Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions / 条款

Registration Terms / 报名条款

Confirmation / 确认

Registration is confirmed upon receipt of the registration fee payment. No registrant will be entitled to enter the conference or exhibition area if payment has not been received. Registrants whose payment was not received by Wednesday, 14 September 2016 will be required to pay by credit card onsite in order to access the event.

Cancellation / 报名取消规定

Notices of cancellation and requests for refunds must be sent in writing no later than 3 October 2016 to China2016@asisonline.org. Cancellations received on 3 October or before are subject to an administrative fee of 100 USD. No refund will be made for cancellations received after this date. Under certain circumstances, delegates who are unable to attend can name a substitute to take their place. Please contact the ASIS Registration department. 

Payment / 支付

Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX). Checks will not be accepted. Cash payment will be allowed onsite, upon preliminary approval by the organiser.

Participant substitution / 参会观众替换

A paid registrant can be replaced by a colleague at no cost, provided that the organisers receive all information by email by Wednesday, 14 September 2016. After this date, changes will not be permitted.

Data Privacy / 数据隐私

Unless the registrant has ticked the box "I don't want to be listed on the list of participants", the organiser will show his/her name, company, job title and country on the list of participants.

Event Cancellation / 会议取消

In the event that the conference cannot be held or is postponed due to events beyond the control of the organisers (force majeure) or due to events which are not attributable to wrongful intent or gross negligence of the organisers, the organisers reserve the right to reimburse the registration fee to the attendee.

Insurance and liability / 保险及责任

The organisers cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect loss, injury or damage to any property, whatever the cause may be. Normal caution should be exercised by all participants. Participants take part in the event at their own risk and need to make their own health and travel insurance arrangements.

Bank transfer instructions / 银行汇款指令

Please note that for payment by bank transfer, you will shortly receive an invoice along with the payment instructions by email.
Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

ASIS China Conference 2016 Materials / 2016 ASIS中国峰会会议资料

All delegates can collect the conference materials and their name badges at the conference registration desk at the conference venue – Foyer 2nd floor, Crowne Plaza Shanghai.

Registration Desk Opening Hours / 登记处工作时间

The registration desk will open on 14 November, 08:15 – 18:00 and on 15 November, 08:30 – 17:00 (Times are subject to change. Please refer to the practical information email to be distributed before the conference).
登记处将在11月14日08:15-18:00和11月15日08:30 - 17:00 (时间可能会发生变化)。请以会前发送的实际通知电邮报名时间为主。

Travel and Transportation / 旅行和交通

All delegates are responsible for arranging their own travel and transportation. Please note that citizens of some of the countries are required to obtain the visa prior to arrival. Please consult with nearby China consulate.

Registration Policy / 报名规定

The ASIS China Conference 2016 registration policy is as follows and applies to all individual and group registrations.
Notices of cancellation and requests for refunds must be sent in writing no later than 14 September 2016 to the ASIS China Conference 2016 Registration Office. Cancellations received on 14 September or before are subject to an administrative fee of 100 USD. No refunds will be made for cancellations received after this date. Under certain circumstances, delegates who are unable to attend can name a substitute to take their place. Please contact the ASIS Registration department at china2016@asisonline.org.  
2016 ASIS中国峰会报名规定如下。适用于所有个人和团体报名。
所有报名取消和退款申请必须以书面形式在2016年9月14日发送到2016 ASIS中国峰会报名处。在9月14日或之前收到的报名取消申请将安排退款并扣除100美元手续费。在9月14日后收到的报名取消申请不予退款。与会代表基于特定原因不能参加会议,可以指派替带人员参会。如有此替代出席需求,请联系ASIS报名处。电邮联系方式china2016@asisonline.org

Modification and Substitution / 参会人选更换和替换

All modification and substitution requests must be submitted in official writing by letter or by email to ASIS at china2016@asisonline.org. For replacement of a delegate under individual registration, written permission from the original registered delegate will be required, along with full contact details of the substituted delegate.
所有参会人选更换和替换申请必须以正式书面形式以信函或电邮形式递交给ASIS。电邮联系方式 china2016@asisonline.org

Member Registration / 会员报名

In the event that the ASIS membership is not valid ASIS International reserves the right to change the member registration to the standard rate based on the date of original registration. The delegate will be required to pay the remaining balance prior to the conference.

Outstanding Balance / 未付余额

All delegates are advised to arrange for full payment prior to the conference to avoid any delays in collecting their badges and any on-site material. No badges and materials will be issued to delegates with an outstanding payment.

Delegate Badge and Access Control / 参会代表名牌和出入规定

For security and access control reasons, all delegates will be issued a badge onsite that is required to be worn at all times during the conference and at any related functions. Badge swapping is strictly prohibited.

Insurance and Liability / 保险及责任

In the case of Government intervention or regulation, military activity, strikes or any other circumstances that make it impossible or inadvisable for the ASIS China Conference 2016 to take place at the time and place provided, the delegate shall waive any claim for damages or compensation except the amount paid for registration after deduction of actual overhead expenses incurred in connection with the ASIS China Conference 2016 (comprised of the venue and service providers non-refundable deposits, etc) and there shall be no future or derived/indirect liability on the part of either or any party. All delegates are encouraged to obtain adequate coverage for travel, health and accidental insurance before they depart from their countries. The organizers, their suppliers or agents accepts no liability for any personal injuries, or loss of, or damage to, private property belonging to the ASIS China Conference 2016 delegates.
如因政府干预或管制、军事行动、罢工或任何其他情况导致 2016 ASIS中国峰会不可能如期在指定地点举行,除了参会代表已付的报名费用,在扣除举行2016 ASIS中国峰会相关场地和服务供应商不退的押金等组织费用之后,将免除参会代表与任何该会议相关的财产和赔偿责任。建议所有参会代表在出发参会前在本国购买好足额的相关旅行、健康和意外险。会议组织方、供应商或代理商对任何参加2016 ASIS中国峰会的参会代表的人身伤害或私人财产损失或破坏不承担任何责任。