Opening Keynote Speaker on Monday 22 February

Mr Bader Fahad Al Qadran

Safety and Industrial Security Executive Director, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

Bader Al Qadran joined Saudi Aramco in 1975 as a Trainee and Gas Operator before attending the Texas State Technical Institute (1982-1983) where he received an Associate’s degree in Instrumentation and the Northern Arizona University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in 1986. Since that time, he has shown an on-going commitment to personal and professional learning and completed several leadership and managerial courses in the ME region, UK and USA. His career has progressed steadily through Engineering and Plant Operations at Saudi Aramco. He recently served as Executive Director of Safety & Industrial Security (2009), General Manager of Southern Area Producing (2011), where he also served on acting assignments for the Vice President of Southern Area Oil Operations. In 2013 he was appointed as a board member for the development and construction of the National Industrial Training Institute (NITI). Mr. Al-Qadran also led committees shaping best-practices and fairness at Saudi Aramco and published related manual.


Opening Keynote Speaker on Tuesday 23 February

His Excellency Major General Mansour Al-Turki

The Ministry of Interior Spokesman, Major General, Saudi Arabia

Mr. Al-Turki is the official spokesman of Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia. He was born in Taif in 1956. Al-Turki graduated in 1980 holding a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering. Mansour Al-Turki has been assigned with Traffic Department as a First lieutenant. Then he was given an assignment with the Division of Research & Planning under the same department from 1401 AH to 1415 AH. Al-Turki was appointed as a head of The Command, and Control Center in Ministry of Interior from 1417 AH to 1420 AH. Afterward, he took over the responsibilities of administrating Hajj and Umrah affairs under Public Security from 1415 AH to 1430 AH.

In 1425 AH, He was appointed as an official spokesman of Ministry of Interior until now. Mr. Al-Turki had been a prominent member of the National Committee for Traffic Safety from 1403 AH to 1415. Also, He participated in several conference and forums locally & globally. He published successful papers in the field of traffic safety, pedestrians and crowds Control in addition to his primary role of leadership in developing & organizing traffic, pedestrians and crowds Control during Hajj time. 

Keynote Speaker on Tuesday 23 February

His Excellency Dr. Khalid bin Sa’ad Al-Ageel

Secretary General, Ministry of Interior, Saudi ArabiaKhaleed Al-ageel.png

Dr. Khalid bin Sa’ad Al Ageel is the General Secretary of the Higher Commission for Industrial Security in the Ministry of Interior of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is involved in the planning, designing and implementing of all strategies, policies and processes related to industrial security for the National Infrastructure Facilities. Dr. Khalid has an M.Sc. and a Ph.D in Chemical and Process from the University of Sheffi eld and a B.Sc in Industrial Engineering from King Saud University.