Insider Job - the Culprit to Cargo Crime in Malaysia


Monday, 8 December
Breakout 3

Insider threats exist within many organizations where employees collude with criminal outside the organization to commit crime. Insiders have access to sensitive information when disclosed can cause severe damage to organization interests and monetary lost. Cargo theft in Malaysia is a nationwide issue with a significant impact. Studies indicate that most of all cargo thefts in Malaysia are ‘insider jobs'. As a result, insiders pose a serious risk to cargo security that is often overlooked when decisions are made to implement security procedures and controls.

Presented by: Ching Eng Leong, SEA Regional Security Manager, Honeywell Global Security, Malaysia

Graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science (Hon) degree in 1991 and MSc in 2000. Began my working career in 1981 with Polis DiRaja Malaysia (Royal Malaysia Police Force) as Detective for 10 years primarily involved in criminal investigation. Currently the Vice Chairman of American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) Malaysia Chapter, Vice Chairman of OSAC (Oversea Security and Advisory Council) Kuala Lumpur, Chairman for Perai Security & HR Networking Group, member of Asia Crisis & Security Group (ACSG), Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) and Penang Frepenca Security Group. At the moment pursuing doctorate degree in Criminology at Universiti Sains Malaysia Penang conducting research on crime displacement theory in relation to cargo crime within the supply chain in Malaysia.