Symposium - Executive Summary
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ASIS Proceedings of the Academic Practitioner Symposium
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ASIS Academic/Practitioner Symposium Compendum 1997-2008 Homeland Security Undergraduate Curriculum Model - Task Summary: ASIS 2009 Academic/Practioner SymposiumSecurity Management Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Models - Task Summary: ASIS 2000 Academic/Practitioner Symposium