Will Hotels Continue to be the Preferred Soft Target of the Future?

Tuesday, February 17
Breakout 1

Insight on hotel attacks in the Middle East through case studies from presenters direct experience of what really happened and implementation of effective mitigation measures for the future.

From 2003 until 2010, there was an unprecedented escalation of terrorist bombing and armed attacks on hotels in specific regions of the world. However, in recent years this choice of soft target appears to have subsided. Why is this or are we in a lull before a new storm of attacks. The presentation will examine and forecast future trends and potential attack hotspot locations, then provide case study examples of integrated mitigation and preventative measures such as: the OPTICS principal of total security, CARVER exercises, architectural design, standards and certification, surveillance detection, understanding insider threat, crisis management and emergency planning, intelligence lead operational security.

Presented by: Andy Williams, Senior Partner, Temi Group, Finland

Andy Williams is based in Istanbul with the global security risk management company, Temi Group. Prior to this he was Head of Security for TDIC – a UAE government entity engaged in master development of new city builds and tourism infrastructure This appointment was preceded by 15 years in the hospitality industry, principally with Marriott International- Ritz Carlton as a Regional Director of Loss Prevention within covering Europe Middle East and Africa. On the vocational front, Andy served as a Regional Vice President for ASIS International; is a member of The Security Institute, The Royal Society for Promotion and a former member of the European Institute of Corporate Security Management. He has also worked in liaison with: UK government NaCTSO - The EU Council and United Nations Intelligence Crime and Justice Research Unit on projects relating to counter terrorism and is also an Advisory Board Member of CSARN.