Presentations Slides for the inaugural ASIS China Conference 2015

3 December 2015

Opening Session with Keynote China 2020: will the reforms work? / 开幕会&主旨演讲: 中国 2020: 改革会成功吗?
Dr. Tim Summers, Managing Director/Founder, XTEChina Consulting Ltd, Hong Kong / Dr. Tim Summers, 总裁, 夏士研究諮詢服務有限公司, 香港

Session 1 - Building a Culture of Security in your Company / 在你的公司建立一个安保文化
Patrick Huipeng Wang, Head of Security Asia, Bekaert, China / Patrick Huipeng Wang, 亚洲安全首席, Bekaert, 中国

Session 2Hacking Your Mind, Getting Your Secrets / 读心术,获取你的秘密
Rain Teng, Security Director; Cardinal Health, China / Rain Teng, 安全总监; Cardinal Health, 中国

Session 3 - Managing Operational Risks for a Secured and Resilient Supply Chain / 管理操作风险得到一个安全,有弹性的供应链
Anthony Lee CPP, Director & Principal Consultant, Security And Resilience Consultancy, Singapore / Anthony Lee CPP, 董事及首席顾问, 安全性和灵活性顾问公司,新加坡

Session 4 - Women in Security / 安保界的女性
Jeannette Jackson, Security Operations Manager, Thales Australia, Australia / Jeannette Jackson, 安保运营经理,澳洲泰勒斯,澳大利亚

Session 5 - Security Protocol behind the Factory Closing Wave in China / 国内工厂倒闭潮背后的安全方案
Jack Chu, President, RA Consultants Ltd., Hong Kong / Jack Chu, 董事, RA咨询有限公司,香港
Hawn Chu, Vice President, RA Consultants Ltd., China / Hawn Chu, 副董事, RA咨询有限公司,中国

Session 6 - Managing Commercial and Labor Disputes in China / 处理中国的金融和劳动纠纷
Sean Molloy, Managing Director, Control Risks, China / Sean Molloy, 总经理,Control Risks, 中国

4 December 2015


Opening and Keynote Presentation: Using Standards to Align Security with Your Business Objectives / 用标准将安保与你的商业目标统一起来
Dr Marc Siegel, Commissioner Global Standards Initiative, ASIS International, Belgium / Dr Marc Siegel, 国际初创标准理事, ASIS 国际, 比利时

Session 7 - Building a Security Conscious Business Continuity (BCM) Program / 建立一个安保意识业务永续项目
Sam Stahl, Program Manager, EMC, USA / Sam Stahl, 项目经理, EMC, 美国

Session 8 - Several Issues on IPR Protection in China / 中国知识产权保护若干问题思考
Colin Chen, Great China and Southeast Asia Director, Johnson & Johnson, China / Colin Chen, 大中华和东南亚区域总监, Johnson & Johnson, 中国

Session 9 - Lessons Learned from the Nepal Earthquake: Natural Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Management Response / 从尼泊尔地震中获得的经验教训:自然灾害的预防和危机管理的响应
Adam Fitzpatrick, Regional Security Manager, Asia Pacific, AIG, Australia / Adam Fitzpatrick, 亚太区安全经理,AIG,澳大利亚 – Slides not available for sharing.
Scott Hume, Associate Director of Security Operations, Global Rescue, USA / Scott Hume, 安全运营副总监, Global Rescue, 美国

Session 10 - How to effectively utilize anonymous whistleblower mechanism to detect and investigate corporate fraud / 如何有效利用匿名举报机制来提升内部调查和反舞弊工作
Wesley Fan, Asia Regional Security Director, WalMart Inc. GeC, China / Wesley Fan,亚洲区域安全总监,沃尔玛集团全球电子商务,中国

Closing and Keynote Presentation: Psychopaths in the Corporate World - Nightmare Dressed Like a Daydream  / 在企业里的精神病患者 -打扮成白日梦的梦魇.
Totti Karpela, Director, Peace of Mind Threat Management Co Ltd., Hong Kong / Totti Karpela, 董事, Peace of Mind Threat Management Co Ltd., 香港