Integrity Due Diligence for Security Practitioners

Monday, 8 December
Breakout 2

In recent years, companies are facing ever-increasing regulatory pressure resulting in potentially significant fines. The ability to identify indicators of compliance risks in dealing with vendors, business partners and acquisition targets therefore becomes a crucial component of a company’s risk management strategy, in particular when operating in developing and rapid growth markets. This presentation will draw upon a number of practical examples to demonstrate how the specialized capabilities of the security function can be used in the process to detect risk indicators and what aspects of a company’s operations are particularly vulnerable.

Presented by: Dr. Christoph Rojahn, Director, Forensic Department, Deloitte & Touche GmbH, Germany

Dr. Christoph Rojahn is a Director with the Forensic department of Deloitte & Touche in Germany, specializing in complex and multi-jurisdictional investigations. He is a graduate of the universities of Oxford, Birmingham and Munich as well as the ASIS/Wharton Programme for Security Executives. He was previously responsible for internal investigations and security threat monitoring of one of the world's largest financial services providers. Dr. Rojahn has worked for several specialized consultancy firms as well as a German intelligence service. He is a former ASIS RVP - Region 28 and currently serves as European Intelligence Liaison Representative on the European Advisory Council of ASIS. Dr. Rojahn has lectured and published extensively on issues like investigations, intelligence and terrorism.