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Emergency and Mass Notification for Safety and Loss Prevention

Notifying your employees in case of emergencies and unexpected situations can be done efficiently and effectively. In this session, we'll first cover the evolution of mass notification from its origins as in-house developed solutions. Then we'll look at the current state of centrally managed solutions and how smartphones drive new developments. In the second part, we’ll cover some practical use cases, demonstrating how we help organizations save time when quick notification is essential.

You'll learn:SWN-Logo-Vertical-147x100 ME16.jpg

  • How notification tools help in emergencies
  • The benefits of using multiple channels for notifications
  • Why outsourcing your EMNS solution is a good idea


Andreas van Leeuwen Flamino, General Manager - Middle East, Send Word Now, UAE

Andreas helps organisations in the GCC account for people and respond to emergencies. As a General Manager he looks after all aspects of the Send Word Now operation in this region; customer success, business development, marketing and special projects. Prior to SWN, Andreas spent over sixteen years in other technical roles, with the majority as information security consultant. He also has experience as developer, prototyper and product manager. Driven by a strong passion for creativity and development, he spends his free time dancing tango, running, go-karting and mountaineering.