The Role of Research in Securing the Supply Chain

The aim of the presentation is to demonstrate how by undertaking careful research and due diligence enquiries the threats and risks that impact supply chains become more readily identifiable; and therefore manageable. The presentation examines the different stages of the supply chain and the threats and risks that can affect each stage. It identifies that research conducted during the risk identification stage is not fixed and must be a continuous process which takes account of the changing circumstances that the supply chain may face. At the conclusion of the presentation the participants should have increased awareness of the threats, risks and vulnerabilities that exist in the supply chain and how by proactive management they can be correctly managed as they present themselves.


Mr Andy (Frank) Davis, CPP, Managing Director, Trident Manor, UK

Over the last 30 years Andy has worked for various British governmental organisations including overseas assignments in Uganda, Colombia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan where he was responsible for the security of British governmental assets and operations. Andy was the Head of Security for a UAE based developer before establishing Trident Manor (Limited) a security, risk and crisis management consultancy based in the UK but with an international reach. Andy holds a MSc. in Security and Risk Management, is a Chartered Security Professional (CSyP), a Fellow of the Security Institute (FSyI) and holds CPP status. Andy is an active member of ASIS and the CSO Roundtable, sitting on the CSO Leadership Development Committee and other technical and working groups in support of security advancement.