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Special Events Security Resources

Studies, Models, Guidelines and Standards

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ASIS/BSI/ANSI Business Continuity Standard – specifies requirements for a business continuity management system to enable an organization to identify, develop, and implement policies, objectives, capabilities, processes, and programs to address disruptive events. ASIS members get one free download

ASIS/ANSI Organizational Resilience Standard - provides organizations with a comprehensive management framework to anticipate, prevent if possible, and prepare for and respond to a disruptive incident. ASIS members get one free download

Security Management Articles

Recent Security Management news articles on the topic of special event security (such as, Super Bowl security, Inauguration security, Olympic security)

How Dallas Does Security (Cowboys Stadium) Security Management, October 2010

California Cruisin' (Paramount Studios and their handling of public events, Page 3) Security Management,
September 2009

Faster, Stronger, Safer (Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City) Security Management, February 2002

Keeping Your Event on Track (Indianapolis Raceway Park) Security Management, July 1999

ASIS Seminar Sessions Recordings

Recognizing and Assessing Suspicious Indicators
Available for free from ASIS via Confex

Behavior Detection at Mall of America
Available for free from ASIS via Confex

Effecting Positive Change in Public Safety and Security through Interoperable Communications and Inter-Agency Cooperation
Speaker(s)/Moderator(s): Jany, Eduardo; Robinson, Joseph (Session 3317 2012)
Today's public safety and security leaders must be prepared to operate in concert with outside agencies effectively and rapidly. This lecture explains key measures that must be undertaken to promote interagency communications, integration between and within organizational elements, and how to avoid certain pitfalls during crises. Available for free from ASIS via Confex

Behavior Detection and Assessment at Mall of America
Speaker(s)/Moderator(s): Rozin, Michael; Reynolds, Douglas (Session 2103 2012)
Behavior Detection and Assessment is a security method developed by the Israeli Security Agency. Mall of America's security department adapted the Israeli methods to the operational environment and challenges of a shopping, entertainment, and tourist destination in the United States. The methods emphasize that appropriately trained personnel con identify high-risk individuals by detecting suspicion indicators consistent with harmful intentions and, using structured interview techniques, can determine threat potential. The presentation will include case studies and best practices developed through six years of experience developing, examining, and managing this program at Mall of America. Available for purchase from ASIS via Confex

Special Events Security in the City of Orlando: Best Practices, Operations, Technology
Speaker(s)/Moderator(s): Camillo, M.; Blye, J.; Surfaro, S. (Session 2304 2011)
Are you charged with security at special events? Do you need to cover a large area: campus, downtown, or entertainment complex? Will you have to deploy a video surveillance system in a matter of days or hours? Are you looking into wireless as a possible solution, but concerned about security, reliability, and speed? This session is packed with how-to's and real-world deployment examples. Get the information you need to ensure successful video surveillance for special events. Available for purchase from ASIS via EventArchives

Planning and Preparation Saves Lives and Your Business: Protecting Your Company from the Bomb Threat
Speaker(s)/Moderator(s): Hayworth, Bob; Little, Shelton; Lewis, Larry (Session 4213 2010)
There is a severe threat of a terrorist attack, so is your company ready? Terrorism is not the only threat you face! A bomb, or a bomb threat, delivered by a disgruntled employee or an extortionist can be equally disruptive to your staff and profit margin. This presentation provides a panel of subject matter experts that will discuss how to develop a practical security program using established security techniques. The panel will propose practical steps to reduce the threat, respond, and recover from a violent attack on your company by discussing appropriate responses and contingency plans. Available for purchase from ASIS via Confex

Stadium and Arena Security, A Case Study: Security at the New Yankee Stadium
Presenting Speaker: Jim Francis, CPP, CFSO Co-Speaker: Todd Letcher, Dr. Lou Marciani (ANSEM S86 2009)
The presentation focuses on and describes the steps necessary for implementing an effective security program at an iconic sports venue such as the New Yankee Stadium. The elements of the process follow the structure described in the Sport Event Secure Aware (SESA) program, as follows:
• Assessment: Threat Definition, Design Basis Threat Analysis, Benchmarking and development of Concepts of Operations (CONOPS).
• Training: Ensures that the necessary security measures and systems developed are fully incorporated into actual operations.
• Exercises: Tests the ability of participants and systems through simulation of emergency situations.
• Review: Evaluation and feedback loop to adapt or improve plans and procedures as necessary.
Available for purchase from ASIS via Confex

Security and CPTED for Tourist Attractions/Destinations and Theme Parks
Speaker(s)/Moderator(s): Atlas, Randy; Zajic, Alan W. (ANSEM S39 2009)
Addresses current and emerging practices and techniques used to protect theme parks, tourist hotels, transportation hubs, and parking areas. Miami, Orlando, and Anaheim are examples of cities that must protect tourists from outside crime, terrorism, and themselves. Discussion will focus on the behavioral psychology and environmental design strategies used to protect patrons and employees. Includes demonstrative examples of how physical and operational security are used to accomplish the overall goals of safety and security. Available for purchase from ASIS via Confex

Global Security Planning and Operations Supporting the 2008 Summer Olympic Games: Challenges, Successes, and Lessons Learned
Speaker(s)/Moderator(s): Mey, Raymond; Chupa, Steve; Kym Kurey (ANSEM S74 2008)
This presentation examines the planning, development, implementation, and management of security as well as crisis management in support of Global Corporate Security Sponsor Operations at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China. It recounts challenges related to planning along with operations experiences. Additionally, lessons learned and best practices are discussed. This session provides you with practical information and experiences pertaining to procedures, timeline, methodology, coordination, and management that were required and utilized for a successful Olympic global security and crisis management operation. Sponsored by ASIS Crime & Loss Prevention Council. Available for purchase from ASIS via Confex

Are You Ready To Evacuate Or Shelter Patrons During Any Event?
Speaker(s)/Moderator(s): Hobbs, Ronald; Vendrell, Ernest G. (ANSEM S49 2007)
Learn from an actual event. On paper, our security and evacuation plans for fire, bomb threats and major weather events look good. But are we really prepared to 'evacuate' or 'shelter-in-place' large numbers of people in a very short period of time? Large venues such as high school and university stadiums and auditoriums present planning, communication and logistical issues that need to be addressed should a major weather event occur. This presentation will address the pre-planning process and the actions taken during and actual event based on a tornado at a major Midwest university football game. Available for purchase from ASIS via Confex

Securing Mass Public Gatherings - The NASCAR Model
Speaker(s)/Moderator(s): Christine, Timothy; Gardner, Gary; Lee, Robert E. (ANSEM S23 2005)
Major events require careful planning, coordination and execution. On most weekends, NASCAR events attract more than 100,000 spectators to a single racetrack. In addition to usual security and safety concerns, these venues can be attractive targets for terrorists. Securing these events requires planning and coordination beyond what might be expected for a recreational gathering. The importance of a written security plan and its components will be examined. Issues to be covered include: communications, credentialing, training and vetting security personnel, and contingency planning. This presentation is suited for middle and upper management responsible for public gatherings. Available for purchase from ASIS via Confex

Preparing for a National Special Security Event
Speaker(s)/Moderator(s): Crowley, Joseph; Michelman, Bonnie (ANSEM S92 2005)
The 2004 Democratic National Convention had an enormous impact for a 16,000 employee hospital in its backyard. Close to one year of comprehensive planning and interface with over 25 agencies made the weeklong event smooth sailing. The vulnerabilities inherent, the planning, communications, marketing, and politics necessary created challenges and terrorism potential that most organizations have never imagined. Planning for a National Special Security event can vastly impact the role, responsibilities, image, and reputation your Security Department can have on your organization. It develops and empowers staff in ways that are innovative and long lasting. The details necessary to properly secure the facility and interface with the event have an impact on the event, your community and will affect your organization in a myriad of ways. Available for purchase from ASIS via Confex

Special Event Security for Cultural Institutions
Speaker(s)/Moderator(s): Hawkins, Jeffrey; Schenkel, James F. (ANSEM S133 2005)
For decades, many industries have dealt with event security and emergency planning. Sports facilities, concert venues, hotels, and bequest facilities are familiar with special event security considerations and planning. However, over the last decade, cultural properties have begun the practice of renting their facilities for weddings, corporate dinners, special meetings, and lectures, leading to an increase of risk to artifacts and guests. This session will give examples of some of the incidents that have already occurred in cultural properties during special events and the planning and policies cultural properties need to adopt to minimize risks. Available for purchase from ASIS via Confex


Protection of Assets: Applications, "Managing Corporate Special Events" (Chapter 3)
Michael E. Knoke, CPP, managing editor
ASIS International (2012)
Available for purchase via ASIS Store

. . . the terms "special event" and "event" are used interchangeably to designate a public or private assembly. The assembly may occur once, regularly, or daily, and it may be on private property (e.g., hotel or conference center) or public property (e.g., stadium or city street). Events may be entertainment-oriented (sports, business convention festivities) or not (political conventions, demonstrations, funeral processions), and they may include a large or small number of participants. . .

Event Risk Management and Safety
Peter E. Tarlow, Ph.D.
John Wiley & Sons (2002)
Available for purchase via ASIS Store

Security Management for Sports and Special Events: An Interagency Approach to Creating Safe Facilities
Stacey Hall, Walter Cooper, Lou Marciani, and Jim McGee
Human Kinetics (2012)
Available for purchase via ASIS Store

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