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How Security Managers Can Effectively Engage Employees to Prevent and Combat Internal Crime?

Security surveys show that Internal crimes are the most common and the most harmful type of crime that organizations suffer. Employees are claimed to be the biggest asset of any company but they can be also their biggest threat. Organizations, thus, or trust too much on their employees and they do not believe that they can cause any harm to them or they trust too less and, then, they implement several measures and internal controls to try to avoid crimes to happen. Internal crime to occur needs to have a key element present, the employee. The propose of this presentation is to raise this awareness and show ways to Security managers engage employees from their organization to prevent and combat such kind of crime.

Business Impacts of the Session

  • Different Approach - To combat internal crime, the typical approach of Security Managers is to increase the perceived risk for potential offenders or to try to identify potential offenders either by background screening (in the case of individuals) or by Due Diligence (in case the threat comes from a third party or partner company). This presentation, however, shows a completely different approach, rather than the typical approach Security managers should focus in multiply their forces by having employees working side by side with them in order to identify vulnerabilities or wrongdoings;
  • Benefits for the entire company - Focus on what companies have as major assets (the employees) can even prevent bad practices from other employees. Therefore, this approach not only helps Security Managers to achieve their main goal but also helps other areas, such as Human Resources, Audit, Health and Safety, among other;
  • No other option on 2016’s reality - The current market recession scenario does not allow companies to keep with the same Security Culture investing a vast amount of funds in internal controls, specialized services and technology. Hence, security managers should be more creative and one effective option is to use employees throughout your organization to help Security professionals to prevent internal crime to occur.


Mr Cid Ferreira, Security Master Specialist, Vale, Oman

Former Brazilian Special Forces Captain with several missions on the Amazon Forest, urban combat, chief-of-states and event protection, ex-member of the Brazilian counter-terrorism detachment. Former instructor of the Brazilian Special Forces course. Former Intelligence Officer of the Special Operations Detachment on the United Nations Mission in Haiti. Security Master Specialist in Vale, worked for 1 year in Guinea (West Africa), since 2013 is settle in Oman, responsible for Intelligence, Investigations on the region and is Vale's Security Representative on MENA. Bachelor in Military Sciences by the Brazilian Military Academy, Post-graduated in Security and Risk Management by the University of Leicester, UK.