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Conducting a Risk Assessment Using the New ANSI/ASIS/RIMS.RA.1 Standard

Risk assessments provide the informational foundation for decision making in business and risk management. Security and risk management practitioners need to conduct risk assessments that support the achievement of strategic, tactical and operational objectives of their organizations. The new standard, developed jointly by ASIS International and the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS), brought together more than 200 experts from around the globe to share best practices and develop a reliable and repeatable risk assessment process. The standard complements the risk management approaches described in the ISO31000 and ISO31010. The session will describe how to implement this risk assessment process in any type of organization.


Dr Marc Siegel, Global Standards Initiative, ASIS International, Belgium

Dr. Marc Siegel is the Commissioner heading the ASIS International Global Standards Initiative developing international and national risk management, resilience, security, and supply chain standards as well as provides training on their implementation. He is an internationally recognized Certified Business Improvement Lead Auditor, as well as a Certified Trainer and Skills Assessor for both security and resilience management As an Adjunct Professor in the College of Business Administration and the Master’s Program in Homeland Security at San Diego State University, Dr. Siegel pioneered the concept of applying a systems approach to risk, resilience, and security management for organizations and their supply chains. He works with several multinational companies on issues related to risk management in their supply chains. Dr. Siegel chaired the technical committees and working groups for the series of ANSI standards developed for private security service providers to demonstrate accountability to business and risk management requirements while meeting legal obligations and respecting human rights. Dr. Siegel served as Chairman of ISO/PC284 developing standards for private security service providers. He is co-author of Organizational Resilience: Managing Risks of Disruptive Events – A Practitioner’s Guide, by James Leflar and Marc Siegel, CRC Press, 2013