Non-Standard Behaviour Detection: Risk from Insider

Tuesday, February 17
Breakout 3

The session focuses on development of Non-standard Behaviour (NSB) Detection framework, by using existing tool and technique, to prevent classified business information from insider.

An insider, who has access to organization’s information, can misuse it in a manner that can affect confidentiality of information or can result in loss of business. Such insider often displays certain Non-standard Behaviour (NSB). There are several existing data points related to insiders that can be utilized to detect NSB. However, these data points, which often reside in silos with different departments, need to be pulled together under a single framework with the help of available tools and techniques to effectively track NSB indicators. NSB framework development process involves finding answer to several question such as, who are insiders, why and how do they steal information.

Presented by: Pramod Bhatt, Director, Sanofi, India

Pramod is a seasoned professional with over 18 years of experience in the field of security and intelligence. Presently he is working as Director of Security and Intelligence in Sanofi. Earlier, he headed Protective Intelligence practice of Deutsche Bank in South Asia. He was intelligence advisor to regional and global head of Corporate Security and Business Continuity. Prior to this, Pramod worked as a risk management consultant and advised a number of Fortune 500 companies. Before his corporate career, Pramod commanded an intelligence unit of Indian Army. Pramod is an alumnus of Risk Leadership School London and Indian Institute of Management Ahmadabad. He has spoken at several events such as Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professional Conference in Philadelphia, ASIS conferences in Orlando, Macau and Kuala Lumpur, CSO Round Table and Asia Crisis & Security Group in India.