CCTV Is Not Enough

Monday, 8 December

CCTV Systems are not enough. Users need to do more. Users need to carry out periodic Review of Video, which could help them discover exceptions missed out by even the most advanced Video Management Systems (VMS).

Also, since incidents do not differ by geographies, there should be a global minimum standard for Incident Reports which are created in universal formats like PowerPoint and Word and contain the entire story (5Ws and 1H). This takes away confusion, and delivers intelligence.

Also, Video Back-Up must be made easier and long term. This should be done as a long term Back-Up in the form of Screenshots which are duly tagged.

​Presented by: Mr. Ravi Hemmady, Assistant Vice President—Special Projects, Hayagriva Software Pvt. Ltd., handles special projects for the company. He comes from a science background and has a keen interest in software technology.

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