Security Without Borders

Monday, February 16
Breakout 3

Discuss new technology that an organization can employ to maintain a secure but open environment extending to its mobile workforce and allowing critical communication during and after an event.

Historically security has been associated with borders. Today an enterprise’s most valuable assets, a combination of people, ideas and information, are neither protected nor contained by traditional borders. Recognizing this, many core concepts of security need to be re-examined: What is the value of protecting a facility when much of the workforce operates from somewhere else? How do we assess the status of an organization when significant parts of it are not only remote, but mobile? How do we provide for the safety of lone workers or small work groups outside the reach of organizational response capabilities? These questions are leading to the development of a new class of security solutions and services to meet the needs of the dynamic, distributed, mobile organization.

Presented by: Kevin Daly, Chief Executive Officer, Maxxess-Systems, USA

Dr. Kevin Daly is CEO of Maxxess Systems, a U.S.-based leading provider of proven software and hardware for a wide range of integrated, security system configurations. He has more than 30 years of technical and management experience in organizations providing high technology solutions for system control, data protection and electronic security. During his career he has brought several companies from start-up through market acceptance and fiscal stability through both the IPO and the M&A processes. Dr. Daly earned his BSEE at University of Notre Dame and holds a MS, MA and PhD in engineering from Princeton University. He serves as Chairman of the Board for STEC, Inc., and as a Director at Iteris, Inc., both publically held companies based in the U.S. He is a board member of Project Tomorrow and serves on the Dean’s Leadership Council, Bren School for Information and Computer Science at University of California, Irvine.