Looking Back to Consider the Crimes of the Future

Monday, 8 December
Breakout 2

Consider a murder perpetrated using a pre-programmed robot, an offender escaping the scene using a manned jetpack or someone caught drunk flying. Think about what weapons can be 3D printed, unlawful use of a hologram image or fraudulently using biometric data. We are yet to realise that despite new technology, humans will also innovate to abuse, misuse and re-configure for nebulous purposes. Will micro-dots be required for all 3D printing materials, will robots need to be controlled against violence and what aviation rules will apply to recreational manned vehicles? What criminal innovation will drive changes in security practices and systems?

Presented by: Chris Cubbage, CPP, Director & Executive Editor, My Security Media Pty Limited, Australia

Chris Cubbage is Director and Executive Editor of My Security Media, publishers of the Asia Pacific Security Magazine, Australian Security Magazine and a range of online channels dealing with current and emerging technologies. Chris is a contracted security adviser to Australian police and government agencies, is a former homicide detective, federal crime commission investigator and holds an honours degree, four diplomas and is Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and registered with International and Regional Security Professions. Chris has authored two books - Corporate Security in the Asia Pacific Region (CRC Press, New York, 2013) and Security Risk Management in Corporate Governance (LAP, Netherlands, 2009) and produced an online documentary – 11 Years After 9/11 (My Security TV). Chris has presented previously for ASIS in Kuala Lumpur and Macau.