Travel Policy

Travel Arrangements

MacNair Travel Management (hereafter, MacNair) must be used for all instructor travel arrangements .

All train and airplane accommodations must be booked at the lowest round-trip economy or coach rate no later than 14 days prior to the program.  Any exceptions must be approved by the project manager of the event.  Instructors who choose not to use MacNair will be reimbursed up to the lowest round-trip economy or coach rate provided by the agency 14 days prior to the program. 

MacNair has been requested to select the least expensive airfare without unduly inconveniencing the instructor. Instructors are still able to accumulate personal frequent flyer miles when booking through MacNair.

Non-business activity on the way to or from a business destination is not allowable as a business expense. The instructor should submit a credit card payment to MacNair when the ticket is booked to cover personal travel arrangements.

Rental car expenses may be submitted for reimbursement if approved by the project manager at ASIS Headquarters in advance. the instructor pays any costs in excess of a standard full-size rental. Accommodations should be made at the hotel where the program is to take place by the Program Manager or directly by an Instructor.

Novels, magazines, and souvenirs are personal expenditures and are not reimbursable.

Expense Reports

All receipts for expenses exceeding $25.00, a printout of room charges, and a copy of any air/rail receipts must be accounted for and attached to the ASIS International Travel Expense Report .

The maximum mileage reimbursement for operating an automobile for business purposes is 500 miles at the current rate established by the IRS. If total driving expenses (mileage and parking) are greater than the total cost to travel by air/train (fare and taxi), the instructor will be reimbursed the lesser amount.


An instructor wants to drive 700 miles roundtrip to attend a professional conference.

  • Driving: $252.00 mileage + $40 parking = $292.00
  • Air/Train: $225 ticket + $25 taxis = $250.00

The instructor will be reimbursed $250.00.

Instructor Expense Reports not received 30 days after the program will not be reimbursed for expenses. ASIS International will only be obligated to remit payment for honorariums, program management fees, and per-diem agreed to prior to the program.

Instructor expense reports must be signed and submitted with proper documentation of expenses, and mailed to headquarters, Attn: Accounts Payable. Once Accounts Payable has received an Instructor Expense Report , it will be submitted to the Education Department for approval.

Instructor honorariums and expenses must be approved by the Education Department before payment is remitted.

If an employee of ASIS International pays for an instructor's person's meal, then that amount will be deducted from the instructor's per diem payment.

Payments and/or reimbursements should be remitted within ten business days of receipt of an ASIS International-approved instructor expense form in the Accounting Department.

Reimbursement will be delayed if an instructor has not properly submitted a W-9 form to the Accounting Department.

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