New Operations - Entry and Exit Strategies

Monday, February 16
Breakout 3

New operations entry and exit strategies Incorporating lessons into planning, tactics, and training. Mode of entry understanding and overcoming difficult operational challenges. Improve capabilities across the spectrum of joint operations.

Discussing the security risk management process for starting up an operation in a new high-risk country. Focusing on security support to marketing, contracting, operations, enterprise risk amongst others. Looking at an example of an oilrig start up.

Presented by: Ben Murrell, Security Manager, Asia-Middle East-Africa (AMA), Transocean Services AMA JLT, UAE

Mr. Murrell is a Company Security Manager in the Offshore Drilling Industry and has over 32 years international experience in the Military and Security Management and as a Senior Security Risk Consultant for Fortune 500 companies and governments. Ben wrote the company’s Corporate Security and Emergency Management Manual and is the author of ‘Installation Physical Security Guidelines’, which is being used as a benchmark for the physical protection of the companies offshore drilling installations operating in high risk environments worldwide. Mr. Murrell is Board Certified as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), and Certified as Company Security Officer (CSO) and an active member on the Chief Security Officer Roundtable Advisory Board of ASIS International as well as a Member of the Security Institute (MSyl) and the Overseas Security Advisory Council.