Strategic Thinking about Operational Risk Management

Tuesday, February 17
Breakout 1

This session will explore how intelligence-driven Operational Risk Management (ORM) will help an organization protect, monitor and respond to global and regional events.

This panel of security professionals from various industries will engage in a discussion of what Operational Risk Management means for them. From a strategic level, we will look at Travel, Information Asset Protection, Supply Chain, Fraud, Facilities and other areas of risk. You will learn about where these experts believe the responsibilities lie within an organization and what role intelligence will play in developing and running successful programs. Real-life examples will be used to illustrate how a comprehensive Operational Risk Management program can be used to assess and respond to risk-related issues before, during and after their occurrence.

Presented by: Bruce McIndoe, CEO, iJET International, USA
Ryan Greyling, Chief Security Officer EMEA, Honeywell, UAE

Bruce McIndoe is a recognized leader in the travel, intelligence, and risk management industries. As CEO of iJET, Mr. McIndoe is a key contributor to the company’s strategic vision and growth. His technical achievements and visionary approach drove Business Travel News in naming him one of the “Top 25 Most Influential People in the Travel Industry”. In 2013, he was appointed to the TSA Homeland Security Science and Technology Advisory Committee (HSSTAC) Task Force. He speaks at numerous industry events and often appears on television, radio, and in print as an authority on global travel and security issues.