Architectual Security

Fenestration products (primarily doors, windows,Ross logo Tech_PS_ME16.jpg louvers ,and hatches) can be designed to withstand a variety of attacks including forced entry intrusion (mob style attack), burglary, ballistic, and explosive threats in addition to providing for privacy from both visual and electronic surveillance.  Designers, buyers, and building owners should be aware of the levels to which these products can be certified and be cognizant of some of the design parameters that may contribute to costs, lead times, availability, and the overall success of a security project.


Mr Mark Heberlein, Ross Technology

As Architectural Security Manager, Mr. Heberlein is responsible for operations, engineering, project management, research and development, and sales of high-level blast windows and combined threat, forced entry/ballistic resistant windows, doors, louvers, and hatches.  Mr. Heberlein has been the architectural security division manager at Ross for two years.  Prior to that, he was a project manager and product designer.  Mr. Heberlein has been with Ross Technology for 13 years.