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Managing Operational and Legal Challenges in Multi Jurisdictional Investigations

The investigation of suspected fraud and misconduct frequently falls within the responsibility of either a corporate security function or a provider of security services. Such investigations are particularly challenging when the nature of the case is such that evidence needs to be gathered and / or evaluated in more than one jurisdiction. This presentation will discuss the investigative process and highlight a number of areas where the fact that the investigation stretches beyond a single jurisdiction poses additional challenges to investigators. It will also provide some suggestions on how to manage complexity and avoid the most typical pitfalls encountered by security professionals dealing with such matters.


Dr Christoph Rojahn, Senior Manager - Forensic & Dispute Services, Deloitte AG, Switzerland

Dr. Christoph Rojahn is a Director with the Forensic department of Deloitte & Touche in Germany, specializing in complex and multi-jurisdictional investigations. He is a graduate of the universities of Oxford, Birmingham and Munich as well as the ASIS/Wharton Program for Security Executives. He was previously responsible for internal investigations and security threat monitoring of one of the world's largest financial services providers. Dr. Rojahn has worked for several specialized consultancy firms as well as a German intelligence service. Dr. Rojahn has lectured and published extensively on issues including investigations, intelligence and terrorism.