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Making the Most of Intelligence and Analysis: Oil and Gas in Yemen and Iraq

Security and political risk in the Middle East present particular challenges to the oil and gas sector. These range from weak security provision, terrorist threats and predatory governments. Regionwide instability also means that the situation can change with little forewarning, even in remote areas. This presentation will look at case studies from Yemen and Iraq, that pertain to both security and political risk. It will highlight ways that effective intelligence and analysis can support oil and gas operations. This includes identifying emerging threats, supporting timely decision-making around changes in security posture such as evacuation or identifying force majeure conditions.

Business Impacts of this Session

  • For oil and gas security professionals in the Middle East, this presentation will provide some important lessons learnt from the conflicts in Yemen and Iraq. It will identify strengths – but also weaknesses and limitations – of an intelligence-led approach.
  • This presentation will be of interest to anyone operating in high-risk and unstable environments, particularly those seeking to take a more intelligence-led approach to security. It will be particularly relevant for companies operating at large infrastructure sites or facing multiple threats, such as state or armed groups.
  • It looks as though in the next year, the Middle East will see a continuation of the instability and unpredictability experienced in the last five years. Security managers in the oil & gas sector are coming under increasing pressure to respond in a timely, but also proportionate and cost-effective manner, to security threats. Integrating intelligence into security management systems can help address these competing demands.


Ms Hannah Poppy, Associate Director, The Risk Advisory Group, UK

Hannah Poppy is an Associate Director in the Intelligence & Analysis department of the Risk Advisory Group. Since joining the company, Hannah has covered the Middle East, including the Levant, Gulf. Iran and Yemen. She has worked on several bespoke cases for clients in different sectors, including collaborating with the Business Intelligence MENA team. Before joining TRAG, she worked as a security intelligence analyst for Pilgrims Group, where she covered various MENA and African countries. In 2010-11, Hannah worked in the Yemen College of Middle Eastern Studies in Sanaa, Yemen. Hannah has a degree in Middle Eastern and Islamic studies, Arabic and Persian, from Cambridge University and speaks fluent Yemeni and Standard Arabic.