The Security Manager vs the Invisible Shark

This engaging and unusual presentation explores the relationship between risk, risk perception, and risk communication. It looks at how the identification and measurement of risk is highly dependent on human and cultural elements, and how an ability, or inability, to communicate risk determines the success or failure of risk management initiatives. The presentation uses the film Jaws as a basis for exploring why security managers need to beware ‘invisible sharks’.


Mr Ken Livingstone, Director of Training, Linx International Group, UK

Ken is the Director of Training for Linx International Group. Ken served as an officer in the Royal Military Police before gaining an MSc in Security Management and Information Technology at the University of Leicester. He later led the Scarman Centre degree courses in security management at Leicester University, before leaving to direct the security management courses at Loughborough University. After a period of time he returned to the Scarman Centre as Assistant Director before taking the Managing Director position at Perpetuity. Ken is also a Fellow and Board Member of the Security Institute (SyI), and an advisor to a number of Universities in the UK.