ASIS China Conference 2015

ASIS International Holds Sell-Out Inaugural China Security Conference

ASIS International, the global organization for security professionals, has recently completed its first international event in mainland China, which was held in Shanghai on 3 and 4 December.

With some 150 attendees from 18 countries, the conference was sold out.

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Education Topics in 2015

  • Building a Culture of Security in your Company / 在你的公司建立一个安保文化
  • Hacking Your Mind, Getting Your Secrets / 读心术,获取你的秘密
  • Managing Operational Risks for a Secured and Resilient Supply Chain
  • Women in Security / 安保界的女性
  • Security Protocol behind the Factory Closing Wave in China / 国内工厂倒闭潮背后的安全方案
  • Managing Commercial and Labor Disputes in China / 处理中国的金融和劳动纠纷
  • Building a Security Conscious Business Continuity (BCM) Program 建立一个安保意识业务永续项目
  • Several Issues on IPR Protection in China / 中国知识产权保护若干问题思考
  • Lessons Learned from the Nepal Earthquake: Natural Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Management Response / 从尼泊尔地震中获得的经验教训:自然灾害的预防和危机管理的响应
  • How to effectively utilize anonymous whistleblower mechanism to detect and investigate corporate fraud / 如何有效利用匿名举报机制来提升内部调查和反舞弊工作