Reducing Security Risks during a High-Risk Investigation

Monday, 8 December
Breakout 1

Corporations looking across international borders to take advantage of business opportunities face new challenges and the need to detect and prevent wrongdoing such as fraud and corruption has never been greater. When it discovers wrongdoing, an organisation’s first priority is to investigate and gather reliable evidence to make informed decisions. Such investigations can be complex and dangerous, depending on the country and background of the subject under scrutiny. Protecting the investigation team and its process is vital to ensure all evidence is preserved. This presentation looks at roles security play during a high-risk investigation.

Presented by: Simon Tan, CPP, Senior Consultant, Control Risks Group Crisis and Security Consulting, Singapore

Simon Tan works as the Senior Consultant within Control Risks’ Crisis & Security Consulting (CSC) South-East Asia practice. He is responsible for coordination and management of CSC-deployed tasks across the South-East Asia region, including project management for security and risk assessment projects, especially those involving authorities, public sector and/or quasi-government entities. Since joining Control Risks, he has acquired in-depth maritime security, security risk assessment and security audit experience with major international and regional corporates based around the region. He also has experience developing and implementing strategies to contain potential crises, including fraud and commercial disputes in difficult and complex environment. He has achieved a Graduate Certificate in Security Management. He has also completed courses relating to: Defence Against Suicide Bombing (NATO); Counter-Terrorist Qualification Course (Singapore Armed Forces); US Special Forces Qualification Course (US Special Operations Command). Simon is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Certified Professional Risk Manager (CPRM).