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What's the Difference Between Crisis Management and Emergency Response?

Monday, February 16
Breakout 2

This presentation explains what constitutes an emergency versus a crisis, and provides best practice guidance on how each can be prepared for and responded to.

There is often confused language when it comes to crisis management – emergency response, crisis communication, incident management, event management. All of these operational response processes are vital in a crisis; but in our view crisis management sits above them at the highest strategic level of the organization. Effective crisis management therefore goes beyond the initial cause of the crisis focusing not only on what happened but what is at stake for a company: reputation, financial bottom line, license to operate, ability to continue operating with consumer and employee confidence, and in some cases its own survival.

Presented by: Mike Regester, Founding Director, Regester Larkin Middle East, United Arab Emirates

Mike is an international authority, author and lecturer on reputation, issues and crisis management. A French speaker, his pioneering work in the field of crisis communications began with the Gulf Oil Corporation in 1979, where he dealt with one of the oil industry’s worst disasters – the tanker explosion at Bantry Bay in Ireland. He went on to initiate many of the best practice systems, procedures and training programmes designed to enable companies to handle effectively the communication aspects of crisis situations. Mike now regularly trains senior executives on how to effectively manage their response to a crisis and provides strategic advice to executive teams when incidents occur. In addition to many papers on reputation management and crisis communications, he is the author of Crisis Management, published by Century Hutchinson, and Risk Issues and Crisis Management co-written with Judy Larkin.