CSO Roundtable

CSO Roundtable

The CSO Roundtable, the world's premier organziation for senior-security professionals, is pleased to present "Social License to Operate" on Friday, March 14 at 9:00 a.m. This session is open to all attendees.

This is a joint CSO Roundtable/Security Management session; Teresa Anderson, Editor in Chief of Security Management, will be moderator.

“Social License to Operate” as a Risk-Management Tool Throughout the lifecycle of a project, the dynamics of the community in which the project is based can be catalysts for success—but they can also be vehicles for reputational risk. This session will discuss the effectiveness of social investment as a reputational and operational risk-mitigation tool, and examine how stakeholder participation and the sentiments of thought leaders in local communities can be revealed and understood.

Through case studies and open discussion, attendees will learn the key questions to help identify company-specific risk profiles and some of the tools that can aid in developing an understanding of their social license to operate.

Speaker: Dr. Nathalie Wlodarczyk, Senior Director of Consulting, IHS

About our speaker:

Ms. Wlodarczyk heads the Country Risk consulting team at IHS and is responsible for developing intelligence solutions for IHS clients in the corporate and government space. She has particular expertise in methodology for understanding trends in political violence and socio-political dynamics, as well as mapping influence groups at a sub-sovereign level. Ms. Wlodarczyk  also leads intelligence systems design work, combining location-specific influence and stakeholder mapping with structured intelligence collection and monitoring against indicators of risk.

Ms. Wlodarczyk first joined Exclusive Analysis (acquired by IHS) as Head of Africa Forecasting and subsequently became Director of Political Violence Forecasting. She has a background of working in the NGO sector on conflict resolution and local capacity building, primarily in Africa, and in academia with government and NGOs on African security issues.

She has taught contemporary security issues at both King’s College London and the School of Oriental and African Studies. Nathalie has a PhD in War Studies from Kings College London, and a BSc and MSc from the London School of Economics in International Relations. She is the author or ‘Magic and Warfare - Appearance and Reality in Contemporary African Conflict and Beyond’ and several contributions to edited collections on the role of culture and local influence in Africa. 

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