Proactive Security Model for Energy Industries

Evolving security risks nowadays begin one of the biggest challenges and concerns of our nations, countries and business as well. We have seen worldwide many of organized crimes and attacks which utilized sophisticated methods; hence It becomes a very essential to have a very dynamic and proactive security program in the response to such evolution. In this paper, it highlights the main pillars for building a proactive security program. The program consists of designing policies/procedures, setting the compliance verifications cycles, developing awareness, ensuring personnel security and implementing physical/information security measures. Such programs have been deployed by various industries.

Business Impacts of this Session

  • It provides a broader set of key security strategies to manage and mitigate security threats for Energy Sector.
  • It provides proactive strategies in a structured Manner to promote the Security Programs in a well-organized way and undergo continuous improvement which will help to build effective program that suit business needs. (Sectors that may benefit: critical infrastructure and chemical)
  • As we are seeing a continuously evolving of security threats, building a dynamic and proactive security program will be essential to keep these plans running in an effective manner


Mr Abdulaziz Al Mutairi, Security Manager, HADEED/SABIC, KSA

Mr. Mutairi is currently worked as a Security Manager of Saudi Iron and Steel Company (HADEED) a SABIC Subsidiary. He graduated with bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from King Saud University, Saudi Arabia in 2007. He is specialized in field of Industrial Security Managements, Physical Security Projects and Designing Management Systems. He has more then 8 years’ experience in the field of Industrial Security Management, Safety Engineering, process improvements and plant operations in various industries including steel Making Industry, Mega Projects, energy services and water desalination plants. Abdulaziz holds an advanced certificate in Safety from National Safety Council -US , and he is a member of ASIS international since 2013.