The Protection of Offshore Oil and Gas Installations

The threat to offshore installations continues to grow in parts of the world where piracy and terrorism continue to expand. Daily discussions take place around the globe with the goal of eliminating the threat; the reality is that the threat can only be reduced, especially with terrorists and pirates well-funded and equipped. While there is no single approach to asset protection, there are several tactics, technologies and strategies now available to ensure the safety/security of a company’s personnel and installations are addressed. We will discuss the current risks to offshore installations, and new tactics, technologies and strategies available.


Mr Kenneth R. Lukins, Chief Executive Officer, Lukins International, USA

Chief Ken Lukins, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired) has 38 years’ experience in Facility and Installation Security and Safety, Crisis Management, Anti-Terrorism, Anti-Piracy, Maritime Safety and Security, Environmental and Emergency Response to include Oil Spills, Chemical Releases, Natural Disaster Response, Law Enforcement/Drug Enforcement, Customs, and Immigration Operations. Ken has provided First Responder services in Crisis Management, Security/Safety, and related Training, Drills and Support Services for the Energy, Chemical and Transportation Industries, and various governments. Ken has lead team efforts in assessing and developing security operations throughout the world, and in currently heavily engaged in assisting governments and corporations worldwide.