Dubai 2020: Any Lessons to Learn from Milan 2015?

The purpose of this presentation is to analyse the reasons behind the Milan 2015 violent start and establish a comparison with the conditions that should prevail in Dubai in five years time. Global situation will be compared and security challenges highlighted. Possible solutions will also be suggested to make Dubai 2020 a global and resounding success.


Mr Jean Perois CPP, PSP, PCI, Senior Vice President Industrial Security, Risk & Co, Bahrain

Jean Perois, CPP, PCI, PSP has been a security practitioner in the Middle East for the last 10 years. He has operated in varied industries before joining Risk & Co as a SVP for Industrial Security. He holds a security consultant licence in Dubai and has a strong interest in CPTED. JP thinks that Dubai 2020 is a fascinating topic in that it will create for Dubai unprecedented security challenges that need to be anticipated and addressed early if one wants to ensure complete success for this extraordinary event.