How to Deliver Value Based Security Procurement

Determining the right balance between external and internal resource requirements for building relevant security capability is a challenge for security functions. Those that decide to buy services must mitigate the risks when selecting, implementing, and managing a vendor. To work with the procurement function and vendors successfully, adopt a well-defined vendor management process that integrates vendor and organizational strategies to promote ongoing collaboration and value-add considerations to determine the return on investment. The purpose of this presentation is to share ways for crafting effective security sourcing strategies including procurement governance. The following will be covered in the presentation: - Business requirements & Security Sourcing Strategy - Evaluation, Adjudication & Due diligence - Vendor Performance Management

Business Impacts of the Session

  1. Senior security practitioners, procurement specialists and other professionals will learn how to:
    • Implement procurement strategically to deliver on your department’s mandate, support strategic priorities and sustain the delivery of quality front line security products & services;
    • Achieve value based procurement status that will help you demonstrate compliance with relevant policy and provide evidence that you are maximizing spend from your procurement activities;
    • Create company-wide awareness of how security procurement contributes to efficiencies and improved services;
    • Develop and use relevant business models and toolkits for security sourcing; and
    • Communicate the value based procurement strategy and gain the full support of relevant stakeholders and consumers.
  2. Value based procurement is relevant across sectors and geographies, including from a provider and/or receiver of services perspective.  It will improve contract and supplier management through the adoption of best practice to.
    • Increase the scope and influence of the Security Category. This commitment will deliver new ways of working and establish stronger partnerships between the supply chain function and the security department;
    • Conduct procurement activity to the highest possible standard with no duplication; and
    • Secure quality security products & services through sustainable value based procurement, which best meets the needs of your business units and supports the organization’s strategic objectives.
  3. Now and in future, organizations will continue facing challenges, such as procurement fraud (value destroyers), the need to reduce costs and maximizing spend (doing more with less). Therefore, developing and implementing a good procurement strategy is an effective way of ensuring that your organization remains competitive in the market place, by.
  • Maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance through developing and implementing best practice procurement process, structures and systems;
  • Enhancing procurement capabilities to respond to the company’s strategic agenda, which is demanding fast-tracked year on year improvement in business performance;
  • Ensuring that 100% (80/20) of procurable spend is covered by a dedicated procurement process; and
  • Maximizing overall procurement spend:

- Optimize supply chain costs – leverage
- Reduce total cost of ownership
- Reduce/eliminate non-tactical or non-strategic transactions


Mr Malcolm Smith CPP, Head of Group Security, SASOL, South Africa

Malcolm is currently the Head of Group Security at Sasol. Malcolm has held various security executive positions in leading multinationals, including Principal at MCS Associates. Previously he was the Group Head of Security & Safety Services at Nedbank, Head of Security Africa for Diageo plc, Regional Security Manager Sub Sahara Africa for Shell, and Head of Security for Old Mutual SA. Malcolm holds an Executive MBA from Henley Reading UK, and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from the University of South Africa. He is also a Certified Management Consultant and CPP. Malcolm currently serves as Region 10A (Southern Africa) Vice President for ASIS International, ASIS international Strategic Planning Committee, and holds memberships with The Institute of Directors SA and CSO Roundtable.